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Smooth Results but Doesn't Last As Long As Advertised, more bruising and swelling - Scottsdale, AZ

The juvederm ultra plus is slightly better than...

The juvederm ultra plus is slightly better than the regular juvederm. It always gives smooth results but you swell a lot for a week then it goes down a LOT. Disappointing if it's your lips that go away so fast. I work out a lot so I process fillers rather quickly. Perlane lasts longer for me but the juve tends to have less lumps. Had it in my tear troughs before I had my blepharoplasties done and it gave me a bluish hue in that area. I get a really good deal on it so I kind of alternate between the 2 brands for my lips and nasal folds. Juve lasts like a month and half for me.

What! I heard juv lasts up to two years, what a waste if you have a fast motab or excercise often. I am 21 and pretty fit, walk everywhere, and have a restricted diet. I am supposed to get juvederm put into my nasolabial folds monday. Is it worth it??
Well, I wouldn't say it's a waste-it can do amazing things to your wrinkles and add nice volume to lips. I love using fillers-it can be addictive! It's just something that you may find is a lot more expensive and high maintenance than you thought. There is no way it lasts 2 yrs. The ppl that say it lasts long get "touch ups" every few months. That's what I do. I need it prob every 2 months to maintain the look. Even in my nasolabial folds which is supposed to last longer than lips.

Everyone is different so it's hard to say how it will last on you but just so you know I also have a restricted diet- no meat or dairy, very little alcohol. I am 30(not as young as you but still kind of young!!) work out usually 6-7 days a week and do anywhere from 45-120 cardio a day, train with weights at least 3-4 days a week for 30-60 min a day, and am on my feet continuously for 5-10 hours a day for my job. So I would describe myself as pretty fit too!

The other drawback you should know about is that you stay kinda puffy (in a good way) for a week or so but then it goes down considerably as it "settles in" which is very disappointing for me. The Perlane, which I use as well, does not have such a dramatic shrinkage after the swelling.

Make sure you use the Juve Ultra Plus, the other stuff is a waste, it isn't thick enough and lasts even shorter. The first time I used Juve it was the regular one bc I didn't know better and I used it in lips and nasolabial folds and ended up needing 3 syringes in one month! Very pricey. Also, note that Juve syringes contain about 30% less product per syringe than Perlane. Good luck!!
you are 21 and using face fillers already?

Had juvederm ultra plus 2 days ago in my lips....

Had juvederm ultra plus 2 days ago in my lips. Haven't had it in a while (been using perlane). The injections were much more painful than I remember. I do perlane without numbing cream and can handle it but the juvederm without numbing cream was nearly unbearable. I had tears running down my face most of the time and I never felt the numbing effects of the lidocaine in the filler. Swelling was much more than the perane. 2 hours later, signs of bruising were already appearing despite constant ice packs applied afterwards.

Now to today, 2 days after. My lip volume and shape looks great but I know it will go down a lot (seemingly more than perlane) as I have experienced w juvederm in the past. Lips still feel tender when pressed or massaged. I have some nasty bruising on both upper and lower, an angry vibrant red purple hue that is very hard to conceal with makeup. While I was layering on the concealer yesterday before I went to work, it occurred to me that I only bruise to this extent w juvederm. Hardly w perlane. Last time I had this juvederm bruising I had it for like 2 weeks:(

Will likely stick to perlane in the future. In the meantime, I need to find a heavy duty concealer..

Had juv plus put in lips today and I look terrible. My mouth is huge and freshly lopsided. I am bruised all around my lips and they feel bumpy. I am so discouraged. I don't recommend any one have this done.
I was very swollen as well the first day. I seem to swell more w it than when I use perlane. Your bumpiness shouldn't be that bad though-those can be gently massaged I think a day or two afterwards. Hopefully it goes down after a few days. Trust me, it definitely will in due time. In fact, it goes down so much that I get disappointed so that is another reason why I lean towards the perlane. If you get injected right, it should bruise too much. I can tell when I will bruise bc when one injects too deep or inaccurately, I feel a sharp pain like the needle hit a nerve.
Sorry typo-I meant it shouldn't bruise too much. I think I need to post my comments BEFORE I drink lol.

It has been 2 weeks since I had my last juve and...

It has been 2 weeks since I had my last juve and it seems to have nearly disappeared by the the amount that I "went down." I am going to get a touch up with Perlane soon..maybe in about 2 wks. I know it is still there but the difference in results I had from the first wk til now is dramatically disappointing. My bruising is long gone but so is my desired volume.
Hi my Name is Michelle I was hoping you could help me :) I got restilyne for lips 2 weeks ago by a plastic surgeon , the first day they looked so good but after a couple of days they started to look ducky . My husband said I had Bart Simpson lips lol . The Dr injected to much into the boarder of my top lip it isn't horrible but I noticed it and then my bottom lip was not full enough . So today I went back and I got more in my bottom lip and he put more in my top lip too . I'm just wondering how to get this done and avoid getting duck lips next time . Ty :)
Hi Michelle, so anytime that you inject the borders it is going to give it a poutier effect so if you don't like how dramatic it was on your upper lip I would maybe ask for it right under the border instead of on the border. you will still get a little projection but it should be more subtle and maybe more of the look you were going for. Plus I feel like anytime you over do the upper you are going to get a duck effect anyways. It's all about proportion to your face too. It took a few tries for me to figure out how much I like in which areas. Once you figure out your "formula" you will be able to keep a consistent look. Also going to an injector that offers half syringes is great bc you aren't putting in SO much at a time that is a super noticeable change. I prefer that way, to get smaller amounts more often versus waiting until lips look a lot smaller then getting a full syringe so they instantly look huge.
Oh and I should add that he only put the half in my top lip. The bottom wasn't touched so maybe that's why I feel duckish, bc the bottom is all nice and settled, no swelling. And the top is freshly injected and still swollen. I have photos attached on my profile bc I "Asked a Dr" back when my lips were uneven, and then again recently with my inquiry about the stiffness after 3 days. Thanks:)
Ultra Smooth Skin

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