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I had BA in 1988 and went from a 34B to a 34D with...

I had BA in 1988 and went from a 34B to a 34D with the intention of being a mid C. In 2000, when I was pregnant, I noticed lots of rippling around the implants on both sides. The implants were removed shortly after my baby was born but I opted for no reconstruction. I was never able to breast feed any of my children and don't have any nipple sensation. So, I was obviously apprehensive about going down the BA road again. I never knew when I first did it that implants don't last forever. Had I known, I would not have had BA.

Well, fast forward 13 years and a few kids and a marriage still going strong. But I have hit a brick wall trying to keep bras from riding up and gaping open. I'm actually a bit concave now so to suggest that I'm an AA is a big overstatement. But with those uneven bits of boobs and pesky floppy mostly inverted nipples, I have to wear a bra.

So, I'm standing in front of a mirror recently getting ready for a vacation by trying on four thousand swimsuit tops with no luck and I said to my husband, "I'm done with this. I gotta get boobs." I've never seen a man jump so fast in my life. He's always acted like my surgically screwed up chest didn't bother him so it was a riot to see him so excited.

My BA is now scheduled for May 28. I'm 5'0" and 110 lbs. The PS suggested 325-350, mod profile. I had silicone before and want them again. I thought about the gummy bears but because I had a previous BA and no breast tissue to speak of, the doctor thinks an anatomical may not be the best option for me. For the same reason, he feels like round textured under the muscle will give me the mid C natural look I want while minimizing my risk of movement out of the pocket. I trust him in that I'm not a PS nor do I have any working knowledge of the profile/shape/cc stuff so I don't get really worried about all the details. I just want to be normal again.

So, I'm nervous as can be but love the support of this site. I've learned a lot from you his far!

Thank you for sharing your personal story on RealSelf! With your first implants, did the rippling indicate possible leaking? Your description of trying on swimsuits sounded just like me 8 years ago when I decided to get my implants. Even your pre op size sounds identical. I'm so excited for you! Glad you're finding this site helpful!

Hi, Beth. My BA just got moved to July 2. Better week for me anyway and more time to prepare. Yes, there was an expectation that there was leaking. In fact, the PS was almost certain. He was surprised to discover that was not the case. However, when he looked up the serial number on the implants, he found that my implants had not been registered so I never received a recall notice years before when the FDA determined that the polyurethane foam covering the implants was breaking down. That's what caused my problems. Can't wait to get this done!
            i think its awesome your getting your boobies back: im excited for you; thats so cute the expression yur husband gave you; lol! 

Date Change

My BA has been moved back to July 2. Longer to wait. More anxiety.

I have updated your surgery date. Glad this new date will allow you more time to prepare and recover!


Making sure your implants are registered would be good advice to other women. Thank you for the tip. But in the midst of being nervous about surgery/recovery, I never would have thought to follow up on this. What symptom did you have from the foam breaking covering breaking down? Was it the rippling as if the implant were slowly deflating? Thanks for sharing!


Photos of My Flatness

34AA - and probably another A
Pain, deformity - although the pain could have been psychosomatic. After they starting "showing," I became very paranoid and desperate to have them removed as quickly as possible. Leaning forward, the implants literally looked as though they were detaching. It's required by law that doctors register prosthetic devices. The doctor who initially did my BA no longer has his license. Big surprise, huh?

I bet it wasn't psychosomatic...I'm sure you felt some pain and discomfort. I am so excited for you...I think you're going to feel like a new person. Thank you for posting the photos!

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