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After one treatment with Juvederm I'm hooked....

After one treatment with Juvederm I'm hooked. It's absolutely incredible. Talk about instant gratification. I received injections prior to receiving 1 syringe of Juvederm, which was a little uncomfortable, but tolerable. I had swelling and mild bruising at injection sites, but not too bad.

It's been 2 days since injections and I can't stop looking at my younger plump lips. My only regret is that I waited so long to try this. I hope the results are as lasting as it says...up to a year. My Doc told me I may need a touch up after 4 months or so, but we would have to wait and see. Different people have different longevity periods with this, but regardless, I'm in love with this stuff! If you've had this in your lips (or anywhere) I would love to hear from you and the results you had.


I'm 6 days after, and the lumpiness is almost all gone. The 11 lines bumps on my forehead are still there, but only if you feel for them, and he used a full syringe there. So, if you already have plump lips, the full syringe may really make your lips stick out for a week. Also, I used the Juvederm Ultra Plus, which is thicker, lasts longer, but is lumpier longer, also. It might be a long week for you!!
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I never had the lumps...maybe I got lucky. I think I'll wait on getting more Juvie until I heal from the peel. Seems like a waste the more I thought about it because right now I am not wearing makeup due to the excessive flaking (Tretinoin .1% w/ Obagi Nu Derm Clear) and under my eyes are still bright pink. Maybe after a couple more months I'll touch it up. I am also anxiously awaiting my first Botox adventure! lol
You might have had the Juvie "light", which is not as thick as the Ultra, and you won't get the swelling and lumps as much. It's been a week now,and they are all gone. I tried botox on my forehead, and it works well. However, it doesn't last very long, and I'm not into a big budget each year for this. Heck, I'm 61, so I can't have 30 year old skin without a major peel, which I'm not interested in right now. I've had 2 lunchtime peels, I'll get another one, I'm getting "despotted" next week on my face, throat, neck, arms and hands, and then I'll get another peel. I probably look about 45, and that's good enough for me!!

Hello again, it's been awhile, but just...

Hello again, it's been awhile, but just letting you all know that I'm still in love with Juvederm! I switched to the Ultra Plus lasts alot longer in my lips than the regular Juvie.


So how long DID it end up lasting?
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