Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty Sydney, AU - 6months post Op

I have been reading peoples posts here for a while...

I have been reading peoples posts here for a while now. My story is the same as others. I have always hated my nose which I broke badly at six years old when I fell and slammed it on concrete.
I have been thinking about getting a Rhinoplasty done now for 6 years or more I am 23 now.
I have my surgery booked in for the 22 of July and I am super nervous about it all but excited at the same time. I am also getting Septoplasty done at the same time as the Rhinoplasty.
Ever since I broke my nose I have had problems with hay fever and snoring too which is quite embarrassing for me to deal with. I also feel like my nose is too big with the huge bump in the middle and too wide plus the tip is uneven and I feel like it doesn’t fit my face well.
I hope that I am making sense with what I’m trying to say, I suffered bullying in high school because of it like so many others.
I should also add im from Sydney Australia so hi to any fellow aussies :)
what kinda nose do you have in mind? you are very pretty but now the focus will go to your eyes , i hope it works out for you :)
I said to my surgeon I wanted the bumb in the middle gone and the tip evened up and it to be narrower. I honestly don't know what kind just something better then what I have lol.
Haha maybe you should take visuals so you're on the same page

Just adding some more before pics

Just wanted to add some more pictures. Can't wait for the surgery now.

just another before pic

I have the same problem with the front :( Its too wide and bulbous...i think your nose will come out great and the focus will go from the nose to the eyes :P congrats cant wait to see the after photos :))
hahha i didnt see lizfan wrote that too
Thanks Clair :) I'm hoping it will turn out good and the focuse will be on my eyes and it sorta all just works together with other areas on my face. I hope that makes sense, I will definitely post as many updates and pictures through the entire process as I can.

Nervous about things...is that normal.

I'm starting too feel extremely nervous, is it normal to feel like this before surgery? For those you that about to get it done or have had it done already did you feel like that?

My fears are that I won't like the final result or that something will go wrong (which it probably won't )
Or I'm just nervous about the recovery period too...
Am or being stupid? Or is this normal?
It is definitely normal to be nervous! I was a bundle of nerves. I would switch between being scared/nervous to being really excited. Don't be afraid to ask questions or let your doctor know if you have any concerns. Whenever I felt nervous I tried to think about how happy I would be once it was done and the fact that I have wanted to have it done for so long. That did seem to help! If you are nervous about the recovery I would talk to others on here or read the reviews. It definitely helps when you are prepared and know what to expect. Take care!:)
Yes its very normal I was freaking out big time before the surgery all these negative and positive thoughts were running through my head and afer the surgery u freak out a Lil thinking if u made the right choice but its okay if it'll make u happy go for it!!
Thanks Latinchick, I very glad to hear from others that it's normal. I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end.

A bit calmer now

So I am a much calmer state of mind at the moment after hearing from others on hear that it's normal to be having fears, doubting myself etc.
And also reading other people's reviews has certainly helped too. I am glad a site like this exists.
I had a huge chat too also with my mother, who is going to be my main person taking care of me after the operation. She said to me that she thought that my fears were very normal and everyone has doubts about many decisions in life. And this is just one of them. I am so grateful to have a supportive family! If I didn't I wouldn't know what to do.
I have been stocking up on things I'll need after the op, things like ice packs and other medical stuff, plus also lots of movies to watch and some magazines and books too.
I spoke with the hospital yesterday just checking that they had got all my paper work from the doctor that I had to post in and that's ok it's all set.
So yeah that's about it, I'm still a little nervous but not freaking out like I was before which  is good.
You're so gorgeous! You already have nice facial features. Your eyes are just beautiful! I can't wait to see how much more beautiful you will look after rhinoplasty.
Aw Thank you so much :) I have always though my nose sorta got in the way of everything my face so it would be great if once it's done that the focus went to my eyes and it all just pulled together better.
Oh my goodness, it is sooo normal to be nervous! I was freaking out. I thought about people I knew that had their rhinoplasties and also I thought about everyone on this website as well. It was totally reassuring. Also expressing every concern to my doctors helped so much. Try to be positive the day you go in, and just remember why you're there. You will be just fine!! :) Reading everyones experiences on here helped too so I knew what to expect. I had my surgery yesterday and the recovery isn't horrible, just uncomfortable!

Just adding some more before photos

Just adding some more before photos.

More Pictures

More pics.
Hello! I am so excited for you. You will never regret having this done, and I am pleased you are doing it when you are young and have the rest of your life to enjoy it. All the very best!!
Thanks you :) I am hoping it goes well and my nose finally looks great after all of this.

Can't believe it's so close.

So I can't believe the op is so close omg! My nervous behavior has calmed down a lot. Of course I'm still nervous but as I said before it's calmer and I'm not freaking out much.
I have been buying things for after the operation, here's a list of what I have brought so far.
More pillows, and a u shaped pillow to prop my head up, ice packs, cue tips, cotton balls, pain killers. And Biotene if my mouth/throat gets dry, eye drops ( I have dry eyes), hirudoid cream for bruising and swelling.
I also brought a thermometer in case I need to check my temperature for signs of infection totally weird I didn't have one already.
So that's about it if you have any other suggestions for me I'd be grateful I hope I have everything.
Oh and I almost for got I brought lots of movies and books to read after the fact if I'm up to it.
You are so beautiful! I can't wait to see your results =) Best of luck!!!
Thank you JayJay :)
Make sure you have some good chapstick. Your lips can get really dry after surgery. It would be good to have some soft food around that is quick to prepare and that you enjoy as well.

Details for Surgery

So I spoke with the hospital to and I'll be going in at 7 am for everything. I have to fast from midnight the night before the surgery.
I'll be hospital overnight after the op so least the nurses will be there to take care of me.
Other things I have brought are gauze pads, saline nasal spray,chapsticks.
I just want it to be over and done with now lol.
I'm so excited to see your results ! Your nose will look so dainty and put focus to those gorgeous eyes. Stay calm because you want this and you did your research, you deserve this!
Thanks Liz, trying to stay calm. so close now.
you are very beautiful already! :) are you russian? I'm sure youre going to look even more gorgeous! good luck!

More before pics.

before pic

last front picture is a bit blurred just adding a better one.

Preparing for hospital

So just done packing my little over night bag for hospital and cleaning the house haha!

Feeling ok about it all just want to he over and done with.
So yeah I'll try and update after the fact as much as possible.
Wish me luck :)
Good luck!!
I think you will be at the hospital probably in the next couple of hours! Will be thinking of you during your surgery. Keep us posted and best of luck to you in your recovery- You will be fine:)

All done

Right on the ward and all done now got very bad black eyes though.

Had pain killers for the pain but I'm all right jus tired and got the stupid iv still me want it out now.


Hi guys

I was meant to stay on hospital overnight but I discharged myself reason was I couldn't sleep there much more comfortable at home.

The doctor was alright with it all. I can breath through my nose my swelling eye wise is bad.

The doctor said my bone was wide so they had to narrow it a lot after the hump was taken down.
Hence the really black eyes! And swelling .

Feel tired

So today I feel like crap I'm in pain, tired shaky and feeling week all over.

The pressure/headache from the nose feels like bad head cold.
I've been on pain meds and they are making me drowsy too.
The swelling and bruising is bad I have really black eyes.
And I've been changing the drip pad alot as it's been oozing with blood. ( sorry if TMI there)
That's all so far I'm just going to sleep I see the doctor in 5 days time for the cast to come off.

Omg so bruised

I'm so bruised up right now.

Feeling tired still

Today I'm still feeling tired after it all but the pain is not bad I have a throbbing like pain coming from my nose.

The bruising seems better around the eyes but my cheeks have swollen out so I look like a chipmunk.
The morning of the surgery I was beyond scared they gave me a pre med to calm me down. Waking up in recovery was not pleasant I was coughing a lot my throat felt like razor blades every time coughed.
The nurse had to feed me some ice as it was that sore. I kept asking if I could have the Iv drip I was hooked up too taken out all the time! Those poor nurses I must of asked like a million times.
As I mentioned earlier I discharged myself early so I could go home and be more conformable there.
I have been sleeping with my head right up on a lot of pillows and mostly breathing through my mouth.
I'm seeing my surgeon on wednesday next week that's when the cast will come off I assume.


More pictures of cast and brusing.
Hi, just wondering who was ur surgeon?
Dr Peter Laniewski.

Feeling a bit better

So I feel much better today. The swelling on the cheeks is going down. My bruising looks better and I just feel better generally speaking.
I'm getting the cast off Wednesday next week. Pain wise I'm still on the pain meds as I still am getting a mild headarche and throbbing sensation.
I am able to breath through my nose again too. Some times I also get a stinging pain comming from the stitch.
The gave me some antibiotics which I've been taking even though they make me feel like I'm going to vomit.


I can't wait to see your outcome! I swelled up badly for the first 4-5 days as well. Once it starts to go down you will be surprised how quickly it will disappear! Make sure you use your fess spray regularly and thoroughly as it will really help when having the splints taken out! I found it very disorientating when I woke up in recovery. I just spent the first hour asking for more pain relief and was pretty out of it. However I found that my pain meds made my eyes incredibly itchy. So if you get that it might be worth cutting them down and using regular panadol as much as possible. Which hospital were you at? It's nice to see another sydney girl on here :)
Yay another Sydney girl :) I had my cast off yesterday still swollen but so far pleased with results. I have been using alot of nasal spray lol. My procedure was done at Norwest Private hospital.
You will look absolutly gorgeous with your new nose, you were really pretty before, but now people gonna focus on your eyes and beautiful smile :)

Cast will be off tomorrow

So the cast is comming off tomorrow! I'm scared about what it will look like. I realise my nose will be quite swollen still.
The brusing and swelling around my cheeks and eyes has gone down considerably.
I'm back to eating normally too. The pain is not too bad. I'm on over the counter pain killers still.
My upper lip is very stiff making it hard to smile I am hoping that will improve.

Cast is off!

So the cast is off thank goodness it was driving me crazy!

So everything is fine with my nose it's still very swollen from the front I have to be patient and wait for the swelling to go down.
I also have this huge bruise in the middle of the bridge.
Getting the stiches out wasn't pleasant the cast comming off didn't hurt though.
I love the profile view! Even though its swollen just have to be patient for the front.
Pain wise there is much. My next appointment with the doctor for follow up is in 5 weeks.
Over all I'm so happy with it and even though its swollen a lot and the tip is swollen I am sure ill be happy once all the swelling goes down.
Another fellow Aussie here! Thanks for sharing your journey, Shellylouise! I'll be keeping an eye on your pictures and posts to see how it all works out for you! :) Glad to see your brusing has gone down!
*bruising. Typo oops!! ;)
Awesome another Aussie :) Thanks I'll keep updating as much as can. Oh and don't worry about typos I do it all the time half the time it's auto corrects fault!

More pictures

Adding two more pictures.

I look like crap with all the brusing and swelling still lol.
Your nose looks amazing! You must notice such a difference especially in the side view. The bruising has improved a lot too. I know you are still swollen which will definitely go down but I think the tip of your nose looks cute!
Thanks, I do notice a huge difference even though it's swollen it doesn't seem to be in the way as much anymore if that makes sense? I hope the tip goes down quite a bit as it still looks huge from some angles but I guess that's normal.
Looks great! You'll be very surprised as to how much your swelling will go down in the next 4 weeks, and continue to go down in the months to come. I know this from my very recent experience.

More after pics

I just realised the lighting was terrible in those after pics I posted before.
Took some better side on ones in natural lightning today.
My nose is very swollen today but I'm still liking it especially the side view.
I'm all broken out from the cast and the skin on my nose is peeling eww!
Wow what an improvement! Your profile looks amazing , what a difference it has made. Once the swelling is reduced you will be absolutely stunning - not that you aren't now - but your face needs to recover from all the trauma. Btw I'm a huge advocate for blue eyes and dark hair however you look gorgeous as a blonde , kinda like a Victoria secret angel. You should go back!
Aw thank you for your kind words Liz :) I can't wait for swelling to go down now! As for hair color I sometimes think of being blonde again but it's just too high maintenance for me with the regrowth and my hair is naturally quite dark. But one day I might go back too it :)
It looks beautiful in you wow I thought your hair was light brown naturally, :)

Some more after photos.

Just adding some more after photos.
Still so swollen around the tip.

I've been using a saline spray for the stuffy feeling. I'm still getting a weird pressure type of pain sometimes.
Still can't believe that ugly bump is gone! I catch myself staring in the mirror expecting to see it there still.

Another update

Hi all :)

Everything is going really well I'm really liking the after result so far.
My breathing is back to normal.
I'm still swollen of course and the tip of my nose still appears big from certain angles but that's normal.
I'm still getting blood sometimes from my nose that's also normal.
I'm seeing the doctor in two weeks for follow up.

Worth it!

I've been very emotional today, not sure if it's hormonal or what but omg I hardly ever cry it's just not me.
I think over the past almost month, I have been processing the difference in the appearance with my nose.
I was doing my make up on the mirror and I caught sight of my nose and started crying about how great it's looking.
So at this point even though I am swollen still it was 100% worth it.
I have read that it's normal to be emotional after surgery. But I'm very happy with the results so far and am sure I'll be thrilled once all the swelling goes away.
Looking great girl! Hopefully that last bit of bruising clears up soon. Was wondering if you could please tell us exactly what you had done? :)
PS and not that our opinion really matters but I saw lizfan's comment about your hair colour and I completely disagree- you look far healthier and more radiant as a brunette! Love the look!
Thanks Mia, and thanks for the comment on my hair too :) That is a vital point I missed in my review actually going into what was done. I will try and explain it as best I can... I had a huge dorsal hump in the middle of nose removed I think they shave that down. My nose was then narrowed as it was too wide and it needed to be after the hump was removed ad well. The uneven bit on the tip was then fixed and and my tip was rotated slightly upwards. I was worried about looking like miss piggy with the tip but I don't believe I do. And even though it's still swollen I can tell it looks way better then before. All this was done by open rhinoplasty so I had both external and internal stitches.

Details about what was done n my nose.

So I think that I missed some really important details about my rhinoplasty and what was done.
I had an open rhinoplasty done, where the dorsal hump in the middle of my nose was removed. I think they shave that down as far as I'm aware.
I'm no doctor but will try and explain it as best I can. My nose was then narrowed as it was way to wide. That was done my two small external cuts that were made either side of nose so the surgeon could do it.
There are two tiny little scars from that, but they are mostly healed now. The tip was uneven so that was fixed and it was rotated slightly up.
I had both internal and external stitches the external ones came out on the day the cast was removed and two of the internal ones as well.
The rest of the internal ones have to stay in there they are dissolvable.
I'm still quite swollen especially around the tip but I can already tell it looks so much better and I'm very happy with the result.

Had second follow up appointment.

So I the second follow up appointment and everything is great the swelling has come down a lot more. And I'm still thrilled with the results so it can only get better from here.
The tip is of course still swollen so that's just a waiting game. I'm no longer getting any pain or bleeding.
My next follow up is in three months time.
im so happy that your recovery is going well and that you are happy :) i hope to see more photos to come. all the best :)
Thank you :) I will definitely keep posting photos and updating as time goes on.
So glad all went so well for you! It rocks !!! My date is Sept. 17th I'm really!!



First off it's like 1am as I type this where I am so forgive me for the crappy spelling.
I have been super busy and I have also caught the flu which has taken a while to get over.
I'm still very happy with my nose, the swelling has gone down a lot especially at the tip. It's starting to look much more refined. And the more I get to see the swelling go down the more excited I get about the final result.
I love it! It's so much better them being paranoid about that stupid bump I had in the middle of it.
I no longer feel weird if someone were to look at my side profile or take a picture. My nose was also narrowed as well which I really like the result of that too.
I have been a bit congested from the flu but am slowly getting over it.
congratulations. You look great as it looks like your surgeon has given you a natural looking nose.
Thanks I'm glad it turned out natural looking it was my worse fear that it wouldn't.


You look a bit like Miranda Kerr :)
Oh wow, Thanks so much. Thats such a nice compliment! :)
Fellow Sydneysider here! I hope i have tears of joy like yourself after getting my nose done.. You look beautiful. glad it went well for you. Even before with your old larger nose your other features still stood out.. i noticed your stunning eyes way before your nose... lol The 10th of December is my nose date! Thanks for sharing your journey.

Just a another pic. And update.

I'm just uploading another pic. I've been having trouble with my skin breaking out. It's under the skin so it's hard to see but very painful.

Makes me so self conscious, it's like I finally have a nice nose and my skin starts again! Ugh. I'll be sorting that out with my dermatologist in January.
Apart from that I still like it. The only thing that annoys me is the swelling. I love exercise and after it my nose is always swollen and looks much bigger towards the tip. But that is normal. It always goes back down.

It's been a little while since the last update.

I'm sorry I have not updated this sooner, I've just had a lot things that happened recently in my life.
Anyway my nose is going pretty good the swelling has come down a lot from the side view and front. It is holding a bit swelling still towards the tip and it is still numb there.
I find the hot weather or exercise makes the swelling worse. Like today it is summer here in Australia at the moment and it is absolutely boiling. So of course my sinus flared up and as did the swelling.
Am I still happy? Yes, it is so much better then my old nose.

More pics

More photos.
can anyone else see pics??
I cant see any pics? hyave they been removed?
Dr Peter Laniewski

Very professional doctor and staff. I felt very comfortable from start to fininsh of my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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