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I am a 25 year old single mother of one. I have...

I am a 25 year old single mother of one. I have wanted to fix my nose for at least the past ten years, but have constantly been talked out of it. Family members have told me that I might change my mind with age, or that the results could leave me worse off than I started. Well, here I am many years later, still hating my nose and wanting change it. I'm ready to do something for myself, because at the end of the day it is my nose and I am the one who lives with it and is bothered by it! I just set up my first consultation with Dr. Portuese, and would also like to have a consultation with Dr. Ridgway and Dr. Larrabee. If anyone has experience with any of those doctors or could offer me some advice, I would really appreciate it!!


I had a consultation yesterday with Dr. Portuese, and it went very well! They took some before photos and did a simulated after on the profile pic....I loved it and if my profile turned out that way I would be thrilled. The dr said that what he would do to my nose is remove the bump, narrow the nasal bones because they are wide, and lift the tip ever so slightly. He said that because I am tall he wouldn't want to raise the tip too much and have people looking up my nose haha. The only thing that I am a little nervous about is that he said he wouldn't want to do anything to the tip. I feel like my tip is kind of round and bulbous, mostly when I smile. I do trust his opinion but of course I am nervous about this whole procedure and want to love my nose! I think I will ask him about it again. If I go with him I could have the surgery as soon as August 7th, so exciting!

Surgery scheduled!

August 7th it is! I'm so excited, and so nervous. I've wanted this for so long and I really hope I end up happy with the results.

Almost time :)

Picked up my meds, travel pillow, straws, and vaseline...I'm feeling ready! I already have all other little things I'll need for cleaning and healing. I still can't believe I'm actually doing this! For some reason I felt like it would always be something I wished for but never would happen--well its happening! Yay!

Today is the day!

I can't believe it's here! In a few hours I'll be in surgery. I'll update you all once it's over!

day of surgery

I'm a bruiser boo hoo..will update more later


My surgery yesterday was at noon with a check in time of 11 am. Waiting felt like an eternity! Once I met with Dr. Portuese though it all went very quickly. He was so great and really listened to me and put me at ease. His staff was wonderful as well.

I woke up from surgery in a pretty good mood and got going. Unfortunately in the car I started to feel pretty intense pain and nausea. The pain subsided after about 2 hours, but I did end up vomiting blood last night. Icky! The pain meds upset my stomach so I switched to extra strength Tylenol and feel much better!

3 days post op

I still look pretty bad but am feeling better with each day that passes. Still bruised and swollen, but my bruises are noticeably improving today!

Breathing through my mouth is frustrating. I will definitely celebrate the day my ability to breathe through my nose returns! I also have some massive scabs in my nose that are hard as rocks, but I think they are attached to stitches so I'm not going to mess with them. Better safe than sorry, I'll wait for my first post op appointment.

Hang in there darlings!

Food and eating

For anyone who hasn't had surgery yet, I highly recommend that you get prepared with food as much as possible before surgery. You want low sodium, high protein, and SOFT! Chewing is not pleasant when you're healing, plus you will likely need to breathe through your mouth at the same time. No fun. Here are some things that have been really great so far...
-Shredded chicken
-Cottage cheese with sliced pineapple or with sliced avocado
-Scrambled eggs
-Black beans with cheese
-Steamed cauliflower
-Lentil soup (not hot)
Hope this is helpful to someone :)

4 days post op

Loving my profile on my less - swollen side! No more bump yayyyy! I hope my tip doesn't drop

Day 5, Cast off tomorrow

I am having this stinging/burning/aching sensation inside the right side of my nose. Really hope I'm not getting an infection or something. I will have my first post-op appointment tomorrow, so I'll be sure to mention it then. Other than that, really excited yet nervous to see my nose without the cast tomorrow. From the front the tip of my nose looks super swollen right now, so I'm kind of afraid that I will be horrified when I look at myself in the mirror for the first time. Hope I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My bruises still look pretty yucky from the front but are now yellow purple and red which is much better than the black blue and purple that they were before. I plan to play with a little concealer tomorrow and see if it helps.

Cast off! Day 6

6 Days post op

So my cast is off and I feel super swollen, especially from the front. Even with the swelling though, I am thrilled with my profile. I know it will continue to improve, but even if it stayed like this it is a clear improvement from my "before" profile. When my cast came off, I wasn't horrified with myself from the front which is good, I wasn't even unhappy. I was just kinda like oh, hmm. But I know that there is a lot of swelling right now so I am going to be patient and try to just not think about it, and instead focus on what I am happy with, which is my profile! Good luck ladies and keep us all posted, it really is so helpful during this process :)

Front view

Yucky swelling from the front. ..must be patient :/

Day 7

Good morning ladies! From the front I'm noticing a bump on the side of my nose and I'm hoping it's just swelling. I do realize how early I am in the healing process. I turned my flash on for this photo because I feel like cell pics are so horrible at showing detail. Please excuse the drainage coming out of my nose, it has been running and there's still some blood in there!

day 8

Today was a bad day. All of my positivity went out the window and I hated my nose all day. I look 10 times worse from the front and it's making me anxious. I keep telling myself it's only day 8, but the possibility of hating how I look from the front is an overwhelming feeling. Ugh. Hoping it's just the swelling.

day 10

Thank you all for your wonderful support! This site and all of the people who contribute to it are really a blessing during the process of surgery and recovery. I realized that I was becoming obsessed with my nose and it's progression and it wasn't a good thing when it would inevitably look ugly and swollen. I've been kind of avoiding looking in mirrors and trying to focus on other things and it is helping! Wish you all the best in your healing, hugs!

day 12

When you compare this to the day 6 pic of my profile, you can see that some swelling has gone down!

2 weeks

Still love my profile! Unfortunately still feel like it looks strange from the front. I wish I could tell you all that I'm absolutely thrilled with my nose, but I can't say that at this point. I am hopeful though as my surgery was only 2 weeks ago! Time will tell :)


So, my profile is nice and smooth and the bump that was there is long gone. From the front though, there appears to be a bump on the left side of my nose. I saw it before but there was so much swelling. Now it feels hard and solid like bone. The right side feels smooth, and the left feels like it has a bump and like the bone is tilting outwards, if that makes sense. Should I be concerned, or is this something that could improve with time??

1 month check up

Had my one month post op visit today. It went well and I am not really worried about the bump like I was before. I think it is likely swelling and/or callus and I'm just going to give it time! Everything is looking pretty good and I can't believe it's only been a month. I did get one shot right above the tip of my nose where I am holding some swelling. It did sting, but wasn't too bad! I will post more pics later. Hope you're all doing very well :)
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I have exactly the same thing you do but on the right side. It feels like less rasping was done on the right side so it protrudes and curves out. I also had an osteotomy so it could well be a callous. My doctor told me that it might go down but if it doesn't, it can be rasped after several months which is a simple procedure done under local anaesthesia.
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I have bumps too, my surgeon told me it's due to the osteotomy, or breaking of the bones, it's a callous basically which will eventually go down.
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Hey hun I have the same concern because I have swelling just like that also on my left side. I tried taking a few pics of it to show you but it doesn't show up very well so I'll leave it for now. My nose is still very numb and weird feeling and I'm too scared to press on the area so I can't really say what it feels like - to me it looks similar to some of the swelling I have near scar tissue next to my right eye. Wish I could relieve your stressing but at least you know we're both in the same boat. To me in that picture you uploaded it doesn't look that bad (looks like how mine is) but at the same if it feels weird when you touch it and it's causing you a lot of stress then I definitely think you should get in touch with your doctor. It's still pretty early post op for both of us so this sort of thing is normal, but it's not a bad idea to see your surgeon and have him reassure you.
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You should get in touch with your ps and ask him/her and see if it's normal. Good luck.
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Just checking on you. We've been done 3 weeks now...can you believe it? How are you feeling?
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I feel exactly the same, wanted to feel elated but too many little niggles. When do you see your surgeon again?
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I believe it's September 8th, for a 1 month post-op
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Congrats!!! You look great in the short amount of time definitely give it time. Hang in there Happy Healing!
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looks so good :) I have a similar pre-op nose and I'm scheduled for surgery next month, hope I get results like yours :)
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That's exactly how I feel about the front of my nose - takes so long for the swelling to go down ahh! I'm sure your nose will be great :)
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The whole patience thing is easier said than done isn't it?!
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Wow!! Your profile looks amazing. I know you couldn't be more happier. How are you feeling now? I still have my ups and downs but know if the long run it was definitely worth it.
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Profile looks great!! Excited for you :)
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Wow wow wow! You look incredible and you're only 12 days post-op! Very pleased for you :)
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Perfect profile! and only 12 days post. Anyone would be ecstatic with this result!!
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I know exactly what you mean because I also have a bump on the side of my nose (that's where the doc broke my bone and did more work). I am hoping it's just swelling but it feels extra hard to the touch. I contacted my doctor about it and he said that it should all go down but if it's bone then worse-case scenario, I'll need to have it rasped which is a simple procedure done under local anaesthesia. If you're super-worried, maybe you should contact your doctor and he'll out your mind at ease.
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I know exactly how you feel! My bump seems to be coming back and front is swollen and wonky! I've also got hard little lumps either side under my eyes, have you got the too?
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Hang in there!! I was the exact same way yesterday and I hurt so bad and the swell was unbelievable. If someone would have asked me was it worth I would have said absolutely not!! I guess we'll have days of more swelling than others but things will definitely get better.
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Oh honey I am feeling just the same right now - in fact, our swelling looks almost identical along the bridge where the bump used to be and its just awful. I'm not even going to post any pics to update because of how bad the swelling looks. I keep thinking too that I look 1000000000x worse now from the front but I know deep down that its just the DAMN FREAKING SWELLING GRRR! And it's just so hard to be patient and not freak out about it - the only thing that has been able to comfort me and look at everyone's progress on here and seeing that everyone else goes through the same process of swelling and in the end it will all be okay. But in the end you just can't help checking it in the mirror and obsessing...its so hard to remind yourself it will get better when it looks so bad! Seriously though, just so you know you are absolutely not alone in how you feel *hugs* :)
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Hey gal, hang in there!!! So crazy because i am feeling the exact same way today. I just had my cast removed today and my front view looks super wide. We are only on day 8. Try to watch a good movie to take your mind off of it. My doc told me don't even look in the mirror. I think you will be super happy as the days go by!
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Your nose looks wonderful!
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Your nose looks wonderful. You must be really happy with the results.
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Great profile! Also pretty from the front! It'll go down. You must be so happy;) yay
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You look wonderful!! So happy for you. Congrats!!!
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Congratulations!!! So exciting and happy for you!
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