Help Needed! Rhinoplasty-Dr Shahidi in Sydney Austalia or Dr Grigoryant in U.S.A?! - Sydney, AU

Hi everyone, I've been doing some research on...

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some research on getting Rhinoplasty done by either Dr Shahidi in Sydney Australia or Dr Grigoryant in Los Angeles! I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I absolutely love Dr G's work and have seen many of your positive reviews about him. But the only concern that I have about him, is that, as far as pre op 'consultation' goes, It will be an email correspondences to him and no real face to face communication.I consider the pre-consult to be one of the most vital components of getting this procedure as it's important to me that we are on the same level and understand one another. I'm not concerned about having to travel 12 hrs to get it done or the fact that I'll be away from home while I recover. Those things don't bother me. The other factor to appreciate is that I think Dr G's costs are quite reasonable whereas Dr Shadihi's surgeries tend to be at least $10,000 from what I've read so far? But after all the expenses spent on the trip it will probably work out to be around that for flying to Dr G anyway..

Now, as for Dr Shahidi- it appears that he's a very ethical doctor which is great! This is a plus for me. And he is closer (1 hr flight) so I'm able to have pre-op consults with him. However- I'm afraid that he makes the tips a bit too up turned when I looked at his after pictures?? I don't know, please let me know if I'm wrong! And I've only recently discovered him unlike Dr G..

So needless to say, I am confused as to who I should choose as my surgeon! I would love some feedbacks from people who's had Rhinoplasty done by either of the surgeons, whether it's been good or bad, or even better, if you were in the same boat as me, where you were conflicted by the pro' sand con's of choosing either of the surgeons and I would also love to hear your reasons why you chose the surgeon that you chose. At the end of the day, choosing the right surgeon will be worth every penny so the cost difference between these two surgeons don't matter to me if it means that I'll have my dreamy nose :)Thank you all so much in advance :) looking forward to hearing from you!

Just another something to add..

After looking at some past pictures of myself when I was younger has made me realise that my nose has gotten bigger and wider! Has anybody experienced the same?? I never used to dislike my nose and it never used to bother me.....!

I've been in touch with Dr Grigoryant!

So, after procrastinating for so long, I finally contacted Dr G. He said that I'll have good result. He suggested, removing the bump, narrowing the bones and refining/lifting the tip. Je also said he may need to narrow my nostrils as well. I require to be on L.A for up to 8 days post-op and he quoted me $9500. I asked him a few more questions like will I need to attend for a follow up appointments a few weeks or months after the surgery.

I also had a chat with Dr Shahidi's receptionist. She was so helpful. She said he has been practicing Rhino surgeries for 10 years and does about 5-9 surgeries per week. Not sure how many Dr G does... I should've asked!!
I haven't booked a consult with Dr Shahidu yet. Somehow my heart tells me to go with Dr G at the moment. Anyway I'm going to think carefully about booking a consult with Dr S and if so, I'll get his quote in a few weeks time. But by my own estimate, I think it's going to cost around the same for either doctors when I consider the flights, transport and accommodation costs.
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Hi there, I think both doc's are amazing & had I lived in the US I would have definitely chosen Dr. G :) Anyhow, I live in Sydney and after a LOT of research I decided to go with Dr. Shahidi (having him this close!) I am 4 months post op now and over the moon with my nose. I had the same concern as you, that the nose could turn out too upturned which I discussed with him and he took this and all my other wishes fully on board. Once the cast was removed I actually liked the slightly upturned look and I was a little upset when the nose started to drop (because believe me, it does drop within the next 6 weeks a fair bit) to the point where I mentioned at my next consult, that I like the upturned look and he showed me how to tape my nose up which has given me the desired result so far :) It also turned out a lot straighter then I expected, so I'm happy :) Since you live in Australia and you have an amazing surgeon living rather close, I would go with Dr. Shahidi, in case you have any complications he will be a lot more accessible then Dr. G. I haven't had any complications but it's good to be able to attend the 5 week post and the 3 months post appointment for him to check on you. Also I imagine you wouldn't have any Carer joining you if you had the surgery in the US? I had a friend who looked after me the first 3 days after surgery and I couldn't imagine being in a hotel room by myself without anyone looking after me. I had a panic attack on day 3 because the tablets made me sick and I couldn't breathe, luckily my friend was there to take me to the emergency room of the closest hospital... Please consider these things when making your choice. All the best xxx
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Thank you for replying. I really appreciate your response! I just looked at your profile & your nose looks so natural and cute! Congrats you must be over the moon!! And I can understand the recovery can be difficult however, I'm just that type of person that prefers to deal with my beaten up looking face on my own rather than stress out the loved ones about me haha. So in that sense, I'm not too worried but I get what you're saying :) my question to you is- how many consults did you have with Dr S prior to your surgery? And does he charge for all of his pre-op consultations? And did he tell you approximately, how many Rhinoplasty's he does every week?
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HI, I asked at my last consult and he does about 20 Rhinoplasty's a month. I had two consults with him before my surgery and he charges for the first one, But I don't think I paid for the second one before the op. I thought the same as you: that I'll be fine recovering alone and not having to bother anyone of my friends/family (that I'm a tough cookie and so on ;) but Dr. S looked really worried when I said that and had he know that I don't have a carer I am sure he wouldn't have performed the op on me - that's how important it is and I know for a fact you are underestimating the importance of that right now... I can not imagine moving around, heating up meals or getting myself something to drink the first 3 days, you are in a lot of discomfort, probably feeling nauseas and not stable on your feet... you are under risk of falling or passing out and bump your nose. I even needed help going to the bathroom the first couple of times. I think if any surgeon gives his 'OK' for someone to recover through a rhinoplasty alone (at least the first 2 days) then this is highly irresponsable of him/her.
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Thank you for your reply :) it's assuring to know that you were very happy with Dr S. That really gives me a lot of peace of mind! Do you have any pre and post pictures you could share with me?
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I'm not trying to convince to go either way, but nose tips sometimes drop over time (so if the after photos were taken immediately post-op, that might be why they seem overly upturned). Clarify this with your prospective surgeon though.

Please let us know what you decide to do!
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Thank you! Will keep you posted :)
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My good friend had revision done by shahidi after another australian doctor did a half arsed effort.and it looks good it now not upturned too much at all it suits her small face. I'm planning a revision myself but I'm not sure about shahidi either so I'll be following this post closely to see what information people share about him.
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Hi :) yes I've seen few reviews about Dr S but definitely not as many as the ones about Dr G which is what concerns me as I would like the best surgeon out there if they're going to touch my face. But I realise that one of the reasons why there aren't as many reviews about Dr S is due to the fact that plastic surgery in Australia as a whole, isn't as popular or is done as frequently as the United States. Do you mind me asking you did your primary?
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