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So went to see my surgeon for a second preop appt...

So went to see my surgeon for a second preop appt yesterday and let him know my concerns. I currently have 480cc saline implants And having some rippling in the upper pole as well as underneath. Dr said ripping happens more often with Saline. Anyways I was wavering with sizes. Worried that 650 was going to be too big. But after enormous research looking at before and after photos it appears my breast won't be much bigger than they are now and my surgeon agreed. He said at least a 700cc change would be best. He said another option he could do is saline and he can overfill them to like 730. But then there is the problem with rippling again. We also talked about incision site. Armpit or under the boob. I really don't want a scar under my boob but he said he can't get a 700 cc implant through the armpit :'( .. So I have no other option than to do under the boob. It terrifies me ! I have visions of the sutures popping open and my implant coming out! I shiver at the thought . He said he can get. 650 in my underarm with a Keller funnel.. why not 700? i should have asked him to try.. We agreed to do the 700s but I'm really not at ease about The incision site, i love that my boobs dont have scars . well i guess its too late now :( Surgery is Friday!! Hope all goes well

So had surgery yesterday. I was really freaked out...

So had surgery yesterday. I was really freaked out about the thought of having a scar under my boob so we went back to the original plan of 650cc under the arm under the muscle. I'm so glad we did! My boobs would have been too big with 700ccs. I love my 650s so far. Looking forward to seeing how they settle. I'm having moderate pain but I'm off the morphine and taking ibuprofen for pain. I'm really just sore under my arms and having back pain and some pain here and there in my right boob. But overall I'm not doing too bad. Will update again...

It's been a year!

So I ended up doing 650 cc and not 700 cc which I'm glad because these girls are big! So as far as progress.. I've been having a lot of intermittent pain into left breast. And I am also having more rippling than before :( but I don't think I will get a revision. My scars are very noticable and people always ask oh is that where you got your boobs done through your armpits? My advice go through the nipple. I'm thinking the type if implant I have accounts for how much rippling I have. I wish I would have gotten textured sientra brand..

Underarm scars a year later

My scars are still noticable :( and rippling is bad when leaning foward :'(


With clothes

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

He did my first surgery. I found him online and like his before a d after pics

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I like yer results Lisa. Sorry about the scar, maybe it's not too late to try a scar cream. Did you happen to get sun under yer arms by laying out or tanning? I know that's a big no no and it looks kinda purple. My PS who did my implants also fixed a scar on my forehead and warned me about getting sun on it or it would turn purple. I religiously put sunblock on my face to this day. I'm sure you'd rather be bothered by the scars though than have terrible implants. Thanks for the update, I can't wait to be doing one in a year :)
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Do you have Saline or Silicone?
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Your results are gorgeous. I'm getting the same amount of cc's and high profile silicone implant. Can you post more pics w/ clothes. I'm a bit nervous about them being too big
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you look really good....happy healing!!
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You look great! Nice new photos!
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Looking good already! What was your preop size? How tall and weight? Happy recovery:)
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Pre-op was 34d now 34DD
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Congratulations! You look great! Glad to hear you are managing the pain. How long did you have your old saline implants?

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9 years
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Your results look so natural where are your incision site?
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Under the arm
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Good luck for your upcoming surgery
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Thanks violet! It went good!! They are do soft! No more water boobs, yay!
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I again I love the gels they feel so real.
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