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I am a 49 year old female, natural blonde, green...

I am a 49 year old female, natural blonde, green eyed, fair complected with a history of sun exposure datng back to the early 80's. Imagine my surprise when, although fully prepared for the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma on my nose, also being fully unprepared to now need a reconstructive plastic surgeon. I was truly fortunate to have been given the name of team Dr. Peter Odlund and Dr. Analisa Gorman from Skin Surgery Center in Seattle,WA by the ENT Assoc. SW attending physician who had performed my biopsy. Dr. Ray Jensen assured me that only one name came to mind, in his 30 plus years of experience, as a referral, and that the Mohs treatment and closure was beyond his team's expertise. He then confidently added that i needed to see if Dr James Ridgway was available for the reconstructive surgery because it was going to be a delicate procedure due to the nasal tip area that needed help and he was the best in his field. From that moment forward, I knew that I was going to be in good hands with these 3 amazing specialists. Yes they were in Seattle (2 hours away) however it was going to be worth the drive several times over the course of 12 weeks.
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Dr Ridgway is the best in his field and I am very fortunate to have had him as my surgeon. Considering the circumstances, meeting Dr Ridgway was a blessing in my opinion and the entire process could not have gone any better. From the initial consultation, the expectations were clearly defined, he reassured me that the final outcome would be nothing short of me looking like me again, (after 12 weeks or so). I was clearly provided an explanation of the 2 procedures available, his level of confidence that the forehead flap reconstruction vs the cheek method would yield the optimal results, I was quickly convinced that I was in amazing hands. The lines of communication were always open, he was very clear in explaining exactly what was ahead of me and he made sure that i was ready for it emotionally and mentally, 100%. Together we achieved amazing results and i never doubted his expertise for a moment.

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An amazing success story! So helpful for others in your area to hear about these caring and talented surgeons. SO happy it went so well for you!!
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Thank you. Looking back to when I was diagnosed, I am so incredibly blessed to have been given the names of amazing surgeons. Sadly I procrastinated to where I needed the procedures that were performed, I take full accountability, so at that point, I HAD to have the faith in these doctors. I am going to them for help, they did not come to me....and as Dr Ridgway reminded me, many times, this is only temporary (I still hear his words....) and it is his day job.....The moral to the story, do not procrastinate, if you see something that looks a tad off, get it looked at. If a major surgery is required, keep a strong and positive outlook as it is the key to the whole healing process. And it makes for happy surgeons, they need to feel appreciated too :-)
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Hi Cindy -- Thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad everything went well. It sounds like you had a great team of doctors to help you through it. How is your healing process going?
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Hi Sharon, Sincerely, thank you so much for taking the time to read the post. Dr Ridgway performed the final surgery on 7/23, removing the 3 inch section connecting from my forehead to the tip of my nose (and down...), leaving just the needed amount of skin to make me look like "ME" again. The swelling and the purple glow was to be expected, I had the follow up on 7/30 and he had removed some of the sutures, overall progress report was wonderful. About 4 days later, the purple glow was transforming to more of a rosey glow, swelling minimized to where the upper part of the nose blended well, the lower section of course is taking longer to come down swelling wise. Today, actually I am taking on a patchy white look around the lower section of the nose and the nostril area, have to think that's another good sign. I have been fortunate to have not have experienced any "real pain" since this started on 5/29, the only discomfort is the numbness of my head, but again Dr Ridgway assured me that it is to be expected until the nerves restore normal function. Its been interesting I must say, to randomly feel these crazy pulls and tugs and pinches, but it is a reminder that the healing process is still underway. There is ZERO scarring so far to the nose area, unless you look up close, you can hardly notice that I have a new and improved nasal tip. Dr Ridgway is brilliant and so supportive to my random text messages - ( "should I be experiencing this??") It has been a smooth process considering the circumstance, and I truly mean that.
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