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Thank you for inviting me to share my agonizing...

Thank you for inviting me to share my agonizing journey since the beginning; I am at the stage of "shopping" for a capable surgeon, experienced in removing old generation ruptured- leaking-hardened- silicone implants that were done along with a vertical mastopexy to remedy ptosis.

I am in my 50's and I want an immediate capsulectomy/ explantation of my ugly 30-year old silicone subpectoral implants due to the pain and tenderness I am experiencing after a recent mammogram, where they found a bilateral extracapsular rupture and punctate calcifications. My breast skin looks saggy and the implants feel like a rock, they're adhered way higher than the nipples. The challenge now, other than the cost, is that I DO NOT WANT IMPLANTS ANYMORE! I don't care if I end up flat-chested !

I have seen only one surgeon so far, I will post their recommendations as I see each one of them. O.K., here is what we have so far: 1. Doctor A: He recommends capsulectomy, mastopexia and cohesive implants all in ONE single procedure. Even though I do not want implants anymore, he insists that a capsulectomy and mastopexia alone will leave my breasts looking horrible, flat as a pancake and wrinkled as I have no much breast tissue left (menopause, some weight loss, ptosis prior to implants). Can't a skilled surgeon make a lift that looks fine, even if the breasts are reduced to almost nothing?

Again, my preference is to live implant-free as I am in my 50s! I am torn between the decision to get the cohesive implants or not, and also I see that other doctors in this forum suggest to have this done in 2 stages; First stage for a capsulectomy and letting the body heal for at least 3 months and then a 2nd. procedure to have the lift and/or the implant. I personally feel that 3 procedures all at once could be too much for the body to heal at once. It sounds like an agression to the breast tissue. First to tear and clean the silicone mess and removal of the extensive hardened scar tissue, then cut the skin to perform the lift and last an implant. Isn't it too much for the body to deal with internal tears, external incisions and dealing with a foreign object?

Please doctors here help me figure out why some doctors prefer to do it all in one sitting, while others prefer to do this in 2 stages. I will soon post pictures of the breast as they are now. Again, thank you all for your opinions and support, I will post the recommendations of the other 2 surgeons I have to see before I make my decision. Thank you!

After meeting Dr. Marosan, I felt comfortable...

After meeting Dr. Marosan, I felt comfortable enough to book my explantation.
George Marosan

First of all, I am one week post-explantation, healing very well and happy with my results so far. I did my homework and researched Plastic Surgeons thoroughly before choosing Dr. Marosan. Dr. George Marosan has a very well organized and professional practice in his Eastside office. The office ambiance is elegant and soothing; I just wish they changed the music tracks more often (lol). They also have a certified and safe operating suite in the same location as his office; all that is explained on the website and in his introductory video. His staff is friendly and courteous, and all the paperwork was handled professionally by his expert assistants. The initial consultation was exceptionally helpful. Before actually talking to Dr. Marosan, I first watched a short professional introductory video that answers all the frequently asked questions; in his video, he explains all about Board Certification and gives you an idea of the facilities where the procedure will take place, etc. During the consultation, he truly listened to what my problem was and explained my options and the possible outcome in a very calm, reassuring manner. He is soft spoken and has a charming Hungarian accent. He did not try to "sell" me other procedures or services; instead, he was focused on my request and how he could help me. He was upfront and honest about the outcomes and fery straightforward in setting realistic expectations. He agreed that it was better for me to have the explantation first, let the breasts heal and wait for a few months before having a breast lift. I felt much more comfortable with that less aggressive approach, as opposed to other surgeons who wanted to do the explantation, breast lift and re-implantation all at the same time. Now one week after my procedure, I am enormously relieved to know that my toxic implants are gone, and to know that this was the right decision. He also gave e-mailed me the pictures I requested. I would definitely recommend Dr. Marosan for an en-bloc breast implant explantation (which is what I needed at this point). His anesthetist was equally reassuring, kind and professional. Both, Dr. Marosan and his anesthetist called me the night of the procedure to see how I was doing. He is very caring and also has a sense of humor. I recommend the readers to check his website which is full of videos, before and after photos and other valuable information. The cost was reasonable, same as most of the other surgeons I talked to. And there were NO hidden or additional costs at all. One check was written for his services and a separate check for Puget Sound Anesthesia Services (his anesthesia service provider). This was an unbiased review, as I know for sure that there are other GREAT surgeons on the Eastside, but this is the one that worked for me. I trust him enough see him later on for a scar revision to fix what another doctor did to my nipples a very long time ago (shown in the pictures). Thank you Doctor Marosan for your help! I am feeling so much better now!

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Hi G51,

I am feeling fantastic. The drains and the bandages came off on the 11th. that made me feel 100% better. I ask my ps if he took pics and he said no. I looked at the pics of yours and that is amazing, I showed by husband what they looked like. I can't even imagine that something like that came out of our chest.

I have seen what my breasts look like now and they really aren't that bad. If they were both the size of the left breast i'd be happy. My right breast is the one that has been underdeveloped (the reason I had the implants put in in the first place) since I was a kid. My ps said it could be that I was injured as a child and that is why it didn't fully develope. It is so nice to be able to breath deep and not feel your chest hurt. I don't regret the explant at all. My ps knew there was no way I wanted to be reimplanted.

When I was at my ps office to have the drains out he said to let my breasts heal for 6 months and then he would make my breasts symetrical using my own body fat and stem cells. He said they have very good results with this system. He trained directly with the man who deleloped it. He gave me a dvd for us to watch and my husband said it made alot of sense, and he would much rather i had my own body fat there than a implant. He said my breasts being asymetrical doesn't bother him. He's just glad the implants are out. I found the geni bras and they make me look pretty good. I have to go to the ps on the 20th to have the stitches out.
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Hi BeabgleBaby1,

How are you feeling? It's been a week! Have you seen how they look like yet? I hope your drains have been removed and that you're not in pain.

Did the ps take pics of your capsules and / or implants? Mine did, but he showed me both before I left the operation room. They were horrendous, I am relieved to know that mass of toxic calcified tissue is out of my breasts........sigh......

Thank you for your reply, keep us posted and happy recovery!
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Hi G51, My implants were under the muscle, yes I did have an en bloc proocedure. What I meant by "they were bleeding pretty bad" was the ps said the implants them self were intack, the hadn't ruptured, but there was a large amount of silicone bleed coming through the outer shell. Almost like pin holes that the silicone leaks through. I guess the old silcone implants weren't the best thing to have put inside of you. I didn't get to see my implants or the capsules, I really wish I had. I will post some pics later.
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Hi G53 . . Well surgery was yesterday and all went as well as could be expected. When they woke me and told me it was done, the dr said it was a real mess. The silicone implants weren't ruptured, they were amazed they were in one piece after all these years but they said they were bleeding pretty bad. They removed the implant and the capsule. The nurse said the capsule was very hard and some areas were as brittle as a potato chip. I have no idea what I look like. I am bound very tight with drain tubes. My husband has been so sweet helping me out of my chair to go to the bathroom, getting my meds at the right time, making me something to eat and emptying the drain bottles. He finally admitted to me that he didn't agree with me gieeting the implants all those years ago, bbut that he was 100% in favor of me doing thes surgery. I have to go back to the ps on wednesday morning to get the drains out and the binding off. I'll let my husband take a pic but I don't think I want to look for a few days.
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Thank you for the update Beagle Baby1.

You must be feeling well enough to get on the computer and post an update! I hope you're not in a lot of pain, just discomfort from the drains, which will go away very soon! It's amazing that your implants were in one piece after all these years, but what do you mean they were bleeding pretty bad? Did you have an en bloc procedure? Were your implants under the muscle?

Good for your husband, nothing like a husband's support when these things come up. Mine has been incredibly supportive, patient, careful and helpful, he even avoided speed bumps to keep me comfy! It helps a lot to support your breasts at all times. Now after the surgery I always have to wear a bra, otherwise the breasts feel tender.

Take care and keep us posted. By the way, you may see the picture of my capsules, I just uploaded it here.

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Hi G1 . .It sound like you picked the right ps for your explant. I went back to the orginal ps that put my implants in 30 years ago and all he wanted to do was reimplant and do a lift all at the same time. I found a ps the has his own surgical suite and he listened to me and then told me that i would have small breast after the explant. I have the old silicone implants also and just want them out. I am schedules for tomorrow July 6th at 12:30 and can't wait. The last few weeks since I booked the surgery I have been really nervious but today I feel pretty calm. I'm expecting the worst tomorrow about the way they will look, but like you I am in my 50s and just want them out. My husband supports me 100%. I hope I look as good as you do after.
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Hi Beagle Baby,

Thank you for your comment! They don't look to bad. Now after almost 4 months my breasts have "deflated" a little bit but still look o.k.

I personally think you made the right choice to have those uncomfortable old implants finally removed! Nothing compares to this relief. I had forgotten what it is like to feel NATURAL!!!! If the looks don't bother you at all, you will be happy with your breasts looking the they way they're supposed to look at our age; a little saggy but nothing too bad.

You know, re-implantation at 50 would have been a big mistake, I can't imagine going through the same ordeal again when I am 60 or 70..........I'd rather age gracefully and leave my poor breasts alone and enjoy sleeping on my tummy !

Let your supportive husband pamper you after the surgery, I hope you will both enjoy the results, just be patient.

I'd love to see your before and after pics if you'd like to share.

God bless and take care!
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I think your post explant picture looks very good. Did you choose to do more surgery?
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Hi Leona 123,

Thank you for your comment, I agree that the post-explant results are better than what I expected. My family doctor saw me recently and he asked if I had been explanted! He expected to see more saggy breasts.

To answer you question, no, I am not choosing to do more surgery at this point, and probably won't in the future, as I am happy the way my breasts looks and feel.

Thank you again for your question and your comment.

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Thank you for sharing here on RealSelf! I see that you posted a question to doctors about your dilemma and have gotten some good answers.

Hopefully some other ladies will give you some feedback as well. Lots of ladies do get breast implant revision and have all those procedures at the same time. Sometimes it's better to just have one go-under of anesthesia. Doctors do differ in their approaches, though, so you'll have to consult around until you find a direction you're comfortable with.

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I think there are some ladies looking at the Breast Implant Removal page that would be interested in this review. G51 had really good results from just the explantation.
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