Uneven Juvederm (Nasolabial) Has Ruined my Smile

I went for Juvederm injections around my mouth for...

I went for Juvederm injections around my mouth for the third time in November this time has left me feeling embarrassed and low in confidence. The left side of my face is more puffed out than the right and when I smile I have two huge bumps at either side of my nose. I also have a bluish tint to the surrounding skin.

I think the Juverderm was not injected deep enough if you can see a blueish tint.... Also if one side is bigger than the other it could be one side is attracting move water than the other .... Did she inject equal amounts in either side?
She said that the fold was deeper on my left side than the right which was odd because I originally went because I had a deep fold in my left side (this was the first time I ever went for fillers) She injected much closer to my nose than last time and since she did that my nose seems to "spread" when I smile. I feel so self conscious and really frustrated.
Judging by your photo, I would say it's very bad injection technique! You have more than enough to start up a case to try get your money back as you have not got what you paid for! From both surgeons too!

So, I saw another plastic surgeon who assured me...

So, I saw another plastic surgeon who assured me that with one syringe of dermal filler he could solve the problems of my lumpy filler. I had this done with him two weeks ago now and my naso-labial area looks worse than ever. I still have the dumpling effect that was there before, in addition to a defined line where he injected the new filler. Also, weirdly, when I smile my nose becomes a lot wider than it ever did before. I'm so upset and at a loss now as what to do because I can't afford to keep having so many treatments and I feel so embarrassed to smile. Any advice would be much appreciated. My fiancé is in the US military and we are currently stationed in Europe so it's difficult for me to access many plastic surgeons who speak English and that I trust.
I wonder if they carry the hylaronidase to dissolve it for you? I think they should give that to you at no charge! It's supposed to put your face back to the way it was before the juvederm.
Sorry Scotsgirl, just realized you're in Scotland.
What part of Europe are you stationed? I hope everything works out for you soon.

I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday and he advised...

I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday and he advised against dissolving the filler. He believes that we should put more filler in the dimpled areas, deciding together, in a mirror exactly where we should go. He said this would make the area around my mouth smoother and the last problem would be the lump on the left side. He said it would be too iffy to try and dissolve this and believes that since that part of the filler has been there since November I should try an wait it out until it dissolves. I agree but is a hard decision because I am getting married in ten weeks! I am going to continue massaging that area and hope for the best I think. Any opinions on this would be much appreciated! X
So sorry to hear :( I also got bad juv in my nose . Dr told me it would make my tip appear smaller and instead made me look like a clown . He tried to dissolve it but that didn't work. It will b a year in aug now and it's still there . I am so depressed . I try not to look in a mirror . I wonder will it ever go back to normal . Or am I stuck like this forever? Has yours gone away at all ? Or what happened u decided to get more ?
Sorry, meant to say that I do feel your pain.
It's been 7mo since my Juvederm procedure and my face completely changed. I no longer have my natural features. The doc injected it between my chin and my jaw, when I smile my high cheekbone disappears, it’s one big round cheek -no contours. This has made me depressed and I even developed body dysmorphia. I can't see myself in the mirror. I just want my pretty smile back and feel confident. If I’m serious I look like a bulldog, if I smile like a clown. So, I do feel my pain. I am praying that this thing will just wear off. I am so sorry what happened to you.
Clinica Gibino

This doctor advertises within the military base as he speaks English and has done some training in the States so people trust him.

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