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The first time I went with my surgen I just wanted...

The first time I went with my surgen I just wanted to get rid of a hump.He said he was going to do closed rhino just to rasp the bone.Day of surgery 4/8/09 he said he was going to do an open rhino to get a better look inside the nose, break the bone, narrow the bridge and bring up the tip.

Well the bridge and the tip are fine, but I still have a hump. I was worried because it felt hard like bone. On my 1 week post op I asked him about it and he said it was swelling.

In my 1 month post op he admitted and confirmed it was bone, but not to be concerned. He gave me a silicon injection, he wants to give me another in a month and another in a year and says that will take care of the hump.The thing is I don't want cover up injections, I want the hump removed.

I'm sure he can do a closed rhino, just rasp what was left, the question is if he willing to do it and not charge me again for what I have already paid for.


I had my rhynoplasty 3 months ago... Do you ever have the feeling of when someone calls you pretty... Its not about the real you anymore?? I feel that and i dont enjoy compliments as much as before i got my nose done:( i only had a tiny bump shaved off btw like megan fox... But to mee i look alot better but duo to a nosejob i cant enjoy the feeling of me being really pretty.... Did you have that and did it go away?
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Hey everyone, I had rhinoplasty to get rid of the hump on my nose, that was the only purpose of the surgery. I am now four months after surgery and the hump is still there, it is slighty smaller but still very clearly there. My surgeon has said that he agrees it is still there but if I have revision surgery then it would be risky and I could end up with a boxers nose. I am sooo unhappy because I used all of my savings on this expensive surgery as I was always so depressed about my nose and now it seems that there is nothing I can do about it :( Anyway got any advice or similar problems?
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try taping it down every night for a few months... Same thing happened to me though. I had surgery to get rid of a hump, and even had a revision with him, and he wasn't able to get rid of the hump completely... Sucks, but I eventually moved on and said "HEY, at least it looks natural" lol.
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He confirmed he did't rasp enough of the bone. Why?

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