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Finally getting my nose done... very very excited....

Finally getting my nose done... very very excited. Can not wait to see what its going to look like. I feel very comfortable doing this procedure with dr. Lamperti, he has done a lot of revision work from other surgeons and that just makes the experience that much more safe and comfortbale. Hello new nose


I am having my nose done in Seattle too but my Dr. Portuese :-)) I hope you'll post pictures about your experience with Dr. Lamperti I'm sure you are in good hands!! Congratulations on your surgery!
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No way!!! How exciting! Yes I will for sure post pictures

Very exciting! I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated on your journey. What is it you don't like about your nose as it is now?

Here's a list of recovery supplies you mind find handy, too! Please keep us posted and consider us your mini support group. :)

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A few before and after pictures

Computer morphing!


It's going to look great! And more "masculine" better to go suttle with changes to the face "just in case" is this considered a "tip rhinoplasty" ?
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I'm not sure what its called but I'm not just working on the tip.
Wow your nose already looks pretty clpse to perfect!! Thought your before pic was the after!!!!
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Rhinoplasty day 1 post op

I'm not even bruised! The surgery went well


aww you look great
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Your original was pretty nice so a more refined one is going to look even better!
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Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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My nose is a MESS

It is so swollen I absolutely hate it at the moment I'm gonna wait 3 months n then decide! But here's a few pics for all my supporters :)


hey man how is the recovery from a mans point of view.
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It's good! Nobody would have known I had something done if I wasn't wearing a tape on my nose! What r u doing to your nose?
Your profile looks great. Wish you a speedy recovery.
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Hate it still

Still hate my nose! I wanted very specific things done n I still don't see it... Plan= keep waiting for 3 months


Hi, could i ask how your getting on? are you liking your new nose?
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There may be swelling so it's not your final result. But I think the profile is great. Your nose was good before surgery. Thanks for the update.
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