Cast Removal Day!!

About a month ago I went in for a consultation...

About a month ago I went in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon and decided to set a date to have my rhinoplasty. I don't think my nose is ugly, it's just long and a little droopy on the tip. I'm not expecting to get a perfect nose out of this, because that's just not realistic. However, I am expecting to get a nose that's going to fit my face a little better than what I have going on right now. I don't think my nose makes me ugly by any means, but I think I have the potential to look much better with a smaller nose that's closer to my face. I have been wanting this nose job for over 14 years now, and I am so excited to finally be able to afford this procedure.

I have been reading a lot of rhinoplasty experiences on this website, but the one thing there's not very much talk about is all the psychological stuff you go through before you have the procedure done. Maybe I'm just getting myself a bit rattled up, but my sleep has been very poor the last 2 weeks, and it seems to just get worse the closer to my operation date I get. My surgeon told me that my procedure was going to go smoothly without any complications, as I don't have a "complicated" nose, but there's never any guarantee. As excited and happy I am to get this done, I can't help but think about all the things that could go terribly wrong and it's driving me crazy! My family and friends are all against it, saying I'm making a big mistake, and honestly, they're starting to get to me a little bit....but whenever I sit and think long and hard about my decision, I can't help but feel that I'm doing the right thing for myself nose, my decision! Anyway, my surgery is set for January 14th and I will be back with an update after the procedure! If anyone has any advice, please feel free to share with me! Any and all tips are welcome as far as before the procedure do's/don'ts and also tips for the healing pocess would be greatly appreciated!!
Here are 2 before pictures, and I will surely put up some after pictures in a while as well!
Wish me luckkkkk!!!

Hello and welcome. I am having my surgery on the same day as you! I am in my mid 40's doing this and wish I did it in my 20's, so if you have been thinking of it for 14 years, in another 20 you will probably still be wondering. Forget what others say and stop listening to their comments now it's so close to surgery. Perhaps let them know that you have made up your mind, are going through with it, will be fine and need their support. Worry will not change anything, so concentrate on how lovely the outcome will be. Surgeons are highly skilled and we are in great hands. Take care and stay in touch.....this community is very encouraging and will support, uplift you and cheer you on while you prepare, and through your recovery.
Thank you Newnose4me for your wonderful and encouraging words. You are absolutely right, if I've been thinking about this for 14 years, then I would definitely be thinking about it for another 14 years if I backed out now. Truth is, I'm so excited to finally have this done, and can't wait to see my results in 2 weeks! I've read your story, and I could relate to all of your nose issues one by one....Good luck with your surgery as well and please update with your post-op pictures! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Welcome to RealSelf! I'm sorry the naysayers are getting to you. I had some of those as well. You just have to put your fingers in your ears (so to speak) and do what's right for you. If you have a really good, capable, plastic surgeon I'm sure all will go well.

Keep your eyes on the prize. I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by how smoothly this goes.

Make sure to have plenty of lip balm and cold drinks on hand for recovery!


So I spoke to the clinic today about my surgery on...

So I spoke to the clinic today about my surgery on Monday and everything seems to be going as planned. I will be the first patient of the day, surgery is at 8:15am. The only thing that has me a bit concerned at the moment is that the nurse informed me they will be doing this procedure under local anesthesia, which means I will be aware of what's going on but will not feel anything... She also said that they will be giving me some heavy tranquilizing meds before the surgery so that the experience will not be traumatizing, and that I will be half awake/asleep... So with that being said, I'm freaking out! I've done some research on this since I spoke to the clinic and have found that most people didn't think it was a bad experience and compared to sedation, this local anesthesia was a better option for them as they didn't feel nauseous at all. Some people liked the fact that they were aware of their surroundings, but I don't know how aware I would really like to be.... It's not exactly like I would like to hear the surgeon break my nose or shave it down or there anyone on here that has done a rhinoplasty with local anesthesia?? I would love to hear of your experiences!!
Don't do it. It still gives me nightmares!
I'm sorry to read that you are having nightmares. What has your story been? It doesn't appear that you have a review.
Don't do what? The procedure or the local anesthesia? Please do share your experience!

4 days to go til the big day, and I have to say...

4 days to go til the big day, and I have to say I'm having some major second thoughts at this point. I couldn't sleep last night so I started looking at more reviews on this site. I realized that I had only looked at all the great reviews, and hadn't even given a second thought to all the bad reviews that are on here as well. After reading all these bad experiences last night, I'm starting to second guess my choice of having a nose job. I saw a few reviews with similar noses to mine, and I'm so scared now that I will end up with a deformed nose. I do have a rather hanging/droopy columella and it seems that that's the first thing that could be botched with my type of nose....that is definitely one of the things I've always wanted to have fixed with a rhinoplasty, and after seeing all these before and after photos I'm almost thinking, maybe my nose isn't that bad. I did look through my surgeons entire portfolio, and he said my nose is very common to have work done on, and he's worked with quite a few noses like mine and all the after pics were great, but some of these bad reviews were also with top plastic surgeons with great portfolios and reviews, which just goes to show that there really never is any guarantee for successful results. I hate the fact that I am NOW having these thoughts, when it's so close to surgery date. I feel so conflicted inside and my emotions are like a roller coaster ride at this point. My husband says, forget about the whole thing and get your money back, I haven't even told my parents about my second thoughts because they would also jump on the "forget about it" bandwagon...everyone in my life is opposed to this surgery but myself, which is why I feel so alone in this whole process. My husband is only supporting me because he knows I'm going through with it regardless, but it's only half supporting, he will help me heal and get me through it but is definitely not happy about it....this sucks
I felt the same way. Im an incredibly anxious person and i had nightmares up until the surgery. Part of me felt pressured because of the down payment I had already put down, the impulse decision that lead me to the consultation, and the sheer vanity aspect. But it was something i couldnt get out of my head, and knew I would always wonder what if- for better or for worse. I set aside my worry brain when i arrived at the hospital. All the getting ready was so surreal, from the initial IV, wheeling me to the OR, and putting me on the table, and waking from the anesthia. I think back and wonder how i managed it! But by the time I got to the hospital, I 'just let go'. If you really feel you shouldnt then dont, but Im glad I went through it.
Glad you are getting excited now...yay! What sorts of things have you been doing to prepare? :)
I felt exactly the same before my surgery, I was so, so nervous and questioning myself (I was imagining the worst scenarios!). I didn't tell my family or friends because I knew they would jump on the 'don't do it' bandwagon and that's always difficult when you're going through doubt yourself. But if you know this is something you want (and you've done your research) the chances are you're going to come out of this very happy with your nose. I just got my cast of and I'm super happy :-) I can't believe I questioned myself!

So I had my surgery yesterday, the actual process...

So I had my surgery yesterday, the actual process was farely quick and eventhough they used twilight anesthesia on me, I was knocked out for the most part of the surgery. Now I'm home, and I decided to do a sneak peak in the bathroom, and I'm not happy with what I see. I feel like my nostrils are asymmetrical, one is a lot higher than the other. I'm hoping, PRAYING, that this is caused of the cast, maybe he put it on funny to pull the other side of my nose a little farther up than the right side....I don't know, this is not a good feeling to have when you still have over a week to wait to see your results. What are your thoughts?? I uploaded two pics of this
I would not worry about it too much right now as this is normal for the most part. Your pictures don't look too bad at all. What you have to remember is that when they get into your nose and it looks like you had closed procedure they pull those nostrils open to get into your nose and get to the bone area. So they stretch but with time they shrink and get move even. Also the swelling is never symmetrical one side maybe more swollen than the other. It is too soon to be worried about this. I think I had similar with my nostrils but with time they evened out. I don't have a problem with the nostrils anymore and I am 3 months post op. I don't remember at what point they got even again but I am thinking around a month. Also when they put stitches in your nose they over project everything until your cast is removed your nose will look funny and over projected. Once the stitches come off you will start seeing your nose sort of falling into place and things will start shifting to where they need to be shifted. So hang in there you are in the beginning of the healing process. I do have to ask you how as it having your surgery done under twilight? I might have to have touch up done and the surgeon suggested twilight. My original surgery was under general so I have no idea how twilight feels. Did you hear everything that was going on? Did you feel anything at all? I am a little scared of that as I really do not want to know what the doctor is doing and all I want to do is wake up and be done. But in this procedure its over kill to put me under general so twilight is what they are proposing. Fill me in on what its like if you can please. :)
Thank you for the encouraging words....I've tried to chill out on the freaking out :) still have 5 more days til cast comes off, my PS decided to keep it on for 10 whole days, so I'm very anxious!! The twilight anesthesia was actually nothing like I had expected it to be. I had read a lot of horror stories where people were able to hear bones breaking, and the doctor/nurses speaking, and seeing instruments used on them, so I was petrified going in! But, as soon as I got inside the operating room, they had me sit down on the operating chair, and put a little IV in my arm in order to give me sedatives. Once I calmed down and relaxed, they gave me some more sedatives which pretty much put me out, so all I remember from the procedure itself, was the nurse telling me to swallow one time, and I finally came to when he got done putting the cast on my nose. Only thing super creepy about it all was that I had never had any surgery done so walking into the operating room and seeing everything really made me panic, and then they proceeded to strap me onto the operating chair which set me over the top with panic/anxiety....but once I got the meds I calmed down and didn't feel a thing. The nurse did warn me that the only thing I would feel was the two injections of anesthetics I would be receiving on each side of my bridge, but I didn't even feel those. My rhinoplasty was a closed one, and the whole thing took about an hour and 15 min. All in all, it was not NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be...hope this helps!!
Thank you MissMJ! It makes me feel a little better. I heard the same stories but from the patients personally. My next door neighbor had her nose done twice and the 2nd time it was under local like yours and she told me that she heard her bones and doctor talking. This is why I have been really nervous about it. But my doctor at first offered to do it with just injections to my nose and I would totally see everything. I said no thank you put me out and I don't want to know what you are doing and hear you doing it so he offered to do twilight instead. So its good to know that you were out and didn't hear any of it. I won't have any bones broken just cartilage stuff but still I just don't want to know what's going on that will totally freak me out and I will probably ruin the entire procedure. I feel much much better now thanks to you! :) And for your nose, be patient it takes almost 3 months for most of the swelling to go down and 6 months for the nose to take semi-final shape. When the nose is in the cast things are not even or what you would normally see your nose after the cast comes off. I must have called my doctor twice about my nose being too pointy and too over projected. He kept telling me that it won't be as soon s he takes that cast off and stitches out. He was 100% right. As soon as the cast came off my nose was no longer pointy but still a little more over projected than expected. Than literally 3 or so hours later the nose no longer looked this projected and a week later it dropped to where it should be. So this is a process and unfortunately one hard to wait for. Because this nose is in the middle of our faces we want things to progress fast but the darn nose is the longest part of our body to heal up. It literally takes 1 year from your surgery for the nose to take its final shape. And I am not sure if you knew that but our noses change throughout our entire life and that's not because of the surgery its what our noses do, which is why you see old people with droopy noses. ;) And which is why surgeons like to put that graft that holds your tip up as they know at some point in your life closer to old age your nose will want to drop. :) Was not sure if you knew that. :) And you look great so don't freak out but I know its easier said than done. I have been there and still there and totally understand what you are going through.

Well I'm officially one week post op, and I can...

Well I'm officially one week post op, and I can honestly say, this was definitely not a walk in the park. I had read so many experiences both here on RS and other websites, and the recovery seemed to only be difficult the first 2-3 days and then it would be smooth sailing. That is NOT how my experience has been. I never quite got over the pain and am still taking pain meds 7 days in, and I also got a nose bleed last night which freaked me out because I had accidentally gone a bit too far into my nasal cavity with a q tip before bed. I woke up this morning and felt a mild pain in that area so I called my PS but he said not to worry. Wish I didn't live 3 hours away so I could just pop in for a quick check up, but if he says it's fine then I will trust his word on this.
As far as the pain goes, I feel ok during the day, but at night time I feel this achey pressure on my nose that makes it impossible for me to fall asleep. If I don't take any pain meds before bed, I'm sure to wake up 2 hours later with massive pain and pressure in my nose.
On a happier note, all my bruising has subsided and I am definitely not swollen in the face anymore :) I do still have my cast on. I will be taking it off in 3 days (Thursday) and I CAN'T WAIT!!! So tired of feeling itchy and gross!! I'm scared not only to see what my results are, but also of all the pimples and blackheads I have underneath this thing :/ I have very oily skin so it's not gonna be pretty......
I still haven't rated my experience because I have to see the final result, but without sugar coating anything, if I had to rate my recovery experience, I would DEFINITELY give it a thumbs down for sure! I honestly don't know how some people are able to do 20-30 surgical procedures in their life time knowing the recovery is so emotionally and physically draining, but hey all power to them!!.....I just hope in the end it'll all be worth it! :)
How are you doing MissMJ? Have your nostrils evened out a bit? First mine were uneven, then even for a few weeks, then uneven again! I guess it's just the swelling roller-coaster. But you don't mention then in your post on the 21Jan, so I'm hoping they are looking better for you!
I'm doing ok, just anxious to get this thing off my face! :) After I freaked out about how uneven they looked, I decided to stop over analyzing my nose as I had 10 whole days left to see the result of my procedure, and even then I wouldn't really be able to see the final product....this was so I could keep my sanity during this whole process :) But I can say that they don't look AS uneven as they did on day one....but this all remains to be seen on Thursday. I will keep you posted :) You look fantastic by the way! Are your nostrils uneven right now? because I didn't see any of that in your pictures?
Great to have an update from you. It is day 8 for me and today I have my cast and sutures removed. I think I am more nervous about that than surgery! It is a huge & probably brutal operation that we had on a very sensitive area of the face, not to mention a long procedure so no wonder we feel yuk. I found day 1 & 2 a breeze, then a challenge. My nose is more sore today than it has been. All the best for getting that cast off :)

Well today was my cast removal day and I'm so...

Well today was my cast removal day and I'm so happy that thing is off my face finally! I have very oily skin so I was expecting lots of pimples and blackheads underneath, but instead I was just a bit red and VERY flaky. That glue is not easy to get off, spent a good hour under steaming hot water in the shower to get all of it off my face.
Now to my results....
I have to say that the moment my PS took the cast off I was very nervous to look in the mirror to face myself, seeing how I had been worrying about uneven nostrils and whatnot....I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best....and in this case I definitely went overboard with my "motto." Once I finally looked at myself in the mirror my whole body started to shake because it was all so surreal to me....I loved my nose right off the bat! Because it was still my old nose, but refined :) it was a little shorter and definitely straighter, no hump, and less columella. I haven't been able to stop staring at myself lol
But now, as you all can see, it has gotten very swollen and it doesn't exactly look very different front on, but I love my profile! Best part, my family didn't feel like my nose changed at all, which is good for me because now I don't have much anxiety about returning to work....but the most important part is that I definitely see a difference and I love it so far...
This was not an easy experience by all means, but I am definitely glad I finally got the courage to go through with this procedure, and I am very thankful for all the advice and encouragement I have gotten from all you wonderful RealSelf folks! :)
It looks fantastic! Very pretty :)
Thank you Rayah :)
Well done & congrats! I'm pleased you have that cast off and are so pleased with your result :)

Just thought I'd write a quick little update. I...

Just thought I'd write a quick little update. I will be one month post op tomorrow and my recovery has been coming along great... Only big issue is all the scar tissue inside my nose. Wonder how long it takes for all this to subside? Also, I hate not being able to blow my nose, as I have allergies year round and not being able to blow my nose makes it for a very uncomfortable 24 hours for me, but all in all, I like the progress so far. My nose doesn't look much different from the front, it's still my old nose but shortened, which is what I wanted. The big difference is visible from the profile, and I love it!
I was very nervous going back to work thinking that everyone was going to look at me funny and that people were going to be talking about me, you know, the usual paranoid stuff ha! But to my surprise, most people didn't even realize that I had had anything done! In fact, since I always wear glasses because I hate contacts, most of my colleagues just thought I looked different because I had contacts on :) I do miss my glasses though, and I can't wait to wear them again! 2 more weeks, and I'll be reunited with them again :)
well since my profile was the big difference in my case, that's what I will upload. I'll be back to give another update in a month! Take care RealSelf friends, and for those of you going through the first days of recovery right now, stay strong and stay positive!! Much love, MJ
I cannot see any pictures?
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing xo
A beautiful profile indeed. Congrats!
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