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Dr Simone Matousek was my surgeon for fat transfer...

Dr Simone Matousek was my surgeon for fat transfer from my abdomen to my breast for reconstruction. This is new procedure in Australia and she is one of a handful of surgeons who has the training and expertise to perform this operation. She was empathic and congruent in answering my questions (and I had many). Before and after surgery she was with me every step of the way with either herself or her personal assistant telephoning me for updates on my progress as well as being available for any new questions I had. She listened to what I wanted and gave me more than I expected! I have 3 infinitesimal scars which are all hidden within natural skin creases. Dr Matousek is a wonderful surgeon with a heart of gold. She listens and communicates in a way that is both understandable whilst at the same time making sure that you have been "heard". She is honest, approachable and friendly alongside being direct and compassionate. Rarely, if ever, have I had this experience with a medical professional. My side effects are a perfectly flat abdomen highlighted by a perfect waist line from the liposuction alongside a breast restored to its natural shape. Who could ask for more! She is wonderful!

Until now the choices of reconstruction for breast cancer patients following a lumpectomy and radiation to the breast has been limited, often involving up to 12 hours of surgery and using flaps to reconstruct the defect followed by a long recovery period of several months. The flaps that are taken from muscle/fat also leave you with large scars from the donor sites they are taken from (ie the back, abdomen, thighs). With fat transfer this time is cut down to as little as a 90 minute surgery with minimal recovery time alongside scars as small as 5mm which are hidden within skin folds. I only have one entry point for the fat put into my breast which is hidden in the fold under the breast and can barely be seen. The fat used is all your own and after being harvested through liposuction it is specially centrifuged to leave the fat cells which are the richest and have the best chance of grafting to the breast. As an added bonus I got to choose where the fat came from. It is being used in the USA, where it is recoverable from health insurance and the British NHS has approved it for use in breast reconstruction patients. My surgeon trained under the founder of this procedure in the USA. It is also an option for mastectomy patients. Studies have shown that the transplanted fat can help in reversing the damage caused by radiation, the fat grows with you as you put on or lose weight thus allowing both breasts to be symmetrical without the need for further surgery.

You may be eligible for reconstruction using this procedure in the public hospital system.
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Thanks for the review. Was the price really about 5000 australian dollars?? I thought it may costs nearly a double ofthat..
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Hi one happy woman! It is SO good to find your post. I have been researching fat transfer to breast for augmentation for the last couple of months on this site and had settled on going to Florida or South Carolina for my procedure. Being here in Australia I have had a consult with Dr Chin in Queensland but two rounds of lipo required, 3 mths apart is too much for me.. I want to get it all done in one go. I would love to hear more about your experience. Are you okay to post photos? Did you have a good fat retention rate? Did you have to use braVA? I can't wait to hear more! All the best for an amazing recovery and thanks SOOO much for posting!! I'm so glad you're pleased with your results!! All the best, Lyssa
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Hi Lyssa, Pleased to hear my post has been of help for you. I also found it difficult to find out about this procedure in Australia as it is only new here. I didn't have to use Brava (Dr Matousek has the Brava device also) although I thought I would as I had previously been told I'd need a skin graft or surgery for expanders to stretch the skin by another surgeon who did not use Brava with his work. It was an added bonus not to need the Brava or skin grafts/expanders to stretch the skin. Dr Matousek told me that the retention rate for the fat would be 60% and she overfilled the defect with the fat so that any fat I lost would leave me with what she intended the outcome to be. I am now in my 7th week and she was correct in that assumption. I have lost about 40% and retained 60% of fat give or take... all I know is that the breast looks pretty perfect to me! She grafted about 350mls of the centrefuged fat to the breast. I don't know your circumstances and I would suggest you contact Dr Matousek as we are all different. She had to do a rigorous scar revision on me at the time of the fat grafting so she could get some release from the area before adding the fat. For this reason I shall probably need a second fat graft procedure (although I'm happy now!) and your circumstances may be totally different to this. I hear what you are saying about 3 months apart is too much for you and I am not planning a second procedure (if needed) that quickly. The recovery period was fine... I was sore for the first 2 weeks then I just went from strength to strength. I only took paracetamol for about 10 days and sometimes only one dose a day towards the end of those 10 days. There's not a lot of pain (if any) in the breast although it does feel hard for the first few weeks as the fat grafting "takes" in the area and then it gradually softens after a few weeks. I am still hard in places because of the radiotherapy damage but that is also slowly softening and this procedure is meant to reverse the damage caused by radiotherapy. The liposuction site feels like you have sore muscles when you push the area with your fingers but other than that it doesn't ache. You will be tired though so don't rush back to work. Amazingly though the last thing I was thinking of was the results of the liposuction and when I woke after surgery it suddenly occurred to me that I had a flat stomach... lol. I was reading on other forums how women were not happy with the lumps and bumps they had after the liposuction but mine is pretty perfect and the bruising minimal. I barely had a bruise on me other than where the hooks from the liposuction garmet I wore immediately after surgery was digging into my sides and those bruises went within days when I changed to a different type of liposuction garmet without hooks. I actually went to see my breast cancer surgeon last week and he was very pleased with my results and commented that the operation was a "two for one" ie breast restored and a flat abdomen. I discussed with him the issues of screening with fat grafting and he said there is no problems in distinguishing the fat grafting from cancer. Contact Dr Matousek and see what she advises. She helped me so much! She takes her time to explain everything and you may be eligible to have this done in the public health system. Good luck!
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Hi again! Thanks so much for your detailed reply.. She sounds like a great doctor, & I will definitely contact her this week. You're right in terms of different circumstances in do far as I'm keen to do this to get breasts fullstop... 3 babies in my late 30s/early 40s have left me with nothing but a pair of nipples :) I do have a fam history of breast cancer tho, & was given same info as you consistently in so far as reading of mammograms & masking distinctions, & there's a growing amt of medical literature showing fat tfr has if anything less risk than implants, which is very reassuring. Great to hear Dr Mat. did such a great job if lipo too.. Have read a lot of reviews where ppl are so unhappy, so the Dr's lipo-ability has become one of my criteria! Will keep you posted. All the best again :)
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That sounds wonderful! Always good when you've done the research and know what you want and what to look out for. Wishing you all the best with a happy outcome.
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Thank you! :)
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