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I am EXTREMELY self-conscious about the bump on my...

i am EXTREMELY self-conscious about the bump on my nose. i know, rationally, that it isn't that bad, but i just hate it so much. i only want the hump shaved down. that's pretty safe/successful, right? i only ask because i have heard some horror stories on here. the front of my nose is fine. i just want the bump fixed. i will be getting the nose job sometime this summer, but am starting to get nervous.

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Wondering how it went!?

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really well. i guess i bled a lot during surgery, but now i am feeling better. the doctor took the packing out today, and that relieved a lot of the pressure. my eyes are black and blue, but the swelling has gone down quite a bit. i'll post a picture in a little bit. in addition to the standard nose job, he also cut a muscle that will prevent my lip from rising when i smile.
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Yes, the initial consulation is free and is with a Registered Nurse. I guess I will have to pay for a consultation with a Surgeon.

Appt is Monday and I am very nervous....I am not sure I can face up to surgery....
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If I can do it anyone can. Im still unsure if i want surgery or not...and ive already had the surgery!! I am the most fickle person in the world. Im nearly 6 wks post op and Im still wondering what the finished FINISHED product will look like without any swelling at all (which can take months to go down i heard) all i can say is that most ppl that have nosejobs done are happier with their new nose than they were with their old nose!
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My surgery is Monday! EEK!
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Thanks for posting your concerns- I have similar ones!

I hate the way my nose curves (very hawk-like). I would like to have this fixed by rhinoplasty, but I am soo nervous. What if it's very painful, what if I do not like the way it has come out?

I'm in the UK and have booked an appointment to visit with a regisitered nurse at Harley Medical group....I am so nervous already!!
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I had closed rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and had virtually no pain. I've had headaches that hurt far worse than my nosejob did! I was more afraid of if I didnt like the way my nose came out like you...but I must say my new nose definately looks better than the old one (my old nose was huge and I knew he wasnt going to make it bigger!hehe)

Your consult is with an RN? must you meet with her before you meet with the Surgeon? thats odd I never talked with an RN until 2 weeks before my actual surgery!
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I encourage you to pick the best possible surgeon you can and make it very clear what you want. my nose was similar to yours before i had my nose job and the ent took too much of the bone of the top part of my nose that it left the bottom half looking to full, u can check out my pics or email me and i can send more b4 and after ones. I am personally unhappy with my results so im one of those horror stories but it could be worse so overall well i hope i dont look to ugly anyway. Best of luck!
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go for it girl. i decided to. my nose is bigger than yours lol. you are beautiful and dont take this the wrong way but I think you are the perfect candidate for rhinoplasty b/c i can tell by looking at your profile that this is an easy fix--just needs the lil bump shaved down. my nose is frikkin huge and needs to be completly redone so lucky you! if i can do it you can do it. mine is a week from tomorrow
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If it has always bothered you, you need to explore it. You're not doing it for anyone but yourself, and that's the very best reason to do it.

Absolutely check out Dr. Cohen. I loved my experience there. Just fyi - his schedule is pretty full, so don't be surprised if you can't get a consult for a few weeks. Also, he does charge for his time at the consult.
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I went to Dr. Steven Cohen in La Jolla/UTC area. I went to consult with four doctors before deciding.

I felt like Dr. Cohen had the complete package. Fantastic nationally recognized reputation, trained and talented anesthesiologist, great brand new office, tons of easy parking, a staff that was so nice - from the first phone call to walking in on surgery day! The entire experience was amazing. I can't wait until my cast comes off. I know I'll wonder why I waited so long to make the decision.

This is a big decision. It's my face. In the center OF MY FACE! And like you, I like my face. I always felt pretty and confident -- but my nose always bothered me because it didn't look like it quite fit. It had the bump and the tip was too big and round and even a bit flat.

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Maybe I will check him out if I don't like what I experience at the Manchester and Brahme consultations. I'm not very confident but I know, rationally, that my nose isn't bad. I mean, I don't have a huge nose and only a few people have commented on the bump. But, it has always bothered me. So, what the hell, right? If it makes me feel better, then I don't see anything wrong with it.
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I had rhinoplasty in San Diego last week and I'm thrilled. Ok, the cast is still on, I'm black and blue, and I can't breathe yet.... but next Wednesday the cast comes off!

On Wed. I had a post op apt. and we took the original splint off and put a new one on -- and I got a sneak peak. It's straight. Straight as an arrow straight. And my bump is gone.

Everyone was shocked that I was getting a nose job. But it has always bothered me so I finally did it - and I'm almost 40. My advice to you - do it. Don't wait. If you want it done, do it. You are gorgeous now, and you will be even more gorgeous after.

These posts here are great. I chatted with people who had their noses down when I was having mine. It was so nice to communicate with people going through exactly the same experience. So, if you have any questions, just ask.
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which doc, if you don't mind me asking?
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You are very pretty, and after your nose job you will be stunning! You have such beautiful features that will be more noticeable than ever. The bump on your nose is negligible to me, so I'd at least encourage you to not worry so much in the meantime before your procedure. I wish you tons of luck and hope it comes out exactly how you want.
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You look a lot like Jaime Murray in your profile view. If you decide to do it, best wishes on your proceedure. Please post pics and story!
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oh, from dexter? she's beautiful, so thank you. i'm 99.9% sure i'm going through with it. I just need to find the right doc.
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I think you're beautiful, but can understand hating the hump on your nose (I felt the same way before I had mine taken off). Have you consulted with any plastic surgeons yet? I think one of the keys to having a successful rhinoplasty is to find a doctor who specializes in rhinoplasty, is ASPS board certified and who has lots of good before and after photos to show you. Make sure you're on the same page about what you want, too!

Hope this helps. Please come back and let us know what you decide.

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Thanks for the compliment. I have two consultation appointments in early June: one with Dr. Manchester and one with Dr. Brahme (La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre).
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Let us know how they go!

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