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Botox & Juvederm - Great Results - San Francisco, CA

I'm 43 years old and got both botox (april 2014)...

I'm 43 years old and got both botox (april 2014) and juvederm (june 2014) for the very first time from Dr. Evan Ransom, and I'm really happy with the results. I've had a very deep frown crease by my left eyebrow which I started to notice when I was around 10 years old. Of course it was very tiny then but 33 years later it has gotten very noticeable . People would ask me how I got my 'scar'. Embarrassed, i would explain that it was a deep frown line. I didn't consider getting injections in my 30's because I was afraid I might be the rare person who had a bad reaction, especially since I have a lot of food allergies - so I just wore thick bangs to cover up the crease. I attached a photo showing the crease and another one showing how I used to wear my bangs to cover it up.
About a year ago a friend of mine started bugging me about the crease and kept saying that I needed injections really badly. She has been getting injections for years and reassured me that it would be fine. I kept saying maybe, maybe..... what finally made me go for it is that we were about to go on vacation to Cannes and Monaco together and she said that I would regret not getting it done beforehand. She wanted me to use her specialist but since he was not a plastic surgeon and comes to visit the San Francisco area from another country I decided to go with a local doctor instead. I have known Dee - Dr Ransom's assistant, for many years and she recommended Dr. Ransom saying he was the best doctor she ever worked for and another one of our mutual friends, Lisa said she had gotten injections from him and that he was excellent and preferred him over her previous doctors. So in April I got the botox first around my eyebrows (not on the temples). The cost was $300. Like Dr Ransom said, nothing happens at first but about a week later you notice that you can't frown anymore. I can still lift my eyebrows upwards though, which I like. The only side effect i had was a very minor headache and a tiny bit of tingling on the top of my head. I didn't take anything for it since it was mild. There was no bruising, swelling or tenderness. I was very happy with the results and in June I went back and got Juvederm. Dr Ransom filled out the crease area and it looks great. (around $600). Unlike the botox I did have swelling but no headache and it was only tender when i washed my face. The swelling and tenderness was completely gone by the end of the second week and it just looks really great now. People keep saying that I look happier and brighter but can't figure out why. Dr Ransom placed the juvederm in a way that makes me look natural. I attached a photo of the results, and as you can see I'm now parting my hair on the side that used to have the crease and proudly wearing my hair off my face!
since this was the first time I got botox and filler I did not have enough knowledge to tell Dr Ransom anything about where or where not to inject me. He is very intelligent and decided himself where to do the injections and I'm really really happy with how everything turned out. I'm hooked for life and will continue to get botox and filler for the rest of my life!


I think you look great!  Thanks for posting pics :)

Do you think the botox will help your crease disappear after a few treatments so you don't need the juvederm anymore?  It sort of sounded like the crease was a result of some muscle movement.  Or do you think the crease is permanent and you will need juvederm continually?
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Hi Jill81, Unfortunately the crease is so deep I'm sure I'm going to have to have Juvederm all the time. I didn't mention in my review that the photo showing the crease was taken AFTER I got the botox, right around the 2-week mark when Botox is working at it's best (I think that's what Dr. Ransom said)!!! That's how deep the crease was. I also have loss of youthful fat/collagen in that area of my face so it was also a little bit sunken in - if you see pix of me when I was younger, that area used to be fuller/puffier. ....but I plan on keeping up with my botox treatments too so we'll see what happens. I will post an update later this year!
Ah gotcha.  Well at least filler is a really simple way to plump up the crease so you aren't conscious about it anymore :)

Definitely keep us posted on how long everything lasts for you!
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I would agree with most reviewers that Dr Ransom is relaxed and friendly and not pushy at all. He is talented and intelligent. I also like that he performs free surgeries for underprivileged children who are born with cleft palates

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