Had rhinoplasty and small malar implants

I have wanted one for as long as I can remember....

I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. My nose isn't terrible but it could be better. I want the tip reduced basically but my fear is that it wont look natural or I will get that pinched-nose look or worse.

I am a student in college and will likely have to pay for this on my own so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on average cost, the best doctors in the NYC area and how exactly consultations work.

hey! did you ever get your nose done with DR E? keep us posted and updated!!
hi, actually I decided to go with Dr. Oleh Slupchynkyj. I havent gotten it done yet because of various things lined up so healing time wouldnt be feasible but I did have a consultation and it went well. he allows you to see what you will look like after a rhino with a unique imaging software which he claims is 90% accurate and he also has a history of VERY natural results. If you are looking for a good rhino guy, hes your man! plus he is trained in surgery for only the face so he knows his stuff.
sounds great! i have checked him out on here as i would like to also have mine done next year. one surgery at a time lol but im so curious to see what it looks like when it is all said and done! please keep us posted when you get yours done id love to see before and after : )
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