I am 7 days post op tummy tuck breast aug and...

I am 7 days post op tummy tuck breast aug and hernia repair.... Today was the first day I finally am feeling a little relief. its hard for me to say if this is all worth it yet.I have the deep stretch mark looking things on my stomach that I really bothering me. When I went to my plastic surgeon yesterday to remove my drains he told me they were not stretch marks they were puckers.what are puckers and do they go away and can anyone tell me if to them they resemble stretch marks I hope they go away because if they don't was this worth all the pain and money?

10 days post op

Still a lil dissapointed with these so called puckers tell me what ya think? Stretchmarks or puckers??

picture update

Wanted to add some pic of my beast aug which i am very pleased with went from being a very small b (32bs) and got 300cc silicone implants

16 day post op

I am feeling a lot better but was feeling even better a few days ago I guess it's because I've been doing way to much which is what my doctor told me not to do like he said even if you feel well doesn't mean you are fully better yet so take it easy. but I can't stand my house getting messy and the bf hasn't been helping out in that area as much as I like and thats all I can think about is how much work it will leave for me after. I'm trying to somewhat keep up. I'm still not fully standing straight up which is really annoying but it's only been a l over 2 weeks and my Dr did say 6 weeks to feel back to normal and to do normal every day activities

New pics

updating a couple new pics

oozing of the belly button

does anyone know if at 18 days post op if it is still normal to be oozing out of the belly button it's not painful at all just yucky oozing...


these pics help new keep track and organized of my recovery


oops I hit post update to soon by accident

3 week update and starting scar treatment for my breast

I hit my 3 week post op I'm feeling pretty good for the most part but still not fully myself since I'm not standing fully upright yet (so frustrating) it's weird I have my good days and my bad days some days I question if this is all worth this I dunno if anyone else had experienced these up and downs in there recovery I'm still alot more swollen and uncomfortable then I expected I would be this far along and some days it's just really aggravating anyways I decided to start my scar treatment on my breast today I am using scar away silicone sheets let's see how these work I'm gonna try using pics weekly to see my healing progress

belly button ??

my belly button is still oozing and its a weird color now and letting off an odor is that normal or could it be infected?

1 month ( exactly 28 days) post op update!!

I am starting to feel better every day still can't wait to be fully healed, but I made it thru the toughest part. my only big Issue right now is my bb it doesn't hurt at all and I don't have a fever but it doesn't seem right. I have an appointment with my ps tomorrow the since my ps was in surgery when I called the nurse said I may need a new antibiotic so we will see...any ways wanted to update some pics since it has been a full week since I started scar treatment in my breast need to start taking better pic in the same lighting to compare better next time but this will do for now.

belly pics at 1 month po

5 weeks post op!!!

Today I am exactly 5 weeks post op. I'm feeling pretty good just a lil pain on my stomach muscles which I guess seems normal since I have been doing alot more moving around I am doing almost all normal day to day things. thank goodnes!! I am recently standing fully upright. I felt like that was never gonna happen again, you don't realize how much you you actually need and use your ab muscles until you really can't. anyways I'm back to work on Saturday can't believe it's been almost 6 weeks can't wait to see me and all my other tt sisters continued progress :-)

6 week update

Omg!!!! it's been 6 weeks I can't believe it. So I went for my 6 week post op appointment yesterday my ps said I look great and I'm healing well. I got the ok to start going to the gym and pretty much everything else besides swimming since my bb in't fully healed yet... but guess what he found in there?? A stitch that never dissolved... I knew it!!! ive been reading a lot of peoples post on here about there bb not healing properly and the majority of the reasons were because there was a stitch that didn't dissolve so hopefully now that my ps removed it and and also cut away some of the other gook it will finally heal properly.



belly button update

so it's only been 4 days since my ps removed the stitch that never dissolved in my bb already noticing such a nice improvement in the appearance yay me!! recently I have been having this weird stretching pulling tingling feeling in the left size of my belly though anyone know what this might be or even have a clue what I'm talking about?? keep thinking I'm going to lift up my shirt and see a ton of extra new stretch marks since that's what it kinda feels like and I would die if that was the case I hate stretch marks.

7 week update

today I am 7 weeks post op feeling pretty good I'm back to work but during the end of my shift I am still so swollen I hate that feeling its like I just ate so much I'm gonna explode can't wait for that feeling to be totally gone...I went away this past weekend and put a swim suit on didn't take my cover up off four long cause I still feel uncomfortable thinking I'm being stared at hopefully when my scars are fully healed I will feel differently about it.. also think if I hit the tanning bed I would feel a little better but my ps said it's not good for my scars may make them darker so I guess there's always next summer. I need to start getting back to the gym but in sure allot of people know one you get outta the swing of things it is hard to get back any suggestions how to start and where to begin I would love to know need a lil push and support

8 week update!!

I'm 8 weeks today and for the past few daysI have been feeling extremely swollen more then ever kinda buying me out but I go to see my ps in a couple weeks so gonna try to wait it out hopefully it subsides I wonder if it is normal to have these ups and downs with the swelling this fat along


it's been a while since I've updated. I am feeling alright I guess I'm still in swell hell it's totally frustrating I keep asking myself if this tummy tuck was worth it for me I swear I've become a miserable bitch cause I still don't feel back to myself and my results are not what I was hoping for I have way more stretch marks then I expected i be left with and my t scar is just fugly and unattractive also my belly button seems to be closing more then I'd like. I've been putting a topical steroid cream on that my ps has prescribed let's hope it helps. my ps seems like a nice guy but since after my surgery I don't feel like he takes enough time with me to feel at ease...sorry about all this bitching but it actually feels better to get it out...lol

more pics

tomorrow makes 17 weeks po

I thought i would update with a few new pics still very swollen. When is this going to end?

5 months po

I am 5 months po still feeling very swollen. I haven't got to the point were I can say I'm so happy I did this but ican't wait for that day to come hopefully soon. This whole swollen all day is really getting to me. I Wanda start working out but I but feel so uncomfortable. Anyone else having these issues this far along?


23 weeks

23 weeks still not feeling 100% I have a conStant bloating feeling and when I Wear tight pants or leggings I see a buldge I don't remember having before this surgery. please tell me this will go Away
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Has your swollen belly finally subsided? You look great!
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I think you look great!!!
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Hi your scar looks like it is fading well :) why did you have to get a t scar, my ps told me it would b best for me to get one as I don't have much loose skin above my bb. This was only last week, still digestion info, other option was a raised bit above my pubic area, did your ps give you other options ? Xxx
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I had to have a t scar because I Didn't have enough skin to remove that's where old BB was not fully happy about Monty results pod doo a little justice I still have allot more stretch marks them I thought I would be left with I think pulling my skin tighter made them look worse
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I think you still look really good hun :) your scar is really low and your tummy is well flat, was it a mini tt you had not a full one ? Xxx
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Thank you! I had a full tt
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Ur scars are really looking good! I know what u mean about the bloated feeling :0( I'm more than 8 months PO and 2 months PO revision, my swelling at night is so uncomfortable :'0( my muscles feel hard and balled up or something! And I'm noticing rolls again! I'm up about 3-4lbs from pre op but I'm working out more than ever and really watching my sugar intake and trying to eat "clean" I hope ur swelling gets better sooner than later!
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I'm seeing rolls again also especially well I am sitting. a lot of my money down the drain our maybe my expectations were to high :-(
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You look amazing. We are days apart from each other. It is nice to find someone so close to my TT surgery.
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Thank you. I check out your recent pics you look awesome. Can't wait for this swelling to be gone its driving me crazy I did have muscle repair so who's knows how long it will take
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I think that has everything to do with your swelling. One day this will all be a distant memory.Happy healing!!
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I think you look great. I can't really see stretch marks in your photos. Quite often we are our own worst critics. You look tiny and flat from where I sit! up to a year to see the final results. Hang in there ;)
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I think you have great results! Wish my scar was that low. I have been a miserable bitch for at least a month and I hate everyone at my doctors office! Lol. You are normal and I have thought everything you mentioned including if this surgery was actually worth it too. I swear I have new stretch marks showing up too. Clearly we are prone to them otherwise we all wound 't be here in the first place :-(
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my Dr is a nice guy he's just all business kinda monotone type of personality maybe it's just that I don't know how to talk to him in a way I feel comfortable it does feel good to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way sometimes I just think I'm crazy
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I know the feeling my doctor couldn't be more arrogant. I hate his nurse with a passion and my scar is way higher than I signed up for. Just all around over everything right now! Lol.
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hi there, Boston! The pics looks good to me too--you look very flat and your Bb looks cute. I can't see the stretch marks in the pics either. Hope you feel better soon, and I'm sorry your doc seems not to be paying you the attention you deserve. Hope you continue healing well.
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Thx for sharing...it helps us to know whats in store... that said, at the risk of angering you :-) I'm going to risk saying you do look fantastic! I love how flat your tummy is and I can see te an definition too. Can't see te stretch marks in the pics. As for the t scar a couple other reviews I follows earlier in the yr posted their 6 month updates and the scar was fading quite a bit...one of them used silicone scar sheets after ps cleared them... I hope you feel better!!! Best wishes!
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sorry not trying to scare you with my crazy feelings I guess it's kinda normal to have ups and downs I was told it's a long recovery and its just hard for me to deal some days. I thought after this surgery I would be proud to show a lil belly it's just not happening as fast as I like. Well the pics are not showing the stretch.marks to bad but trust me they are there :-( . so anyways I've been using a mix of things for the scars bio oil, silicone scar sheets, coco butter and also a cream my Dr prescribed me for inflammation
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Hi my pretty Boston! You can bitch all you want, lol- I think we all understand! And I had a doc like that one time too- he had time at first, then when I started bringing stuff up, I was shut down and patronized by him. I felt frustration and anger and actual despair because he would not follow through or even admit that there were real issues. The doctor I have now is not like that. Sometimes we have to find somebody else who has a better work ethic to help us. I'm almost 4 months out (got my TT on may 16). Some of my issues have resolved, but I can tell its going to be a long time before my scars fade. I don't want to do laser on them. I may revise my vertical scar because I don't like it nor the skin above and around it. There is always something more that can be done to fix things- so don't worry that it's permanent. When they revise a scar, it becomes thinner and less obvious, and heals better than the one you first got with the original TT. So there's hope, if things don't improve! Sending a hug your way, TT sis!
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thank rubeix I appreciate your input and thanks for listen to my bitching :-)
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I think we are the hardest on ourselves. You honestly don't look very swollen to me. You look fantastic! I also think your scar is healing nicely. I understand about the swelling and frustration though. I'll be 12 weeks on Thursday and my hips and thighs are so huge! I'm hoping it will settle down in the next couple of months though. Good luck and happy healing to you!
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thx nichole36974 your right we are the hardest on ourselves I hope allot of this is from all the swimming is hard be patient this long
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Wow! You look amazing!
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thank you pam21
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Woah, your ba scars look amazing! They look really faint in the pictures. I'm glad your stitch is out and I hope you heal quickly and can start enjoying your results more. :).
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