New year, new nose!- Rhinoplasty by Dr Grigoryants, Glendale.

Hi everyone, I've been doing some research on...

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some research on getting Rhinoplasty done by either Dr Shahidi in Sydney Australia or Dr Grigoryant in Los Angeles! I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I absolutely love Dr G's work and have seen many of your positive reviews about him. But the only concern that I have about him, is that, as far as pre op 'consultation' goes, It will be an email correspondences to him and no real face to face communication.I consider the pre-consult to be one of the most vital components of getting this procedure as it's important to me that we are on the same level and understand one another. I'm not concerned about having to travel 12 hrs to get it done or the fact that I'll be away from home while I recover. Those things don't bother me. The other factor to appreciate is that I think Dr G's costs are quite reasonable whereas Dr Shadihi's surgeries tend to be at least $10,000 from what I've read so far? But after all the expenses spent on the trip it will probably work out to be around that for flying to Dr G anyway..

Now, as for Dr Shahidi- it appears that he's a very ethical doctor which is great! This is a plus for me. And he is closer (1 hr flight) so I'm able to have pre-op consults with him. However- I'm afraid that he makes the tips a bit too up turned when I looked at his after pictures?? I don't know, please let me know if I'm wrong! And I've only recently discovered him unlike Dr G..

So needless to say, I am confused as to who I should choose as my surgeon! I would love some feedbacks from people who's had Rhinoplasty done by either of the surgeons, whether it's been good or bad, or even better, if you were in the same boat as me, where you were conflicted by the pro' sand con's of choosing either of the surgeons and I would also love to hear your reasons why you chose the surgeon that you chose. At the end of the day, choosing the right surgeon will be worth every penny so the cost difference between these two surgeons don't matter to me if it means that I'll have my dreamy nose :)Thank you all so much in advance :) looking forward to hearing from you!

Just another something to add..

After looking at some past pictures of myself when I was younger has made me realise that my nose has gotten bigger and wider! Has anybody experienced the same?? I never used to dislike my nose and it never used to bother me.....!

I've been in touch with Dr Grigoryant!

So, after procrastinating for so long, I finally contacted Dr G. He said that I'll have good result. He suggested, removing the bump, narrowing the bones and refining/lifting the tip. Je also said he may need to narrow my nostrils as well. I require to be on L.A for up to 8 days post-op and he quoted me $9500. I asked him a few more questions like will I need to attend for a follow up appointments a few weeks or months after the surgery.

I also had a chat with Dr Shahidi's receptionist. She was so helpful. She said he has been practicing Rhino surgeries for 10 years and does about 5-9 surgeries per week. Not sure how many Dr G does... I should've asked!!
I haven't booked a consult with Dr Shahidu yet. Somehow my heart tells me to go with Dr G at the moment. Anyway I'm going to think carefully about booking a consult with Dr S and if so, I'll get his quote in a few weeks time. But by my own estimate, I think it's going to cost around the same for either doctors when I consider the flights, transport and accommodation costs.

I'm on Dr Grigoryant's cancellation list for April/May 2015 :) Excited :)

Just a quick update! I'm now on the cancellation list for next year as I'd prefer to have the surgery in April/May of 2015 :) The reason being, is that I'm probably going to have my wedding at the end of 2015 or early 2016, so i'd prefer if i'm at the stage of at least 7-8 months post op so that most of the swelling would have subsided by then. Dr G's receptionist said the likelihood of someone cancelling is very likely so fingers crossed i'll get in.

Dr Shahidi was also available for these time slots next year but my gut feeling tells me to go with Dr G as I do love his results much more and I'm impressed with how efficient he's been with responding to my million questions. But I can't applaud Dr Shahidi's receptionists enough for their kindness and taking the time to answer all my questions patiently. So if anyone is considering Dr S, you will find this also.

As for my surgery, Dr G has suggested removing the bump, narrowing the bones, refining/lifting the tip and he may need to reduce my nostrils as well. He has quoted me a little more than his average price that i've seen other people pay, and i do wonder if this is because my nose needs that much work lol. It's a bummer that Australian dollar is dropping like dead flies at the moment and it's probably not going to get much better by next year. Oh well.

Anyway, I have umm'ed and hummed about the surgery as it is a big deal, but every time i remind myself how much i dislike taking pictures, hate other people uploading pictures of me on Facebook and all the time i spend frantically threatening all my friends to delete this photo and that photo OR ELSE haha.. and trying to edit and manipulate pictures of my nose in every picture... I'm reminded that doing this is something I will not regret!

I really look forward to having my cute, little, shapely, feminine nose that i've been dreaming of for my wedding day :)

Dr Shahidi

I booked a consult with Dr Shahidi today. I also booked my flight to Sydney. So I feel like I'm finally taking the real steps and on my way to a cute shnozza. I did say that my preference is with Dr Grigoryant however I need to talk to Dr S to know for certain, especially if it means it will save me the long trip to the U.S. Another downfall at the moment is the Aud dropping so much against the U.S. dollar! Argh!! Worse timing ever. I will keep you updated after the consultation.

Accommodation recommendations beat Dr Grigoryant

Ok.. I don't want to confuse anybody but I might be having surgery with Dr Grigoryants in February!! It only came up today although I've already paid for a consultation with Dr Shahidi in Sydney Aus. I'm just trying to get my head around all the logistics etc at the moment but one thing is certain, I'll be having this done very soon! So my question to all the ladies that travelled from out of town to have the surgery with Dr Grigoryants is,

1. which accommodation did you stay at? I'm wanting somewhere very close to him that's convenient to everything to save the cab fares.

And 2- What supplies will I need for the post op??

Eh what the heck

So I decided that I'll put a pic up of my ugly nose although I still feel funny about it :(

This is the exact result that I want!

this is one of Dr G's before and after pic that I just absolutely love


Arghh I'm so confused about what to do. There is an opening with Dr G in a few weeks but my consultation is already booked and paid for with Dr Shahidi. If I want to take this surgery date with Dr G, I will have to pay the non refundable deposit which I don't want to until I'm 100% sure about which surgeon to go with.

I know I shouldn't rush this but I feel like if I don't grab this with Dr G I'll have to wait on the cancellation list for a long time. Any thoughts? Should I wait until I see Dr S first then wait for the next cancellation with Dr G?

Oh my confusedness

So, Dr G has an opening in early Feb. And call me crazy but when i called them this morning to book it, the phones were constantly engaged- is this is a sign or something or am i just having pre surgery freak out!

This morning i took a few selfies of my nose just reassure myself that i do want this and remind myself as to why i wanted it in the first place. Then i came across a review from an unhappy patient of Dr G's and freaked out!

If Dr G had an opening in March and could guarantee it, i think i would prefer that rather than doing it in a couple of weeks where i'd feel under a bit of pressure and didn't have enough time to mentally prepare myself, unlike a lot of the girls here who's had months to prepare themselves.. or is it a good thing that i don't have too much time to over analyse and freak out?

Anyway.. here is a pic of my nose now. I tried my best at hiding the rest of my face haha.

Surgery booked with Dr Grigoryants on 9th Feb

So today, i finalised the booking with Dr G as i've decided to have the surgery done by him. I just need to finalise all the logistical side of things and I'm set!! I can't believe it's actually happening; it's only less than 3 weeks away! I'm not sure if i should feel scared or excited but I'm trying to be positive so that I don't have an anxiety attack. Now i know what everyone means when they start wondering whether this is the right decision or not.

I have plans to write all my questions down for Dr G at pre op and will refer to a few examples of what I want to achieve. I don't have many photos of noses to show him as i'd prefer he uses his experience and judgement to give the nose to balance and suit my own face. My pre-op is on the 7th Feb. I made sure that I'll be given enough time with him to go through everything I want answered. After all, I am flying all the way from the other side of the world for this surgery so I may as well make it worth it. I've also been in contact with the nurse who's going to assist me a for a few hours after the surgery. She's seems really lovely! I will land in L.A a few days prior to the surgery date so I plan to do some retail therapy (LOVE shopping in America!!) to calm my nerves down and prepare myself for the big day ahead.

I have a list of supplies that i will need for post op, i'll write them down as i remember them all. Ahh 19 days to go!

It's getting real..

My procedure is only less than two weeks away and i'm starting to get nervous. I'm also excited and often wonder how this will change my look.. like, i wonder if my eyes will look more definitive or bigger? Can anyone answer this?

Anyway, everything is sorted now.. from my flights to my accommodation to my travel insurance, transport, the lot! I love feeling organised. I've started a list of questions to ask Dr G and i have a list of supplies to buy. I think i'm over doing it but I'd rather have too much then not enough! I've also printed out some of Dr G's before and after pictures that i love, as well as some pictures of noses that i like. I'm going to present it to him and see what he thinks but i want to make sure that these noses will suit my face.

My current nose is really long and the distance between my top lip and the cornumella isn't far. So if he fixes the tip and raises it, i wonder if this will change the look of my whole face? Anyway, so i've told my parents and my partner but no body else knows. I had to say good bye to my partner today as he left to go away i won't see him for a long time. I wish he was coming with me to L.A and that i had him for support :( I had a bit of break down when i said good bye to him and was a wreck overall. I hope i'm not like this after the procedure! I understand how important it is to be in a positive, happy mindset during recovery. Especially because i'll be alone, i don't want to turn into a weirdo crying making my nose swell up even more!

That's enough of my blabbing, sorry i get carried away as i always feel like i can whinge and carry on as nobody knows who i am haha. Love real self ;) i'll update again just before i leave to go to L.A!
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