Juvederm on Marionette Lines...Not Sure? - Scottsdale, AZ

I received my first treatment of Juvederm 2 weeks...

I received my first treatment of Juvederm 2 weeks ago for my Marionette Lines. She used 1/2 a syringe.

Pros: No bruising, and painless! So easy.

Cons: The areas that she injected felt somewhat numb for 2-3 days. The Juvederm she used had a numbing medicine already in it. Could this be why?

Placement: She placed most of the filler at the corners of my mouth as she said she wanted to lift this area (as the corners dropped downward). She said this would help with the Marionette lines. She also put 2 units of botox in the chin muscles to stop the downward pull. I She didn't place filler in the actual "marionette line" though. So my results aren't exactly what I was expecting. After the product settled I can still see the lines. But they are definitely better. And the corners of my mouth look better :) I plan to go back for more.


So after a few months, I noticed the Juvederm was starting to absorb and my results werent as vibrant. But the fill above the corners of my mouth stayed for the full 6 months. The botox in the chin muscle seemed to really help as well and that lasted about 4 months. The only drawback was that food sometimes got stuck in the pouch between my teeth and lip and because that muscle was frozen with the botox, it was hard to maneuver my mouth to get it out! haha, I had to use my finger a lot. Kinda funny. But I would do it again :) I just got some more fill today July 10th (by Dr. Paul Holden). He did a touch up on my marionette area and also did my nasal folds. :) He didnt numb me, so it did hurt a little. But other than that, it was great.

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Hi.I thought the juvederm is suppose to last a year or more.Also,it's suppose to cause the collagen to regenerate new collagen.I wonder if it would be a noticeable increase seen without 10 tmes magnification.(lol) Good results.I hope you are pleased.Blessings.
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Fillers around the mouth tend not to last as long from what I hear. Also I exercise a lot, which sometimes causes the juvederm to absorb faster. I don't think my pictures are too close. I didn't want to post my entire face for privacy reasons, which I think most people on here can agree with.
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Hey, your nasal fold do look improved from your before pics!  Looks great and I don't see any bruising!  Dr. Holden did a nice job on you.
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You look great in your pictures. I can't tell where you have had anything done, just looks naturally youthful. :)

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Hi.I'm 51 and just started considering fillers.Some ladies start early.Keeping an open mind though everybody ages differently.Does anyone know what the long term affects of getting fillers are?Any negatives?Has anyone tried those laser wands for home use?The derma wand?I'm a fruganista and want to fight the ageing process with the least amount of money as possible.(smile)
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Thanks! I didnt get it done in my lips though -- just around my lip area to help pull up my marionette lines :) But I didnt get any bruising the first time. I got a small bruise in my nasal fold the second time around but it was very minimal :)
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People get fillers in their lips to have lips like yours so leave those alone.(LOL)
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Thanks so much for the pics! Your lips look gorgeous. I am getting Juvaderm in my lips for the first time this week and I am probably a similar colouring to you...you really didn't get any bruising? I'm starting to panic because so many people have written that they have had really bad bruising!
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Overall I think it looks really nice. It seems that often times, even with really good injectors, that the area right below the actual marionette line gets a bit overfilled and looks puffy. Kind of like the person has something in their lip. Has that little bit of puffiness stayed at this point, or does the area look smoother now?

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I think it looks good, I actually like the swelling and am ususally a bit disappointed that it doesn't stay that way..I do like Juvie though..but I am older..you look pretty young :)
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It wasn't Dr. Shapiro who did the injections, it was his nurse practitioner Pat :)
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