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I had been considering rhinoplasty for almost four...

I had been considering rhinoplasty for almost four years. Finally, I realized how badly I wanted to enhance my appearance. I was expecting a very painful procedure that would require a lot of recovery time. After a consultation, I realized that my expectations were wrong. I scheduled my surgery and I was so excited!


Thanks for sharing! We'd LOVE to see your before and after photos (you can blur your eyes if that makes you more comfortable).

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So glad you are happy with your new nose! Congrats! :)
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After numerous consultations with many providers, I finally came across Dr. Karam. He made me feel very comfortable and I was very excited to see the results. Sure enough, Dr. Karam did not disappoint. I love my new nose and the best part about is that it actually looks very naturally. This experience has changed my life and made me feel more confident in myself. Dr. Karam is so compassionate and that is what I loved most.

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