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Best investment ever! Wish I did it sooner and have no regrets! It's like a burden has been lifted off of me.

I think support groups are so awesome and to have...

I think support groups are so awesome and to have this where only us folks with imperfect noses knows how we feel is such good relief. I am glued to this site more than anything. So grateful to those who I have communicated with and are the only ones that know what I am going through.
Free therapy!
I've been wanting to get my nose done ever since this guy said at age 14 that I'm tucan sam. I am now 35 and feel like I am doing this for me. No one knows in my family except my brother, my mom is totally against it and she worries too much, so I rather just tell her afterwards and ask for her forgiveness then.

I guess you can say I have a persian nose, but I am east indian and my nose pretty much looks kind of like this women's nose below (mine is much worse though, but you can get an idea) she's a bollywood actress...showing her before and after because I love her after nose. If you want to see my pics of me, i'll send you in a private message. I guess i'm still shy to post it public.
I hope you get the results you want. Goo luck.
Thank you!!! I keep reading people's negative reviews and it's really starting to make me want to chicken out. I really don't want to though. Some people that are not happy with their results i feel really bad for them, but my nose is already broken and quite a mess. Mine is probably the worst I've seen on here with the before.
Hi, im in the same boat as you, I wont put pics up either. I left school early because of name calling, parrot nose, crow noes, ski slope, pinocchio s sister and the worst a witch. I had panic attacks when walking past people. Im 33 now I still hold my breath if someone stares at me. Its shameful.my nose is big and crooked. Ive posted pics to dr.charbel medawar and hopefully he will fix me. Ive not got too down about it for years and im a happy bubbly person butblike anything ive had to work at zapping negative thoughts away. Im not scared of the operation thanks to this site and hearing theres people out there like me. I sincerly hope you get the nose of your dreams, I hope you can keep positive, and never let being scared hold you back. Im looking foward to seeing if your happy afterwards.....good luck :) ★

Starting to chicken out after reading all the reviews on people who wish they never got it!

It has been my dream to get a nose job since I was 14. I really would never have if I didn't break it making the bump look much worse. I have been told I have a witches nose, tucan sam, bird - woody wood pecker - I even had one guy say he wanted to make out with my nose. I don't get that. I don't want my nose to be of "character" . I'm really scared now, like what if i'm the small percent where something goes wrong. Part of me is like screw it just do it. I am now 35. I love my life, so grateful to even have the fortune to do this and now this will be for me. My nose is already screwed up so whatever happens, i'm sure anything could be better. IDK found two really negative reviews on two of the doctors I'm interested in seeing. Help!
I'm 35 like u and I just did it. Go for it. Dr. Naderi did mine he won't mess you up. Choose an expert!!
Yay! I know, I get so excited just thinking about it! I found my surgeon, he's much more expensive, but i guess people fly in all around the world to see him! May have to take out a loan, but oh well! Did Naderi use IV sedation or general anesthesia? I think i'm most scared about the actual surgery now. My doc will be using iv sedation, scared of the risks.
I like how you referred to RealSelf as "free therapy". :) We are here for you for sure! Here's my two cents: Research your doctor very carefully, communicate with your doctor thoroughly, expect improvement but not perfection, be patient, and satisfactory results are likely. My "finished" nose isn't perfect, but I hated my original one so much that I am still so happy I had rhinoplasty many moons ago.

Please keep us posted on your journey. And if you need help cropping photos so your whole face isn't visible, please send me a personal message.

IV sedation or general anesthesia - both scare me!

I finally found my surgeon! It felt right going in, more expensive, but I have a feeling it will be worth it! The only thing is he used IV sedation, which kind of freaks me out, but i didn't realize with general anesthesia they put a tube down your throat. Both actually don't sound good to me, gotta do what ya gotta do though!
Hey! I'm from Seattle too. Who will be your surgeon? :)
Hi there! I went with Dr. Lamperti! I'm going to update my review and tell you about my experience finding a surgeon. Have you started the consultation process? So cool, you're from Seattle!
Aw I had a bump on my nose too! I played tetherball in elementary school and I remember getting hit on my nose really bad once and as I got older my nose went from cute as a button to having a bump on it and looking crooked from the front. It can be scary thinking about what if it doesn't turn out well but the most important thing is to find a good surgeon who has all the proper certifications and some you trust. This was my first ever surgery and I was so scared about going under too. But all the research I've done says that modern anaesthesia or sedation on a healthy adult is actually safer than driving in your car! People go into surgery all the time and as long as your doctor and anaesthesiologist are qualified everything will turn out okay.

After consultations with 3 top surgeons in Seattle I found my surgeon today!!

I wasn't even thinking about seeing another surgeon besides the first one who i saw based on a referral on a friend who saw him. Something told me to do another 2nd consultation with him, which i did and it was absolutely the worst experience ever. He was completely rude, and disrespectful to me. I did not find that comforting at all and couldn't fathom handing over my hard earned money that i have saved to give to him. I was totally distraught and it totally ruined my week, because he was my guy I thought. Well, so now I had realized I need to start looking around for plan B. I went with another top surgeon, who apparently people fly in all over the world to see and who is extremely expensive. Well, I thought, this could be my guy, it's a posh place, receptionist are a+ and so is the coordinator i met with. However, I didn't even meet with the surgeon! Free consultation none the less, but i was like ok, i'll keep an open mind, i'm getting this done and these are supposedly the top two surgeons in Seattle. Well, because of this website, I had read reviews on people who have had horrible nose jobs and had sought about a surgeon for revision. I received an email from one of these people and they said, don't do it, but if you do Dr. Lamperti is your guy. Somehow, i thought of him and started researching him. My brother advised me to interview at least 3 people. So i was like okay, this is my last hope. WOW, is all I have to say. I knew he was my guy the moment I shook hands with him. Not only, did I get to spend a 30 mins with him, he did not rush me, which the first one did, AND also complained that i had more than 15 mins worth of questions and didn't have time for more and was highly frustrated with him.
So anyways, Dr. Lamperti, was truly a breath of fresh air. Someone asked me, do you trust these guys with your life, first one NOOOOOO, second one, who knows, never met him, third, YES! I was so relieved. He not only morphed pictures profile and front view, but he used adobe photoshop to do it, which is much more accurate than these free ones online. He answered all my questions with a smile, he is more than qualified, he does about 2 rhinos a week. He also is highly skilled with the revisions which is huge for me, that shows he is extremely skilled, he does probono work for victims of domestic violence, he's all around a stand up guy. I told him, he was so nice and he gave me faith back. Oh, and he was the cheapest! I paid 100$ consultation fee, which goes towards my surgery. I also got a follow up email, saying it was nice to meet me with my morphed pics. Now, this is not a sign of desperation, he is a busy guy, he is just humble, and a genuine good guy is what i believe. He doesn't need 100's of reviews to show that. I saw his work with him the before and afters. I have no problem handing over my money to him. He treats you with respect and no question is a silly question and you have his email if anything comes up. I do trust him with my life and can't wait to see him!
Do you mean GA versus twilight sedation? I know that during twilight, you sort of remain conscious of what's going on around you. I am also scared about GA. I've been reading that it's honestly not as dangerous as it's made out to be (the risks were much bigger years ago and I think the bad rep kind of stuck). Good luck to both of us. :)
Hi, i know i'm so scared because i have a bit of a heart murmur, so i always get scared that complications are going to happen and i'm just going to die on the table. I'm a complete pessimist though!
Its safe!! Dont worry :)

How do you delete photos and reviews on Realself?!

I want to delete a review i wrote and delete photos, i contacted the real self team and haven't heard back. Please help!
I just responded to your personal message which was sent during the night. You can remove your photos by hovering over them and then clicking the "remove" button. Unfortunately reviews cannot be removed from the site once posted. I hope this helps answer your questions.
thanks, just saw this!

My surgery date is near, feel free to tell me how big my nose is, it will give me more ammo!

Here it is a profile pic of my big nose! I'll add a front pic soon!
It's funny my friends said they will miss my nose. Which makes me even happier to get this done. A nose shouldn't be missed, but In the spirit of keeping it light hearted i did have a friend who said she wants to have a going away nose party and the theme will be "no one nose" thought that was hilarious.
The profile of your nose on Thursday/Friday and beyond is going to be so strikingly sleek you might cry. From happiness :)
Hey! Just saw this, do you still feel the same way after seeing it in person!? ...:)
YES!!! I never had the pleasure of seeing before in person... But it really does look great! Swollen and all :) SO CRY! HAPPY TEARS!

Any advice on whether i should care my hair cut and color before or after surgery?

I already know exactly what i want, i've wanted this hair cut for a while. I'm paranoid if i get it after that the hair dresser, will accidentally hit my nose, at least that would happen before. Plus all the chemicals from the hair color may affect my new sensitive nose. Wondering if anyone has experience or suggestions for this. Thanks in advance.
I was thinking of getting a rhinoplasty in the near future, and I want to know which doctors are the NOOOOOO HERE IN SEATTLE. I seen a couple bad reviews about Dr. Portugese or how ever you spell it. But I have seen good things about Dr.Naficy. Are these the ones you checked out? I also want to avoid rude Doctors. Help please!
I'll PM you. Dr. Naficy is awesome by the way! That's who I ended up choosing. I highly recommend him.
I got my hair done before my surgery and am glad I did. Not only did it give me something to make me feel good beforehand when I was super anxious and nervous, but I didn't have to worry about it after the surgery when I was/am resting and recovering. Either way I think is fine - I have never gone to a stylist that hit my nose while doing my hair! I say do whatever makes you most comfortable.

So funny thing happened today, I was interviewed by two TV news stations

Bad timing! They of course got my worst angle, 3/4 and profile. I was like ahhhhhrgh! This just confirms I'm making the right decision. I was in a panic after they filmed me because of the horrible angle they were shooting from. I don't ever want to have to worry about that again. They were interviewing about something that happened in the neighborhood so it was a serious subject and it was so sad that i even had to think of my nose!

So I was just on the news....

My worst fear, they had my 3/4 angle...worst angle up! OMG right up close. This is why I'm getting a nose job.
I think of things like, this is going to be recorded and put up on youtube: girl with biggest nose on tv and then everyone is going to trash my nose. These are my fears, this probably won't happen, but the fact that i worry about stuff like this is a waste of time. Argss! At least my dog looks cute!
My heart breaks for you feeling so bad seeing yourself on TV. (And by the way, it's super cool you got on TV.) I notice everyone else's noses so much more now and I'm starting to realize that nobody has a perfect nose. Not even close. Even movie stars now, if I focus on their nose, it looks way too big to me. If you focus on your eyes or the features you like about yourself it makes your life way better (:
Totally! I am having surgery tomorrow and just wrote my mom a letter in case something happens. That's how freaked out i am about surgery. I'm scared i'm going to die or something is going to go horribly wrong. This is probably the worst part for me, knock on wood!
This is definitely the hardest part - at least it was for me. And waking up after surgery kind of sucked because I was sleepy and didn't know what was going on!! Recovery was somewhat relaxing - it's not as painful as you would think! I'm so excited for you and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Make sure you update us WHEN you're perfectly fine out of surgery.

I'm kind of a health freak

and intend to use my vitamix at least twice a day until i fully heal. I found some interesting things on diet for the healing process. http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=newtip&dbid=12
I'm going to make lots of kale, blueberries and pineapple smoothies. These have lots of vitamin c, vitamin a and phytonutrients to help reduce healing time.

Also, I found pre surgery affirmations and meditations. I'm huge into affirmations and am going to write them out today. Every affirmation i have wrote has always come true, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, but i really believe in the power of them.

2nd day post op

first day was a bit of a fog. After the numbing went away from surgery, i was in a lot of pain took tylenol extra strength and then had to take two oxycotins, which made me super nauseas. Day two is SOOO much better! Always makes me so grateful going from pain to no pain.
I am bleeding alot too, having to change gauze almost every couple of hours.
I can see through my splint that my nose is black and blue inside hoping that's normal.
You did it !!!! How is your breathing? Can't wait to see the final results!!!
Hi! Sorry I missed this. My breathing totally sucks now. Sometimes it's better than other times and in those moments i'm so grateful! That's probably the hardest part for me right now is the congestion. I feel like i have a cold and i hate waking up in the morning and my throat and tongue are completely dry.
Sorry about that :/. Hope you get better. So are those just morphs you posted? When will we see the real deal :) . 'Cause those morphs look GOOD. Hope your results look like that. Also can we get a frontal view of your nose before and after?

Day 3 post op and I look like a chipmunk and my throat hurts

OMG, so today I'm just feeling impatient. I look like a chipmunk, i keep having blood drip still, and my throat hurts. I really hope this is worth it! I can see my incision on the bottom is still pinkish and healing a bit weird. I told myself I wasn't going to look in the mirror for awhile as it's totally depressing.
Also, i'm getting sick of sleeping on the recliner and breathing out of my mouth. My throat hurts SOOO bad when i wake up and I keep sneezing. Anyone else have any of these things? Today has actually been the worse swelling too, has anyone experienced this on the third day?
Sorry to hear you're uncomfortable! It will get better. Make sure you have someone taking good care of you and bringing you nice drugs and food (: Hang in there - I promise it's worth it!
Thanks gal! I was wondering how u are doing. Omg post op sucks so bad. Today is day five and I finally took a walk outside at night. Couldn't stand being in the house another day. Can't wait for things to be back to normal and I can breathe without congestion. How are u doing?
It does suck, especially because you had this to feel better about yourself and the first week you just feel like a monster. AND you have nothing to do so you're just sitting around thinking about it! I was afraid the bruising and swelling around my eyes would be permanent but they started to go away quickly after the 5th day or so and by the time I went back to work (day 10) it was all gone. I feel good, except when kids/dogs/boyfriend/me accidentally bump my nose. I can still feel where it was broken and my skin on my nose feels super weird and dirty still. Still taping it up and icing if I get bumped. It sucks it takes so long to heal but it gets exponentially better once the cast is off and you can breathe. Your discomfort is temporary and your new nose will be for the rest of your life!

my eyes and cheeks are super swollen - day 5

I don't look like myself at all, so trying to not look in the mirror. My eyes are swollen, small and not cute. My cheeks are puffy I just don't look like myself. Wondering if anyone had this time of swelling. I'm getting scared my eyes are going to permanently stay like this. Feeling much better at least
Not to change the subject, but did any of you lose weight after your procedure? I read on here that some one lost 10 lbs her first 2 weeks after. I have been struggling with my weight and 10 lbs would just about get me where I need to be.
Yes, i am totally losing weight! Especially the first week i think because for me the pain pills just made me lose my appetite and then you can't even taste your food so the pleasure of that is totally gone. I'm slowly getting my taste buds back, so made myself some pasta and a grilled sandwich.
Yeah I lost weight also - I think the healing process speeds up your metabolism along with not having an appetite and eating healthier to help with recovery. I was afraid I was going to gain because my doc had me drink all these protein shakes. That said, I wouldn't use surgery as a weight loss tool!!!

Day 6 - I can breathe and got my sense of taste back!

It's the little things. I spoke to my girlfriend who went under the same procedure a year ago. She put things into perspective, because I was really starting to feel sorry for myself. I thought surgery was going to be the worst for me, as i'm super fearful and never had it before, but i didn't realize post op was going to be the hardest part. I can finally breathe again and got my sense of taste back. Makes me realize how precious these little things are. My friend also said - you have to trust the process, and have faith. You got this far so just believe it. Her pep talk really helped me. There are certain people I didn't tell because I know they would not support me and in this healing process I need people to be supportive rather than negative. Loving detachment for now i guess. Starting to feel the light at the end of the tunnel and just so happy to be able to slightly be less congested!

feeling brave enough to put pics up now

I was so paranoid to put pics up of myself, but I feel like so many of you helped me so much with your pics, that I want to try and help someone if i can.

Cute pic

We're all excited for you! You have really pretty features. I'm sure it's going to look phenomenal.
thank you! My other features are not so pretty right now. lol it's still not in the full form. Tomorrow I get my cast off. Errks, scared! It still looks big, but I'm okay with that....I think! lol I know for a fact the hump is gone, i have a feeling the front portion of my nose is going to look weird. I'm going to try and find a front pic view for you to see.
Did you get the cast off?? Excited to hear how it went!

More pics. Putting some before pics up where i was able to camouflage my nose, and then some not so pretty pics so you can see w

After most of these pics i stopped taking pics of myself all together. It seemed like it just got worse over the years and every time i saw a pic of myself i would get super depressed. There is one, where I know it's the camera, but it's sooooo bad that it kind of was my breaking point.
Good LUCK! You will never hide after objects again! I am 10 days post op now. Feeling really good. Keep us posted!
Thank you, i think you're right! I just had my cast removed and couldn't be happier! Congrats to you too!
Yeah! Thanks it's so weird. I had all these weird things i would do and im still in the habit of getting self conscious of people on the side of me, but its freedom now.

Cast off day! So happy, my hump is gone! Day 8

Today I had my cast removed. Dr. Naficy told me that the scar i had was attached to my bone and he was able to fix pretty much get rid of it.
I tried to take his advice and not look in the mirror during this phase, but i was worried it was going to be big still. As he removed the layers, I could feel how smooth it was and once I looked in the mirror i was so happy and relieved. I wanted to hug him after I saw the beautiful work he did. I love my nose so much!!!! I tried to go in with no expectations except that it was going to look really swollen and better than before. However, i am blown away. He gave me the nose that i believe i should have been born with! It's not too big and not too small, it's just right for my face i believe. Swelling must happen and must leave tape on, but i have faith it will just get more and more defined and better as the weeks go by.
The hump is gone! I could just sit in the mirror and stare, but he told me not too as it's still really swollen. I already love it so much I can't even believe it's just going to get better!
Congrats on your surgery!! My surgery is Sept 16th. Almost one month away. In one month you will be feeling so much better and I will just be starting my recovery.
Thank you! ! You will have to keep us posted! Congrats on your date too! If you have a rough time I'm happy to try and help in whatever way i can.
Great news! I am so happy that you are pleased.

a pic from cast removal

I don't feel like putting up a direct view pic yet, because i don't like it and it's not something i want to focus on just yet because of the swelling, but i'll tell you i kind of look like that girl in the penelope movie. Here is a pic, which used to be my worst angle.
I also just went on my first walk, which was amazing. I live right on the beach and it's always so humbling. My neighbor goes, what happened to your nose! Oh gawd so it begins. I know i look very different, but i don't care if people ask, as long as it looks good!

Questions: my dog licked my nose twice...

scared i'm going to get infection!?
Also, does anyone know if i can put makeup directly on my nose right now?
Clean your nose and wear light make up if necessary to cover up any scars like a bb cream. I think your nose already looks good post operation and I think you´ll get amazing result! Btw, you look persian more than east indian (it is a compliment)! I am from India too!
Thank you! I'm trying to avoid the mirror for now. I look so weird from the front view, it's very hard to look at myself. LOL, I have many persian friends and the elders would always speak to me in farsi and i would have no idea what they were saying. I think i look more persian because of my prominent nose! :) Now, I look like i don't know what...just weird I feel.
Did that feeling go away? Do you feel more use to it? I myself just got rhinoplasty in July and I'm still trying to get use to how I look. I feel like my emotions are a roller coster some days I did it other days I don't and my family gets tired of me asking if I look ok? I was just wondering if you got use to it?

Swelling phase - the highs and lows of emotions

So the next chapter in recovery comes and this one i'm not so good with. Patience is definitely a virtue and something I was not born with. I like instant results and want things yesterday. I'm trying to console myself during this phase because I'm not happy with the front portion of my face and I'm sure which people keep telling me is because i'm highly swollen. Sooo if you are also struggling with being swollen, this is my mantra of what i am telling myself....again, trusting the process or journey to healing, accept where i am, having gratitude of making it this far, embracing the small little victories, for me I didn't think I would ever get the guts to do this, especially with no family support. I told my mom and she said she liked my nose! wow talk about miracles! This is not the end and just the beginning, looking at our other fellow nose surgery folks, they all had the same fears in the beginning with the swelling and then they come back on -most of them to say it was just swelling and they like what they see so far. Sorry if this is too much. These are just things that are helping me right now.
So on the more practical side, I've reduced sodium, so basically not having anything, except i do like my corn tortilla chips! But still drinking my highly potent green smoothies. Trying to eat lots of alkaline foods. Taping most of the day, and not moving or bending forward.
So I guess you can say i'm pretty cheesy, but i mentioned before that i am big on affirmations. So I'm going to take my sharpie and write some swelling affirmations and tape them up everywhere! I swear i just got a raise from doing this at work....the power of affirmations is crazy. Oh geez, and the biggest thing for me too is not falling in fear, but having faith it's all going to work out!
My caretaker, who is my ex bf has been helping me out with dog walks etc. He's gone now and so I have to take the dog out to pee and play and stuff starting last night so i'm walking around outside with tape outside, cause seriously i look better with the tape on than off. Oh yeah, so not caring what other people think is another big one for me, although if i felt that way completely then i wouldn't have gone through with this procedure. :D Man, i am rambling on. Sorrrwy.
So I've attached some pics that I am doing to try and keep my mind off my nose.
Sorry I accidentally hit the "post comment" button before I was finished. I'm sure your Dr told you that it will take up to a year before you see your final result so just hang in there and it will get better. But I think your nose looks great already!! I'm sure we all want instant recovery but its not going to happen.
Totally, all you get is little baby steps and maybe little sneak previews. I am very happy with my result today. I am hopeful and feeling like it will just get better everyday. Super grateful!
I'm sure your Dr told you that it will take up to a year before you see your true final result

Day 10 starting to get a sneak preview - hopeful!

Hi I wanted to update. Today I was so scared to take the tape off not sure if i would see what i saw the first day just a huge swollen nose. Today it was so much better, i think thanks to the tape! I am seeing what the doctor envisioned for me and it's even better than I was expecting. I am super hopeful and totally put make up on today and am going to go on a walk at a nearby park.
I also wanted to clarify, that I had a little bump and gnarly scar due to an injury on my nose. I was told by Dr. Portuese my first consult that he could not get rid of it. Well, i didnt even ask Dr. Naficy to get rid of it thinking it was impossible and he said he could make it look much better, and that he did!!! I think my front morph is not even going to be as good as the real thing. I can see he gave me a cute feminine nose!
So im a total tomboy at heart. I wonder if it i had anything to do with my nose. When I looked in the mirror when the cast was first off, i didn't know what to think, i felt like someone took my nose and gave me someone elses. It is very emotional, because my nose is who i identified with. I all of a sudden want to dress more peppy and feminine, like it feels more natural that I do now because my face feels more feminine. I had a very masculine nose before. I am sooooo happy and the fact that this is only day 10 and it can only get better...knock on wood really makes me so hopeful. At least I can brave it outside without tape on my nose now! i actually went to the grocery store yesterday with lots of tape on my nose. Hahah
Wow! You look amazing! Your nose is perfect and you look really young. And way to be confident and put up pictures! I'm so happy for you. It's such a strange and wonderful mental transition.

My advice for swelling after cast is off

DON'T LOOK IN THE MIRROR -Your nose won't look like this, it's a waste of energy, and it will just make you feel depressed!
Tape it up! My taping helped shape my nose immensely just after one day. My doc told me to tape for a month, so that I will do!
Does anyone have advice on how to get adhesive sticky tape residue off? I tried using soap, doesn't work that great.
If you are allowed and/or comfortable using it, dab some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and it should help wipe the sticky residue right off.

So true

I was advised to soak the tape in baby oil applied with a cotton bud for two minutes before gently prizing the tape off using a rolling motion of the cotton bud. It has worked well enough for me so far. Good luck with your recovery and thanks for your detailed posts - they have been a great source of support to me whilst going through the same experience.
thanks so much for the advice! I realized that when i was taking it off in the shower it left sticky residue, so now i'm taking it off before and it seems to not be a problem. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope your recovery is going smoothly and gentle for you! I'm so glad I have been able to help you, that makes me happy!
wikihow.com/Take-Good-Selfies --This how-to is ridiculous.... Maybe take selfies while you're reading it. Capturing natural reactions to absurdity. Good luck. And post the winner haha... But I totally agree, selfies are so awkward. I took a million and about 999,998 remained unseen.

derma blend makeup

I mentioned my gnarly scar that I had before, well it's still there. Not a problem because I wasn't expecting this surgery to get rid of it, but Naficy actually made it much better. It's really bruised and i think that's why my nose looks funny. My skin is horrible right now, completely discolored everywhere, and the scar is at the top of my bridge, really making my nose look distorted. I hate wearing make up if i don't have to, but today i put on a crap load just to give my skin an even looking canvas. Wow, what a difference! I am so intrigued by dermablend. I watched you tube videos on zombie boy and i ended up buying two of their products to cover up my scar. Everything is still surreal right now. Like the fact that I even got a nose job is crazy.

Question - runny nose

My nose is super runny that i have to carry tissue with me all the time. It's kind of embarrassing, because it just flies out of my nostrils...sorry that's gross, but its like totally clear and like water drops. Hope this is part of the process?
I had the same issue after my revision and the mucus would irritate my nostrils. It's normal and will resolve on its own.
Yes my nose ran for a month!

Timing is everything

I just wanted to update that my apartment owners decided to put up our building for rent. My place is an absolute gem and i'm totally sad about this. Not sure what's going to happen, but what i'm writing to say is if I didn't get my nose done exactly the time that i did, i know if i found this news out afterwards I would be too stressed out about finding a place and would have put my nose job on hold. This has happened to me before when I bought my car, I lost my job and if I had lost my job and not bought the car when I did, I would have never done that. I guess fear of financial security.
SOOOO grateful, I listened to my gut and went for it at the perfect time. I know me and I would have never gone through with this, or pushed this out for years and still suffering.
Timing!!! Oh and I woke up having all sorts of thoughts about my new nose, kind of missing my old one because all I am seeing is an unattractive swelling nose right now and so weird like in the afternoon, my pig nose went down and swelling decreased just slightly. My friend even mentioned it when he came over...so crazy. My doctor said it can change from day to day. Lesson of the day is impermanence. I'm loving the improvement, but it could change tomorrow so just have to roll with it.

i meant...

our landlords decided to sell our building.

Decided to put some of my ugly pics immediately before surgery

These pics are candid and are to remind me of why i did this. I stopped counting my days, but i think around 14 or something like that. Swelling has gone done today where i have a smile on my face. Each day i wake up and wonder what I'm going to get. Today was a nice surprise! :) Okay so i just made a collage. I kind of am emotional. I never thought I would make it through to the other side when I was puffy, black and blue, couldn't breathe out of my nose, list goes on and on, i'm still no where near 100% but so grateful i made the decision and stuck with it! I hope these pics can help you in some way or another.

Here is the collage i made of before and after

pics that hopefully will help you in some way

I keep forgetting to add the pics!

Finally, here it is!

some more pics of after

13/14 day post op pics
You look great! Thanks for sharing your story!
Thank you! Just saw this. Yay, looks like your surgery is coming up. You must be excited!
Yes it is coming very soon! I'm really excited and a little nervous. Haha I love what you just wrote about your profile when you are driving, I totally have that habit and wonder if I will have the same experience! Good to know about being active as well, I will probably need to be prepared to slow down for a couple months. I know I shouldn't care but I'm still worried about people's reactions. How has that been for you?

a little over 1 month update

I tried going camping two weekends ago and that was really hard on my nose. I still get winded and have to put jelly, i use non petroleum jelly from alba inside and on the incision or else it gets all red and irritated. It kind of feels like i have a cold. Water still drips out of my nose, or what seems like water, it's uncontrollable and quite embarrassing, because it will happen at times when i can't catch it. My skin is also discolored and uneven, so i am putting foundation on, which i usually don't do, but just to make myself feel better. I am still really glad i did this. I feel the most happy in the morning when i first wake up, like it's all surreal and i get so proud and happy for myself that i went through with this even though i was so scared.
Pictures right now don't do my nose justice. It looks much bigger than it is in real life. I love LOVE my front view, which i had no idea would make such a difference, it was definitely an extra bonus since i was more focused on getting my hump down and didn't ask for too much in front. He just did his thing and it's better than i could have imagined. I sometimes can't stop staring at it.
I am on my cycle and i noticed this morning it is more swollen than usual. I also am still taping my nose, not sure if this is working or not.
I am really wanting to go hiking and be more active, but i just get worn out too easily right now, my endurance is horrible. So i guess that is the main thing, is if i'm out for more than a couple of hours I definitely feel it. Not sure if anyone else is feeling like this? Maybe it's just an individual thing. Oh and in pictures i still find myself taking 3/4 angle shots and i still do have a bad side with pics, front views just look huge in pictures, due to shadowing and my skin tone, no filters etc...so i try to avoid that. I have some uneven nostril swelling, but i'm not going to stress out about it. I had a much worse nose. I heard that some people were told to massage the top of their nose. I never did that, but wondering if that helps. Also, my doc said he didn't want to give me injections, because there can be bad side effects, so he said i just need to be patient. I'm fine with it. Although, i asked for injections the day he took my cast off, so you can see how impatient i am. Every morning though, when i wake up and take my tape off i never know what im going to get, usually it's just a little bit improvement, and i get excited. Also, i thought my confidence would sky rocket, but i'm still the same, pretty neutral and. When i'm driving, i still get paranoid of people looking at me from the side, it's funny it's almost like i can't let it go. I think this has been a habit i've formed since i was super young, so i still get awkward and feel like maybe my profile is still big, but i realize this is old baggage maybe i still carry with me. I'm sure i'll grow out of it and the more my nose starts to heal i'll feel better and want to dress nicer...i work from home so am in lounge clothes all day, doesn't help. Okay enough rambling...thanks to whoever read this.

Adding some before and after pics

Found this one pic that i absolutely hate, the angel is my worst. I love looking at it now though, because it reinforces why i did this. I love looking at my nose now, just not in pics. I took a couple of pics of my nose recently. It's still swollen and not perfect, but here it is.

more pics

more pics of before and after, i love comparing the two. I feel like i look so different, but i don't care. I told him i don't want conservative, i want a drastic change. Definitely worth it to me!
Decided to black out my eyes after all.
Beautiful result. Enjoy your nose!
Thank you! You too! :)
Looking absolutely fab :-) So crazy to think it's nearly 2 months!

more before and after pics!

I can't believe how different I look and feel! I now feel normal and not like I am walking around with a burden on my face!

Some more pics...trying to find my before pics

Makes me feel so good when i look at before pics now because I know i made a good decision.
Your nose looks great, congratulations! I did see you on Q13 news last month. This was before you started posting pictures on here so I was curious and watched. Before my surgery, my work asked me to make a training video...I refused. So you were braver than me to be interviewed and put on tv. You were beautiful then and even more beautiful now. Enjoy your new look. :)
really, how did you find me or know which one i was? That's so funny! I i hate that video, i hope it gets buried in their archives! Thanks for the sweet comments! It's been such a journey, but the worst part is definitely over and mostly forgotten, yay!
Your nose is cute :) love the transformation. Happy Sunday!

LOVING my nose!

So i'm almost at the end of 2 months, and the swelling - without ANY shots has gone down dramatically. I don't know if it has to do with my salt content and high vitamin c content...just still trying to keep that up, I also taped for a month. Today i have been noticing more definition. I didn't like any selfies of me, as it would totally confuse me because what i saw in the mirror looked different from what i saw on camera...hated pics of me on camera. It's definitely not perfect, but it's a huge improvement. I feel really confident now. The other day I saw a cute guy and my default was to move a certain way so he couldn't see my profile, but this time instead, i purposely walked by with my profile, just to see what it would feel like. Such freedom! This was by far one of the scariest decisions I've made, but turned out to be the best. I highly recommend it if you are thinking about it. Just make sure you do your research and get all your questions answered. Here is a pic that was taken today.

another pic

Excuse the hair
Looks so good!! Thanks for all the pics!!
Thank you! I am happy!
Your nose looks awesome! Congrats!
Dr. Sam Naficy

I was thinking of what to write for a review for Dr. Naficy. I don't think words can describe how grateful I am to him. He was the third person I sought out to consult, and I knew right away he was the one. I would like to say that I have a good judge of character and intuition on people, as that is part of my profession, hiring people etc. so I just knew he was a caring, compassionate, loving human being right away. He has a sweet genuine demeanor, and believe me I can tell you a horror story about my first consult with a PS that let me nearly terrified, so seeing him was a breath of fresh air. He is extremely thorough, he takes lots of notes, he got back to ALL of my emails and TEXTS within hours, not even days!!! He is realistic, will tell you what the limitations and possibilities are due to your own anatomy. He's just all around brilliant. He is so humble too that you feel like you are his only patient as he gives you that one on one attention. He made my dreams of over 20 years come true. I can't recommend him enough. Note, I also saw Julie first as part of my consultation. She will answer ALL your questions, she is very thorough, gentle, loving person as well. When you do see Dr. Naficy, he will give you all the attention that you deserve and it's a smart system how they have this set up. He's a busy guy, but honestly he won't make you feel like that. He is my guy if I ever get anything done in the future. Oh and I should mention my results. He gave me results that are better than i even expected with added bonuses of taking my gnarly scar away, that the other PS's i saw said they couldn't do. My nose actually looks better than the morphs and better than what i could have even imagined for myself. I'm on day 10 and it's only just going to get better as swelling goes down.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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