Getting My Nose fixed December 8th!

After 3 years of living with a broken nose I...

After 3 years of living with a broken nose I finally am ready to fix it. I've been researching for awhile with failure to find anyone here in MN I'm almost 100% sure I'm going with Dr. Portuese. Has anyone ever been to him before or know anyone that has? Kinda scary flying somewhere not having met him yet but he has the best before/after's I've seen thus far.

I want my nose straightened and tip/nostrils reduced. What do you think? These are 'good' pics of my nose when broken, I'm to shy to show the 'bad' ones.


I'm thinking about going to Dr. Portuese. Let me know how he does?
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Dr. Peter Hilger in MN is great
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No , I'm flying in from MN so everything will kind of be done at the same time. Wish you luck!
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Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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