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Much Needed Rhinoplasty! - Scotland

I am still in the process of finding a surgeon,...

I am still in the process of finding a surgeon, I'm from Scotland and there is only the Spire hospital here that carries out this survey, so In having to travel a bit to find a good surgeon. Hoping to reduce the bump and change the tip - need my nose straigtened / realigned ... and overall have a nice nose! Any feedback on procedure would help loads! Would also like some suggestions of British surgeons who can help if anyone has any!!


How much is rhinoplasty with quaba? And is he really good? I cant find much info on him?
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Aw thats a good idea, time to relax before the big day haha. Im really excited to go and see him, just hope he tells me what i want to hear lol. I'm excited for you too!! Good aswell that you fee comfortable letting him do what he thinks is best, that gives me hope ha xx
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a list of questions to ask your surgeon. And here's a slide show I put together covering rhinoplasty basics. Please keep us posted on your journey!
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