Five Weeks Post Surgery Nose Seems Really Uneven - Savannah, GA

When I was younger my nose was hit at an angle on...

When I was younger my nose was hit at an angle on the right side. The impact seemed to have totally shifted my nose so that the septum was pushed into the left nasal canal blocking it and the nasal and left maxillary bones stuck out to the side on the left. Essentially, from the front my nose had a "C" shaped curve along the bridge and the curve of that C was underneath my left eye and created almost a "sharp edge" on that side of the bridge of my nose.

It was so severe that the right nostril was actually turned upward to the right slightly. (I probably noticed that more than anyone else) When I had my nose examined by my regular MD for a referral he said that on the inside my septum looked like a "U". Needless to say I opted to have the surgery to have it corrected. My doctor said he was going to do spreader grafts, septoplasty, reduce the hump on the top of my nose and straighten the bridge.

He performed a closed procedure where he made two incisions on either side of my nose near the corners of my eyes and several others inside my nostrils. He said he had to break it in four different places and that there were probably six or seven small incisions inside my nose in addition to the two by my eyes. (Never asked for a CT scan or xray or anything to see what the bones look like since it has been almost 6 years since the initial break which I thought was strange but whatever.)

Now I am 5 weeks post surgery and the sides of my nose seem to have two large hard knots. But the worst part is that they are not symetrical. The left side appears wider. If you can image the slope from the nose to the cheek on my right side is much steeper so that my nose looks thinner. On the left side however the slope down to my cheek is not as drastic and it makes me look like my nose is wider and my face is puffier. Which of course only creates the illusion of severe bags under my left eye.

I know.. I know...swelling and so on. He told me to massage my nose everyday but the area I am concerned about is bone. And as the swelling goes down it only appears to excentuate the knots. I know it takes a long time for the nose to heal but is this something that will resolve itself or am I looking at a revision?

If this is normal can someone explain what is going on here. I work in the medical field and have a pretty good understanding of what this surgery and the healing process entails so I am pretty discouraged.

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Who was your doctor? I live in Savannah & I am seeking rhinoplasty.
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That's so frustrating!

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He hasnt really said anything but to massage it. When I ask he almost seems insulted and wont really give me a direct answer...
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That's a lot to go through to have worries about uneven nostrils and hard bumps now. Another user posted a review that reminds me of yours here. She is also worried about uneven nostrils and a bump on her nose post-op. You might want to shoot her a personal message and see if you can connect.

I don't know what to say about the bumps, it could be swelling, but it's hard to say at this point. What does your surgeon think?

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