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Semi Pleased with Results - Stockton, CA

I love the idea of filling these dreaded signs of...

I love the idea of filling these dreaded signs of aging. I'm on a tight budget but appearance is very important to me. It was slightly difficult adjusting to the new look that I could see changed the shape and movement to my face.

I feel the beginning is the strange phase. As it mellows, everthing starts to even out and become as normal looking as possible. I still think people, like myself, who know the "injected look" can surely tell I've had injections.

Was it worth it and would I do again? Absolutely! In my opinion, I'd rather look a little different than remain appearing sunken and aging. Full verses sunken? Full wins hands down. I've been injected about 3 times now.

of all don't believe what ceeirbitels or even friends tell you about what they have had done. Many people dont tell you the entire truth and many dont even know what they have had done! Permanent fillers are not as safe as hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane or Juvederm or Perlane and in the lip they tend to form scar nodules and if infected then the problem is very difficult to treat.


can have a very subtle aumoatgtien or a very dramatic or exotic augmentation. Fillers work better than implants for dramatic lip augmentation. But I personally would not inject someone to make them look like a duck or silly! If you are tall with exotic eyes and features and´╗┐ you can pull off much bigger lips then great. But if I think your lips will look funny on your face or that your lips don't have the volume capacity for multiple syringes of Restylane then no!

Hello yassy10. I've wondered the same thing about my filler. I've asked several doctors and they swear it could not happen. I have read alot of stories of loose skin under the eyes from reviews though. I'm afraid to try it in the eye area. Glad to hear you mom had great results.
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