Revision Rhinoplasty SA

I did a revision rhinoplasty because i wanted to...

I did a revision rhinoplasty because i wanted to lower the tip
So i went to a surgon and i think that i wasn't lucky he promised me to do better than i thought
So i agreed but know after 12 days i feel that my nose is shorter than before and my nose is upturned and he narrowed the nostrill while i didn't ask for that :( TT
Am so saaad about that i really hated the surgon am so tired and i can't even think of another surgery i will live the rest of my life with that nose .. I even hated looking at tye mirror or smile cause my smile has been changed i don't know how will i meet my friends


I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy about your the outcome. It is hard to tell if the nose does not look nice on your face because I cant see your full face in these photos. Just by looking at the nose it looks fine to me. Also can you post the before surgery photos? So we can compare between them. You can cover your eyes in the photos for privacy. Sorry again thst your sad.
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Before revision


your nose looked great before the revision! i understand very well that as a human being we're never satisfied and we'll always ask for more and better! im sorry that you are not happy about your revision but depression after surgery is common and the final result will not show before 6 months upto 1 year! stay positive and if you ever needed a revision, honestly, do it in the states. i know, because, im living next door. middle easte Surgeons know nothing about cometic surgery (except lebanon). take care and give it time!
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Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! I agree that it's a little hard to visualize what you're describing without seeing more of your face. I hope you're able to come to peace with your nose. Here's what some doctors say about your tip lowering as time goes on after rhinoplasty. Please keep us updated as you continue to heal!

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Thanks alot


Do u think is it posssible for me to use perfume after 2 weeks if not when should i use it ?!!


They both are beautiful, don't listen to that guy. Prayers to you.
Thank u i really need to hear like ur words blaming is killing me

3 weeks

My revision nose job 3 weeks later
The right side doesnt move like the left side when i yawning.. is it because of the Anesthesia ?! am still worried about that :(


Your nose looks amazing!!!! I've had my done 4 months ago in Thailand absolutely hate it making me soooo depressed!!! If mins looked like urs I'd be stoked!! Looking into getting revision here in Australia now :( x
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I think your profile now looks great! even the front has greatly improved. It will only get better. I don't know about the right side not moving when yawning. If it bothers you call your doctor and ask. Thanks for the update and be happy!
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After one month

Am posting these pic hoping that my nose will be better than before ????


dr.bizrah is baad doctor always when i see fake plastic nose it's from dr.bizrah
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mashallah your nose looks great! don't get any more nose jobs please! xx
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Hello, your nose looks great! It's still healing, and will continue to look better and better in time :)
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