Dr Mabrie or Dr Karam - San Francisco, CA

Anyone had experience with dr Mabrie from San...

Anyone had experience with dr Mabrie from San Francisco or dr Karam from San Diego? I want my eyes and lips done, looking for a fat transfer or filler but can't decide which doctor, both have good reviews. Pls share ur experienced if you have seen these 2 doctors. I want to be careful on these decisions, it's not something I can hide if something goes wrong.


I just had fillers to my eyes, cheeks and lips by Dr. Mabrie yesterday. I would highly recommend him. I don't know what the final result looks like yet because of swelling, but my overall experience so far was excellent. I will be going back to him for follow up and maintenance. I, like you, did my research and chose him even though he is over an hour away from where I live. Good luck with your decision.
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I personally know Dr Karam and while I have never had any work done on myself by him I do know someone who had a nose job done by him. I would not hesitate for ONE SECOND to get anything done by him on myself and not only does he have an amazingly professional bedside manner and is a truly exceptional surgeon, he works with his wife in his office and is really the only person I would want touching my face. I am happy to give you a personal reference with my name if you would like to send me your email and then I will private message you to your email. Dr Karam is not only highly experienced, he is an artist in his field and is highly sought after for a reason. There are many great surgeons out there and he is one of the best, in my experience. He really cares about his patients and their recovery as well.
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