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I have always been extremely unhappy with my nose...

I have always been extremely unhappy with my nose and have always felt it is too large and not feminine enough for my face.

I have finally booked my surgery and am extremely excited. My surgeon says he is going to fix my dropping tip to make my nose perkier, remove the hump, make my nose slightly shorter and bring it closer to my face!

It will be a closed rhinoplasty. I am extremely excited, and would love to see some examples of woman who had a similar nose and their results!

It is the second day since my combined...

It is the second day since my combined rhinoplasty/liposuction procedure and it is absolutely nothing like i had expected.

When I woke up there was absolutely no pain in my nose, and because there was also no packing I was able to breath just fine. However within about half an hour my nose had become to swollen to breath out of. It was slightly uncomfortable but not at all painful or as bad as I thought it would be.

Also, because there was no packing blood would drip down my nose so my doctor gave me some gauze to continue replacing undernath my nose. The bleeding was moderate at first but has now completely stopped.

I would say the most uncomfortable aspect is that I have a very sore throat from the tube that was used during the anesthesia. My throat is still very swollen making all the phlem that comes down from my nose hard to spit up and very unpleasant.

Also on the first day it was hard to eat some foods so I stuck to soup and moist crackers. I attempted to eat some pistachio's today but have decided it is not the best idea.

I do have some darkness under my eyes, but it is not half as bad as I had expected. My entire face as well as lips are swollen but that does not bother me as I am taking it easy at home.

Within the past few hours my nose has just started clearing up a little and I am now able to breath through it a little more :].

I can already notice even with the cast that my nose is looking a whole lot narrower and cannot wait to take it off!

So far this process has been a lot easier than I had imagined and I still cannot believe it has not been painful.

Will keep you all posted!

Hey everyone1 So today was day seven, which...

Hey everyone1

So today was day seven, which meant it was time to take off the cast!

Let me tell you, I have never felt a more releaving feeling than when the doctor's assistant clean out my nose! I could finally breath again! And actually, it feels like I can breath even better than I did before (becaue the nostrils are tipped up and not sagging down)

Once the cast came off I was so ecstatic! I still have two black eyes, and a considerable amount of swelling on my face, between my new eyebrows as well as on my nose itself, but I can already tell I love it!

I just cannot wait for it to start looking narrower and more refined.

Will keep you all posted!
Dr. Kahn

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Was your dr Kahn at the Kahn center for cosmetic surgery ? I've been looking at his pics and they're really great and u look amazing so let me know if you can please . Thanks!
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Loving the information on Dr. Kahn! I live about 45 min. from SF so i'm looking into surgeons right now. Do you have any more post-op pictures? I would love to see how it is looking now since it's been a few months!!
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Your nose looks great! Hope you are feeling good.
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Sounds like you are doing great!!! congrats! Did you get your nasal bones broken? i fear this. lol. How is your breathing comming along? i hate when i get a mild cold so i am not looking forward to the stuffiness i will have . keep us posted. :)
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Hey christy!

I'm actually not sure whether my nasal bones were broken, but I assume they were just because so much had to be done on my nose. My breathing is kind of inconsistent. Sometimes I find myself breathing just fine and than an hour or so later I'm super congested and stuffed up. but I find my stuffiness to be the worst right when I first wake up in the morning.
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Ah ok i see. cant wait to see your new photos. well sounds like things arent to bad so far. i hope my proceedure turns out as good as yours. :)
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You're pretty as is, but I can see how this will make you even more beautiful! Today was your big day and I can't wait to hear how it went!

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thank you so much angie!
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Goodluck on your surgery :)
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Good Luck! Let us know how it goes! :D
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wish u all the best u look pretty and i'm sure u gonna look prettier dont worry about it just keep on saying i will feel more confident and i'm sure i want it and it takes only 1 hour or less but it gonna change my life well that's what i was telling my self all the times
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