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Inactive Account - Did not go forward with procedure

Hiiii everyone! So I've decided to make an...

Hiiii everyone!

So I've decided to make an account on here because ever since the payment was made to reserve my surgery date, I've been freakin out and this site has been very helpful to me so I thought why not create a Rhinoplasty Diary of my own :]
Here's a little bit about me to start...
I'm 20 years old and I will turn 21 three days before my scheduled surgery...
I live with my boyfriend of over a year and we have a cat who we treat like a child, haha... I'm almost completely financially independent from my parents and my family has always been a mess so I've been quite independent for my age for awhile...
I'm a performing/recording artist getting my foot in the door of the music industry...
I work a full time job that I hate, all the while recording and performing my music at various shows...
I model/act and do makeup artistry occasionally as well...

I've been wanting a rhinoplasty/septoplasty since I was 10 years old, I'm pretty sure I broke or fractured my nose at that age - pretty sure meaning, my little brother did a flip on to me while I was under water in a pool on vacation and I cracked my nose off of the bottom of the pool, it bled and was swollen, I also got the black and blue eyes, but my Mom said it didn't look broken so I never went to the hospital or got an x-ray... -

Regardless, it was never the same after that. A small bump appeared on the bridge (from the injury or just growing...? I'm not quite sure). It became harder to breathe out of the left side of my nose and I also began having more sinus issues and infections/head colds than ever before. Besides the health issues, I was teased in school like many before me, for having a 'big pointy nose like a bird'...
The dislike for my nose became hatred, and then it became a full blown obsession. [BTW~ for the zodiac lovers out there, I'm a Virgo, which have the tendency to be super OCD about things and are the most hopeless perfectionists]
Every time I look in the mirror, it's the first thing I look at and all I can see. I supposedly 'imagine it to be much worse' than what it is... but it has bothered me and effected my self esteem for years now. I had been to 3 previous consultations spanning from 2008-now, so it hasn't left my mind and remains a problem in my life.
Now, when you see my pics, don't get me wrong, I think I'm a pretty young woman, and I don't mind at all how I look from the front, its any other angles that perturb me...
When I shoot music videos or have photoshoots done, I'm painfully aware and anxious of my angles which makes the shoots way less fun. Often times I require that certain scenes be cut or pictures deleted because I hate how my nose looks so much. A lot of my projects turn out great...but most of the time b/c I stress out and make sure no photo/video gets in to anyone elses hands before mine, and I'm tired of that anxiety.
Remember, pretty girls are people and have insecurities too, whether you find a reason for us to have them in your mind or not :]

Basically, my idea is to have my bump shaved down and put a very slight curve "swoop/slope" whatever, in the bridge, and then possibly make the tip less pointy and more rounded so it doesn't project out as far. [The tip I am still very unsure what I want to do with yet] I hope to gain self esteem when it comes to my profile, breathe easier, and overall be happier in doing my work.
I've asked a bunch of close friends and some family members their opinion, and almost all of them said they don't think I 'need' it and 'it's your face, if you think it will make you feel better about yourself, go for it'...overall very indifferent... which has been driving me crazy because I'm indecisive as hell! I really wanted input.. and ideas about the tip since I really don't know what exactly I want to do with it...
My best friend and boyfriend said to keep it pointy because 'having a pointy nose is just, you' ...but what if I don't want to be 'just me' forever..? UGH !
I don't want to look very different from the front, just a little more feminine and less 'sharp' from angles and the side profile...
I had digital imaging done at my consult with Dr.Chiu and I liked it but something about the super rounded tip just gave me the 'I don't know about that' feeling when I got home and started really worrying about the whole thing since I signed the papers and now the procedure is a reality for me..
I'd love to hear your thoughts on my situation though, thanks to whoever started this site, and I'll be updating with text and pics as my surgery approaches !
My preOp visit is on Aug 4 so I will have to make a decision about the tip that day!

There is a before and after pic that I will post {which was made by ME on an online pic editing site that now no longer exists} and that's an example of what I think I really want...
I don't want my nose to look 'fake' and the changes will be subtle.. I do think it is what I need to feel confident about my overall facial appearance..
AHHH decisions, decisions.

You are so pretty already! Cant wait to see how great you will look post op!
thank you so much romes21! im so happy i decided to join this site everyone is so supportive :D
Thank you so much for your input Jessi! & thanx so much for the kind words

My preOp is tomorrow! I'm excited to talk to Dr...

My preOp is tomorrow! I'm excited to talk to Dr.Chiu and revise the original plans for my nose a bit. I'm going to see what we can come up with about keeping the tip somewhat pointy and less protruding, while mainly straightening the bridge, more so than 'scooping' it :] Thanx so much for those that helped with their input on that decision ! I'll post tomorrow to let you know how the visit goes!

Yesterday was my preOp visit and it went really...

Yesterday was my preOp visit and it went really well! I brought in some pictures of noses that I found aesthetically appealing yet still pointy and long-ish, we talked about my expectations again, then he made some changes to his original digital imaging of my nose and I loved it! We are definitely on the same page now and I don't feel as worried, more excited! We decided upon straightening and shortening the bridge (just a little shorter) and making the tip a little less pointy so that it doesn't project as much, yet still maintaining its character. Now all I have to do is go see my PCP/Derm and get cleared for surgery. I have to talk to my dermatologist because I am also on an 8 month course of Claravis (accutane) right now, so I'm really hoping there's not an issue with that because otherwise I'm healthy and ready to have an improved nose !!!
you are gorgeous, I bet people tell you you are crazy for wanting a nose job since you are pretty already. Been there, done that. The best decision of my life. I too, was a little skeptical about gettin a straight nose since the scooped look seemed so cute. The thing is that: you are not cute, you don't have the Paris Hilton face, you have the beauty of a real woman, you are more than cute; there is something about your face that goes beyond being cute: it's charming. Also, like me, you have big features: big eyes, big lips, pronounced chin. That's why my doc went for a straight nose and I LOVE IT !! First of all, you can't tell i had anything done since it's not perfectly scooped and plus it gives me a natural look. I think you are too pretty already and a scooped nose will look too perfect and too fake like ''yes she got a nose job''. Keep it natural and ask yourself this question ''how would I look when Ill be 50???''. I live in California and it's ridiculous too see all these beautiful ladies with an MJ nose...sooo fake! I like the pointy one! :) good luck

I have the worst feeling that I won't be able to...

I have the worst feeling that I won't be able to have my procedure done on the 14th of Sept... I just researched Accutane and Rhinoplasty and almost EVERY DOC and page I've found says you can't have any surgery until 6-12 months AFTER taking Accutane!!! What the HELL! :'(
I've only been on it for 6 weeks and I'm HOPING that if I stop taking it now, that I can still have my procedure because I would be off of it for a month ... UGH!
I'm going to be so upset if this medicine ruins my plans to have my rhinoplasty...it was SO hard to find the right timing to do it...
Very worried, nervous and upset about this news already. I need to call my derm first thing tomorrow :[
Thnx NaturalMe!!!
Yes, people I've asked about it do tell me I'm crazy for wanting it and I HATE that, I think to myself, I have to look at me everyday, not you!!! But I went in for my preOp this past Sat. and we decided upon straightening the bridge and bringing the tip in just a bit, but it will remain kind of pointy, and my Doc said he will 'maintain the character of the nose' that I have now :] So I'm excited about that!
BTW just checked out your realself profile and your nose looks AWESOME!!! You were already gorgeous yourself, but your new nose is SO flattering to your features and I totally know how you probably used to feel about your profile... has to be so amazing to look at something you hated once, and love it ! Thanx again so much for your comment !!! :D

Called my derm this morning. He says that I...

Called my derm this morning.
He says that I shouldn't have ANY surgery for 2 YEARS after only being on 6 WEEKS of Claravis.
My plastic surgeon thinks that's an excessive amount of time to suggest to wait, and that a realistic wait time would be 6 months to 1 year.
Regardless, I'm pretty depressed about it.
No September rhinoplasty for me. :'[
I really got my hopes up and I'm feeling pretty terrible right now.
I know there's a 'light at the end of the tunnel' but I'm just going to honor my heartbreak right now.
My options are:
1. Go off the Claravis TODAY and be able to have the rhinoplasty in Feb/March 2013 [same timeframe I'm scheduled to be finishing my 8 month Claravis course]
2. Complete the Claravis course [finish Feb/March 13] and wait until Christmas 2013/Spring 2014 at the EARLIEST to get the rhinoplasty

This decision SUCKS.
I have adult onset cystic acne that leaves pitted scars in my face without me even touching it. And going through Claravis treatment is no walk in the park... I've already gone thru 6 weeks [ out of the 32 weeks I need to complete ] of the annoying dry skin, cracking/chapped lips and sun sensitivity (I've had NO summer at all)
On the other hand, I've wanted my nose done for over 10 years... and now I feel like a deflated balloon after being so pumped full of hope and excitement for this permanent change in my appearance/confidence in Sept. :'[
I have no idea what to do.
The smart choice is probably to finish the Claravis and wait to get the rhinoplasty...
I'm so disappointed.
I wish I would have known better and not scheduled the rhinoplasty at all.
Terrible day.
That is very disappointing news and I'm sorry to hear about what has happened! I can understand your disappointment because this is something that you really work yourself up for! Two years does seem like a very long time but I don't know anything about the drug...but yeah that's weird and really sucks :(

Well, I decided to finish the Claravis since I...

Well, I decided to finish the Claravis since I already started it.
My plastic surgeon said that the suggestion of 2 years waiting time from my Derm was extremely conservative, and that the standard wait time accepted by most plastic surgeons for patients who have completed their Claravis course is 6-12 months....
So I'm pretty much now looking at Oct/Nov 2013 at the earliest for my rhinoplasty :/
Should have done my homework on Claravis x Rhinoplasty.
Wow you're gonna be flawless! Hope you get your wish after the accutane time is up!
i hope so too, thank you jlbunny !
Thank you Angie!
It was really disappointing to find out that I will have to wait until this time next year, but I believe everything happens for a reason..so maybe it just wasn't my time yet! I really appreciate your kindness :] thanks

Hey guys! So here we are, almost a full year has...

Hey guys!
So here we are, almost a full year has passed since I started my story... and I'M STILL ON ACCUTANE (Claravis) !
I was supposed to have only been on it for 8 months which would have been June 2012 to around January of this year, 2013.
My extremely old, conservative (annoying) derm has extended it every month since then citing that I wasn't as far along in results as I should have been and upped my dosage. *Sigh*
I started out taking 40mg a day for the first 8 months and I've been taking 60mg a day now for the last 3 months, so by the time I'm through I will have been on Claravis a year. *Exasperated sigh*
HOPEFULLY, this time I will FOR REAL only have 20 days left including today and be able to be finished by early June.
With all that said, the Claravis has worked wonders and has dramatically changed my skin for the better. I posted a before and after even though I know this is a Rhino review and I'm not off the drug yet. :)
I don't get acne anymore, my scars have almost completely faded and my skin is finally looking clean and clear! I prefer not to wear makeup to work, which would have never been the case before, I just wake up, put on lotion and go! The side effects have been irritating (mild depressive moods, nose bleeds, dryness, cracked lips *i have carmex on me at all times and apply all day* , being limited from sunlight/alcohol, mild bloating) but the results have been so worth it and I hope to be in the 80% of people who only get better and better after they are done taking the meds.

Now, if I am finally done in June that means I still have to wait AT LEAST 6mo until I can FINALLY go ahead with my septo-rhinoplasty... so that puts me into the beginning of 2014. All I can say is, I CAN'T WAIT.
Well, acutally I can wait because I have no other choice but to and I will ~haha~
but it's so hard to be patient for something you have already waited years for!
Anyways, I added the Claravis pic and 2 more pics of my soon but not soon enough to be 'old nose' ;)
Hope everyone is well and best believe I have been creeping on all of your before and after pics!!!
What a story..and patience has definitely been a virtue for you. Time flies..period. Look how fast almost a whole year went by already since you started your story. Good things come to those who wait...(but who wants to REALLY wait?....Personally i think waiting is for the birds!). Easier said than done when you're watching people come in and out of Realself with their new noses and your still waiting. I can absolutely relate. But i promise it will be here quicker than you think and it would have all been worth it in the end! Good luck to you & i too will have to wait for your results..lol.. You are truly a beautiful girl:)
Ahhhh yes, it's certainly for the birds!!! But you're right, maybe the postponement is meant to be a lesson in patience for me. Time does fly~ but I think the year since I started RealSelf has felt as if it passed so slow since I've been dealing with the Claravis side effects throughout and each month I've been ordered to stay on it longer is one month added to having to wait even longer for my rhino! It just felt like an endless chain of disappointment from having to cancel the original surgery date to getting the red light 3x on finishing my meds! I'm so happy with the results of the meds and my new skin but I also haven't seen the sun in over a year and I miss it, and I'm also ready for the dry skin and moodiness to go away.. But I'm just being a cry baby because I don't regret the Claravis at all, only wish I would have got my nose done first :) Thanks for your comment and compliment! I looked through your profile and you are looking gorgeous! It's obvious that there's still swelling, but c'mon, you're not even a month post-op yet!!! It's bound to refine daily and you're already looking great to me so it can only get better from here! The one thing I am most concerned about for myself reflects what you were saying about not recognizing yourself or missing your old face/nose. I can't imagine missing mine for too long seeing as how I've been altering it with my hands in the mirror for years but it is an obsession of ours prior to the 'fixing' so I guess that contributes to the psycho effect we go thru in our heads after? I want nothing short of love for my new look and that high expectation makes me so anxious!!!
Hey! I'm excited for you that you're doing so much to better yourself! I just wanted to comment and tell you how similar our noses are, I have a horrible bump as well. (And my glasses do the same red line/cut which is horrible!!!) My surgery is tomorrow so I thought you might be interested in keeping up with my results! Ill be posting lots of uodates.. If you're anything like me I'm obsessed with how people look minus the humps! Haha

Back on track!!!

I finished my Claravis! Partyyy! I'm 2 months off it & My skin is amazing now! I'm so happy I did it and waited it out. ( I don't have anything but mascara and lipstick on in these new pics!! How cool )
Now I have my new pre-op appointment set for Nov 7th so we can go over everything again and set a surgery date :) Again, I can't wait! My new skin has made me feel like a million bucks and the new nose will have me feeling like a bazillion!!! I am adding current pics of me and of the angles I hate :(
Here we go!!! Soon soon soon!
Oh and I just got my hair cut yesterday! Today's a good one!

New morph too

Sorry for the late reply, but you really look absolutely amazing and the only reason to do a rhinoplasty for you is to show your beauty more.. Please keep us updated, well if you are still alive hopefully
Dr. Chiu

A plastic surgeon from a previous consultation I went to recommended Dr.Chiu for his expertise in facial surgery

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