Accutane Review ( First Week) - Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Hello, my names Kat, Im 21 and I moved to Malaysia...

Hello, my names Kat, Im 21 and I moved to Malaysia around 1 year and a half ago.

I have always had perfect skin living in Britain but 6 months into moving here suddenly my skin started going crazy. I suffer from an under active thyroid problem and I thought this was the cause, due to hormonal imbalance. Moment of trust... I was wrong! My doctor told me to see a dermatologist and so now my journey begins!

I have tried red light therapy, spa treatments, expensive facial products and I've even been taking two types of vitamins to help my skin. Results? NEGATIVE!

I know how it feels to wake up in the morning and to not even want to look in the mirror. To have a boyfriend and be scared after I take my makeup off at night, getting in a bad mood if he even TRIES to take a sneak peak of my face. My job involves modelling sometimes and going to meetings in which I need to apply makeup and look my best. It's disturbing my work and my personal life. It's sad and if there's anything that can help me live my life to the fullest again then i'm all ears Mr Dermo!

So after my 450RM visit to the Dermatologist my prescription to be taken for the next month is as follows:
Every two days -20g Roaccutane Isotretinoin tablet-
Twice a week I should apply all over my face -Retacnyl Tretinoin Cream-
Every morning avoiding sunlight I should apply directly to my spots -Epiduo Gel-

I will upload two sets of weekly photos until the process is over, wish me luck and of course



Please continue to update! I am starting my course end of next month, your acne is similar to mine. I get cysts, but it is moderate and persistent. I am going to follow your posts, I wish you luck :) and don't pick!! That is going to the most difficult part for me.
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My acne is similar to yours, not really severe. I'm picking up my pills today and starting! I hope everything goes well with you while your on this journey. Be sure to keep us updated and good luck!
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Yes I agree, he didn't tell me what type of acne I had, he said that I had a mixture of all of them! There have been times that my acne is really bad, these photos make my face look OK compared to how it has been ( ie the photos on the end) but I stopped clubbing, drinking, staying up late, eating fast food each day so I guess this played a major part in helping my skin recover after big breakouts! Good luck, my skin looks great today although a little dry, make sure you use a good skincare range throughout this process!

Week 2

As all the reviews stated, this medication DOES in fact make your skin 'appear' to be worse within the first few weeks but if I look closer I can see that all of the 'little bumps' under my skin are slowly vanishing and turning into pimples themselves.

My lips are super dry, I put Vaseline on them every 10 minutes and they are vacuuming it up like a tornado!

I'll keep you posted later on in the week, peace out!


I was typing on my phone. It totally messed up spell check lol. I meant your first post says your on two topical creams, no antibiotic which I was curious about.
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Yes it's so hard not to pick! I admit I have but he told me the medication will give me scars if I do! Good luck!
I don't know what kind of choices you have there for skin care but where I live I have found that among all over the counter holistic approaches, natural salicylic acid has been helpful in bringing down cysts topped with cortisone at night. Also neosporin for popped pimples will really help! I know our skin is so much more sensitive on this med and will take longer to heal. I like that Salicylic acid does not dry me out either, but I haven't started accutane yet so we shall see then! What brand of accutane are you on?? And what mg are you starting off with? Did your doc pair you with an antibiotic to ease the initial breakout at all?? Sorry for so much info!!

Week 3

So it's week 3 and my skin is getting better!

I have just finished my monthly women's cycle so my skin has calmed down a lot. I have also stopped eating nuts as my mother said that it usually gets her skin to break out badly.

I've taken my tablets once every 2 days and applied my antibiotic cream twice a week with great results. My lips are super dry but who cares about dry lips when you can see an improvement in skin completion!


How's it going kat?? :) I hope your doing well on your journey.
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Glad that you are seeing improvement in your skin! Thanks for the update. :)
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Are you still on 20mg? Let me know how it goes when they up the dose and to what. :) I am so happy that your skin is already improving on week 3! Yay!
Sime Darby Medical Centre

Having heard so much positivism about this 'Accutane' product I thought, hell yes, give it to me! I researched online all of the best Dermatologists in Malaysia and to be honest, everyone told me you have to wait at least 4 hours for an appointment. I arrived at the hospital and had to wait at least 2 hours. The overall service was great, he explained everything there is to know about acne and all the different kinds you are unfortunate enough to have. He then went through all of the different medications, lotions and treatments he can give me but said that Accutane was the best option. I have another appointment in one month, he said that my skin should start to get worse before it gets better. Let the horror month commence! Dun dun dunnn

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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