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I previously had breast augmentation and lift in...

I previously had breast augmentation and lift in late 2011 with Dr. Pousti. After less than a year, I noticed my implants were dropping lower and falling towards the sides. Also, my nipples grew in size and I had scarring from the lift. However, I was and still am very confident in my Dr. Which is why I stayed with the same Dr. to do my surgery once again. At the end of the day, there is no other Dr. that compares to Dr. Pousti. Everyones body is different, and my body just didn't handle the implants well. But I am still 100% sure that I wanted Dr. Pousti to preform the next surgery on me. I got internal sutures and went a little bigger as well form 690cc to 850cc. Since I was his patient before, he made it VERY clear that he would do whatever it takes to make me happy. And he stood by that. I only had to pay for the hospital fees, and his fees were waved/free of charge. I am so so so very grateful for that, because these surgeries can get expensive and if I had to pay for the whole thing, well then I wouldn't have been able to do it. I still can't believe how easily he told me he would re do the surgery and he would do what ever it takes to make me happy. He did not even hesitate, he said you tell me your goals and I will make it happen. That is how you know he is truly a caring person and will go to what ever lengths he needs to in order to make his patients happy.I just did the surgery in October 2012, for the internal sutures. In the future, I am still going to go back to get my nipple size reduced and to try to reduce the scarring around my nipples. Once my breasts heal, I will share pictures and keep everyone posted to show off how amazing they turn out.

Got pics!! I love what Dr. Pousti has done with my...

Got pics!! I love what Dr. Pousti has done with my breasts. They are healing now and will look and feel great when they are all done healing, im sure of it. He also did partial scarring reduction during this surgery as well!! That is why my nipples are covered. I can't wait for them to be healed! Thank you Dr. Pousti!

Long Wait..... :( and still waiting.... (tears) Not Happy Right Now

Well I had my first surgery in late 2011 I went with 690cc saline. The results were not what I wanted. My breasts were falling and going in different directions. And my areola and nipples were very displeasing to the eye. I went back for a revision in Oct 2012 and I went a little up to 850cc saline. I was VERY happy with the shape and size!!! VERY HAPPY.

However, my areola and nipples are still very unpleasing. I find myself crying about it, literally. Every time I leave the Dr.'s office I am in tears for the rest of the day. I go into his office to see when he will be able to fix my nipples and areola. I have been going for over a year and a half and he said my skin is not ready for a reduction of the areola. I have to trust his word that my skin isn't ready for the procedure yet, but it really SUCKS, I just want him to do something. Dealing with these nipples for this long is stressful, shitty, embarrassing, humiliating, disgusting, miserable, and depressing.

My nipples are non-existent now. They are flat are rarely pop out. My areola is now a massive scar! My natural areola was the perfect size of a quarter with the perfect color. Now after the surgery, they are now bigger than the size of my palm and they disgust me. I can not even wear cute low cut shirts anymore because my areola is SO LARGE it sticks out of all my shirts, and it isn’t just the areola, my areola is surrounded by large scars. On top of this, I have lost all color to my areola and nipples. If you saw me without my shirt on, you would probably freak out because it looks like I have no nipples/areola just a glossy scar there. They don't even look my areola/nipples anymore. They are different shapes and sizes too, one is an oval! I hate taking my shirt off to get into my shower, because my bathroom is surrounded by mirrors and I have to look at my disgusting nipples everyday.

Having large breasts is great, my shape is gorgeous but there is no point in having large breasts when your nipples are hideous. I actually had another Dr. ask me “who butchered my nipples.” I wanted to cry I was so embarrassed. I am embarrassed to take my shirt off for my husband. He tells me they look beautiful, but I am no fool, he is probably thinking in his head that they are disgusting and I should keep my shirt on. I am so unhappy right now. I thought the Dr. would fix them in a reasonable time, but he hasn’t. At this point, I regret the the surgery.... :( ........(I am so upset about my nipples, I am crying as I write this.)

If they ever get fixed I will show more pics so other girls going through the same problem can see.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He will make sure his patients are happy. Everyones body will react differently to implants and surgery, like mine did. But Dr. Pousti made sure I was happy. He went above and beyond to make sure I loved my breasts. I can't explain how grateful I am that he re did my surgery just to make me happy and comfortable with my body. His actions changed my whole life for the better. He is truly a professional and he cares so much about his patients. Trust me, if you go to Dr. Pousti he will make sure you love your results. Going to him was a life changing experience and I am so glad I went to him.

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Hello, you can fix that with medical permanent ink same method as tatto . google
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Hi hope your doing good ! I see you have my pic of me in the flower swimsuit top in your profile .
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Wow it's gone now I guess it's a Realself glitch . There was also another one of someone else in a blue swimsuit top and it's gone now too . That's weird !
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Areola tattoos are apparently quite common to restore/ add color- so that issue is definitely fixable. Look them up :-)
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Your size and shape look really good!  As far as your concerns about your nipple area have you consulted with any doctors that specialize in reconstruction for breast cancer patients?  They usually deal with creating or saving the nipple area frequently and might have some helpful ideas to address your issue. Sorry that you are going through this anxiety, I have only read great reviews about Dr. Pousti so I am surprised he doesn't have a solution for you.  The color should be able to be remedied through a tattooing technique.  What does your dr say about nipple reduction?  I am sure it could be a little more complicated since you have such large implants but surely there is something that can be done? 
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Looking good
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Very nice results, congrats!
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im having internal stitches done tomorrow on my right boob which is falling too low because I had a capsulectomy. Are you happy with your internal stitches? did it give you some lift? I dont want a full breast lift but im uneven now-so nervous for tomorrrow!
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Hey Beth, OH YES I am so happy with the internal sutures. They are exactly what I wanted. It is literally like an invisible bra, your boobs stay perky and hold a great shape with or without a bra. Why just on your right boob? I would ask your Dr. about doing it on both just to have them on the same page. In the future, the one without sutures might look different. I say this because I noticed a huge difference from my first surgery without sutures and the way they look now with having sutures. They come out differently. But I will tell you the recovery time could be long, it all depends on your body. It could take up to 6 months. So if you work out, run, and lift weights, you should take this into consideration. But again, yes yes yes, I am so happy with the sutures.
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I posted pics for you! Hope this helps.
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the reason I just did the right was bec thats where i had a full capsulotomy and did implant exchange on both. My left one is round and perky and my right was loose and droopy. Maybe he should have just done both-but it was done to make my right "come up" to my left, I was not slightly uneven- I was severely uneven. I dont run-i just do eliptical and lift weights. I guess if i eventually need internal sutures in my left i will do it-but if i do it now it would be up to my chin. I change into my bra tomorrow so i get to take a peek. Im so happy you likes the internal stitches-thanks for sharing-I will keep you posted.
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I meant to say full CAPSULECTOMY not on painlikkers now and being sloppy....
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The internal sutures do help, also a little pocket work  in the cleavage area helped mine look more "front and center", mine looked far apart too but part of that was lack of upper and inner volume which having high profiles helped with. Since you want to get a nipple reduction have you considered getting a small lift to help with the settling of your implants?  You could get a lift when they cut around your nipple to reduce it by also cutting a little skin around it too.
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Hi-did your internal stitches give you more lift? Im having revision tomorrow morning!!
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How did your revision go?  Sorry I have been away for a bit!  The internal sutures did not really lift them noticeably, they are merely there for a little more support because there is so much weight that is pulling on just thin skin and tissue since I had them placed over the muscle.  Also it helps tighten up the pocket to keep the implant in place where you want it.   My next revision will surely need a small lift of some sort but I will likely be placing them under next time especially since I will want to go up a little in size.  Some women do get internal bras-for really large implants, probable 1000cc's and more.
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That is wonderful that you felt so well cared for and listened to by your doctor!

How are you healing up from the most recent surgery?

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