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Had an ORIF with dr pryor in scottsdale az on aug...

had an ORIF with dr pryor in scottsdale az on aug 10 2012 , had a broken nose and deviated septum .. dr pryor " promised " to improve some aesthetic issues as well . he " promised " to thin out sides of bridge , reduce nostril size a bit , and most importantly shave down the dorsal bump on bridge ... instead , he showed up 40 minutes late to surgery , which worried me right off the bat , i almost got up and left . when he did arrive i told him " dont screw this up , this is my face " . he smiled and said " no problem " . while he is a nice enough guy , i didnt go to him for his personality . what ended up happening is after surgery , he came out to my wife and told her he " didnt " get around " to slimming the nostrils a bit , but things went well .

the next day i knew right off something was off , he told me to wait for the results the 6 to 10 months it takes for swelling to go down , but that he had done the slimming down of the bridge sides and bump on nose . but he said he " added " cartilage ... months later i kept trying to conact him as i could see my nose has a wierd bumpy shape to it , it is now really wide at the lower bridge to tip and thick like jimmy durante where as it used to be slimmer from the bridge to tip , there is two knots of bone on the left side of bridge and on the upper right side by my eye that were never there before . there is no real shape to my nose now as it looked better before when it was broken .

now it looks like this bumpy mass down the middle of my face . i tried several times to contact him and he doesnt have the guts to get back to me , but he had his assistant send me a letter saying that he performed an ORIF and that it would doing the aesthetic improvements would have been done as a courtesy , even though he looked me in the face in consultation and promised these things , which is the reason i let him do the surgery , now after the surgery im told it wouldve been done as a courtesy , and it was a courtesy he decided NOT to extend to me against hie PROM ISES as it wouldve costed more for the anesthesiologist and the nurses etc ... even though he himself was 40 minutes late to surgery as the staff and myself all sat around waiting for him to show up ...

i didnt even go to my december appointment with him as i was worried about what i might do if i saw him face to face , and after getting the letter from his assistant basicly telling me i was SOL ... i am now 7 months after surgery left with an oddly shaped boney nose with lumps on the lower left side and upper right side , ive lost the bridge shape of the nose to a lumpy mass . my nose is oddly thick at the bottom , and im stuck with it the rest of my life . this dr has no remorse or any class at all as i thought he wascool at first , and he did meet us the next morning after surgery and told myself and my wife he did everything he promised , except for trimming down the nostrils a bit , which he said he decided i didnt need . after that never heard from him again , im assuming because he knew id blow up on him after the truth came out and the shape of my nose began to show itself ... to all that are looking , this is my face and my personal experience , and thru that i feel i have the right to my opinion , if a dr makes a promise , brings you into surgery , opens your face up , and then completely screws up , people should be warned ... i believe he just wanted to get me in and out for a quick turn around surgery , make his money and move on . ive been told by other docs i shouldve seen before after computer animations , shouldve gotten procedure goals in writing , and shouldve shopped around more . and that the result i have is what its gonna look like forever , basicly im screwed ... the total cost of bill was 15,000 which was then lowered as it was thru an insurance provider so he gets less as the insurance provider brings him more clients thru the program ...

if he had simply told me the aesthetic wishes wouldve costed a few more bucks i wouldve gladly paid for the desired result , but he didnt , his assistant did afterwards . in other words , disaster . my nose is still slanted to the left drasticly , the bump on my nose is now BIGGER than before , my tip of my nose is now bulbus and round , i am pissed , and this dude could care less , never heard from him again as he hasnt the guts to call me . thing is he made these promises right in front of my wife , his assistant was never there during these cosultations , yet she is the one who contacted me afterwards to tell me what was done ... and what courtesy might have been offered to me if he was in the mood ? what a joke

pics now

total disaster , still slanted , much wider than before , fat and bulbus on bottom , and tip , im so upset i could explode , dr pryor straight up lied to me in conference with my wife as only witness in conference , he cut my face open , and made my nose bigger than before , total jerk ...


he promised to thin out sides , promised to thin out tip ... its now wider , promised to make dorsal bump straight , its exactly the same , untouched , i will now include pic of me before op , it was better then ...

before op pic in red shirt

you can see the side dorsal bump is the same , but he made my tip thick and wide whereas before it had a thinner ( than now ) point to it , he actually made it worse , why rip someones face open just to screw them , what an ass pryor is , hope i never run into him , it wont be pretty ... it will not be a very pleasant discussion ...

do not go to this dr

please dont anybody put yourself what this dr has put me thru , he never called back , he knew i was upset , had his assistant send me a nasty letter , telling me what he promised when she was never in one meeting , he is gutless , weak , and immoral , i lloked sooo much better before surgery , dont breathe any better in my right side that was busted , look terrible mis-shapened , i just dont know why i talked my self into believing this guy just because he seemed like a good guy , im distraught , it looks like hell , i hate this guy ....

singing off

so , this is my 9 month check in and will be closing account but this was my particular experience and i understand expectations are sometimes met , i guess its all relative . appreciate all previous responses ...


pics now at 10 months , nose still slanted , he added cartilage tto my right side in the attempt to straighten broken nose it is becoming more and more obvious that nothing was done right , the cartilage protrudes now more than the nose had ever looked before , he was supposed to straighten dorsal profile and it now is more pronounced and hooked , my nose looks huger than it was before , this scumbag dr pryor should lose his license as far as i see it , showed up 45 min late , didnt do anything he promised , and he made my nose wider at the bottom ... instead of straightening and fixing the broken nose , he just added cartilage to the right side to try and make it look straighter that way , so , its still broken to the left side of my face and then he added cartilage to the right side , so now it looks really wide and the tip is bulbus , whereas it had a thinner point and tip before surgery . DO NOT GO TO DR PRYOR , HE IS A LIAR AND AND IMMORAL HUMAN BEING THAT WILL LIE TO YOU , THEN MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS ON WHAT HE WILL DO MID SURGERY , DISREGARDING EVERYTHING WE AGREED ON BEFORE SURGERY ... HE SUCKS ... CUT MY FACE OPEN FOR THIS RESULT ...

pre op pic

also , dr pryor chopped out part of the tip of my nose , its just wierd lookin now , notice picture from before surgery from left side , i had a normal natural point to tip , now its chopped and gone

closing account

closing account , wife reminds me im not a dr and my expectations arent always feaseable ... so with that it was just one persons experience , good luck to all
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You should file a complaint with the AZ Medical Board !!
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Thank you for sharing!! I had a NIGHTMARE SURGERY with this "top doc" , I experienced the same as you did! Late for surgery, burned my eyelid so bad during surgery he decided to cut 1/4" out, LIED about it on several occasions, would not return my calls regarding severe pain and swelling of that eye.... had his assistant call me and tell me it was "normal" take more pain meds...on and on... I had to have a second surgery to repair his BOTCHED job because my eye would not close all the way due to his burn and repair, and it jeopardized my eyesight!!! He could care LESS!!! I pulled my records from the hospital when the swelling went down enough for me to see burns on my eye and nose~~ all the while he knew full well that he burned me and caused a medical issue, that needed to be monitored. He was not qualified to fix the problem he caused!!! Hopefully people will read this and STAY FAR, FAR AWAY from this guy! Good luck to you! Hope you can find another surgeon to repair the damage Pryor did to you!!!
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Hello, I would like to say that the first doctor I saw, Dr. Pryor, is very nice and has excellent credentials and I believe is a talented surgeon. While in his waiting room, a very pretty girl came in; her nose looked beautiful and the office people were telling her so...I think she was his patient. Also, there are many, many more highly praising reviews on this site for him, than negative ones. And my impression of him was positive. I just think it is always a good idea to get second opinions or more to find the doctor your feel is going to work with you to get the best result and you have that comfort level with and it is highly individual. A doctor who might be the best fit for one person, may not be the best for another. Communication is key!! And then, after researching doctors, follow that inner voice!
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Hi, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story and for posting your photos a few months ago per my request. I am so grateful! I was all scheduled to go and instead researched and found an ideal doctor who couldn't have made my nose more beautiful! My new doctor is an amazing surgeon and has a heart of gold!
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Who did you see. As I have consulted with Dr. Pryor and am scheduled for surgery. This review scares me.
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I'm so sorry for what you've been through! That guy sounds like a douche bag! Haha I think you still look handsome and if you do your research for a revision I think it could really look the way you want it. There are some great surgeons out there you just got to look for them.... If you decide to do a revision that is. Again, sorry for what happened to you. Keep counting all your other blessings and take it one day at a time. ;)
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This lady got her nose fixed (see link below). Good luck with your revision. http://www.realself.com/review/rhinoplasty-nyc
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Do yo think you will do a revision?
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i want it right now as there is even a bigger dorsal bump now , and i would like symmetry , but i dont know if i could trust a surgeon again ... and thank you for your thoughts
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I am so sorry for what you are going through and feeling. FUNNY how some surgeons disappear after the fact. I, too, am experiencing that after trading 3 problems for 6. Unfortunately you don't know who you are really dealing with until things go wrong! I hope you can get your nose to your desired state sometime in the near future.
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this is like my nose it's so much fatter and shapeless it's so ugly and I hate looking in the mirror now or even leaving the house, it ruined my life
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He put grafts in my nose and I begged him to remove them and he refused
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yeah , the proof is in the pics , i wish i just left my broken , deviated nose than have this disaster . this guy is a total bonehead for doin this to my face , its still so slanted and my bridge /bump is now bigger than before , just crazy , and a huge round bulbus tip of my nose now ... what a joke
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My bump is larger than before as well! I don't get how that can even happen. Ugh.
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i dont get it either , how can i talk with a dr about fixing the bump on the proflile , then add to it and make it worse , its still slanted , has no shape , just bumpy and mis shapen .... i could kill this guy ...
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I would not go back to this surgeon. If you are still having breathing issues you may be able to have a revision covered by insurance, but you will have to stress the function, or lack there of, over cosmetic appearance. Insurance will do nothing for cosmetic stuff! Do your homework this time and find the best reconstructive surgeon with the most rhinoplasies under his or her belt. Mine teaches at the medical school in Portland OR. Good luck.
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go back to him ? ... the last thing this guy wants is to be in the same room as me ...
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I know what your going through I'm only 19 and I have the same problem a ruined nose with no resemblance to my nose, its ruined my life its so painful,(to pay money to be mutilated) I'm hanging onto the thought revision surgery can fix my nose, I hope so for you too, PLEASE DO NOT GO BACK TO YOUR SURGEON if he can't do a primary he wont ever be able to do a revision rhinoplasty, good luck
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I'm so sorry you're unhappy with your results, but I appreciate your sharing on RealSelf.

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thanks , im interested to see what any dr ever posts to this an opinion after seeing my before to after pic ...
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i mean just look at my pic from the front now , my nose is sooo wide and still bent , how can this doc even live with himself , this looks like a third world un licensed dr had a go at me ...
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instead researched and found an ideal doctor who couldn't have made my nose more beautiful! My new doctor is an amazing surgeon and has a heart of gold!
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Hi, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story and for posting your photos a few months ago per my request. I am so grateful! I was all scheduled to go and
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