Love my New Nose! - Skokie

I did the surgery because I had trouble breathing...

I did the surgery because I had trouble breathing and wanted to fix my problem but also I did not like the shape of my nose. Dr. T went through my options with me and explained that he could really help me. I felt comfortable having him perform the surgery because he really knew his stuff! Also, I went online and looked up a bunch of his patient reviews and the pictures he has on his websites. Those really showed me that the results will be great! I really like that he has videos with real patients sharing their stories. These people made me feel less nervous before the surgery.


Yay for your new nose! Doesn't it feel great? Can we see it? Do you have photos?

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. T is a great surgeon. I went to him to get a nose job and I am really happy with the results. I can not only breathe better now but I also look a lot better. I recommend Dr. T because he made me feel more confident and beautiful. He was very professional and answered all of my questions (trust me, I had a lot!). Now a few months after surgery all I can do is still smile about my new nose. Everyone always compliments me!

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