Breast Implants Revision W/ Internal Bra - Dr Tom Pousti (My Miracle Worker)!!!! - San Diego, CA

Hii im 26 years old from the Middle East and i've...

Hii im 26 years old from the Middle East and i've had my first BA last feb 2013 in my country which was a complete failure. I had 450cc Textured Silicone over the muscle Crease Incision. Implants were placed too low on my chest and gave a bottomed out look!! Areola were too high and nipples pointed upwards. I tried to keep an opened mind thinking they will look better when swelling goes down, but left breast's incision was opened and implant was exposed after 4 weeks. Did another surgery to stich back the wound, I have expressed to mh previous surgeon about the look of my implants and he denied that they are placed too low. And he was blaming me for my incesion to open and didn't beleive that i have followed all his instructions post surgery. At 2 months post my previous surgery i was still feeling pain and discomfort and cannot go without my support bra, even for few minutes when i have to take it off to take shower i cant wait to finish quick and wear the support bra because i was feeling pain and that the implants were being pulled downwards. I decided to do a revision to fix this problem but i was feeling sad and devastated. Ithought i will never have normal looking boobs again.

I actually knew about Dr Pousti years before my first surgery, i used to read reviews and see his work on his website and realself. I LOVE HIS WORK!!! he seemed very skilled and experienced. But traveling outside my country wasn't an option back then. So i couldn't wait until i was able to travel and did my first surgery in my country which was a huge mistake (Last time im gonna do any surgery in the Middle East!!) so i went back to see dr pousti's website and my heart started beating again!! I've emailed dr pousti and i recieved a reply almost immediately!! I was impressed with the way he have answered all my questions and i decided to travel to the states for my revisional surgery.

Dr Pousti recommanded exchanging my implants plus Internal sutures to fix bottomed out implants and Alloderm to support my lower breasts tissue. Price was 14,500 USD Including 4000 USD for the Alloderm and initial 500 USD to book for surgery day.

After exchanging few emails with dr pousti i've felt so happy and excited and decided to call the office to choose my pre op date and book for the surgery. That was 3 months before my surgery.

I had a hard time getting an approval from my employer to get some time off work to travel to the states for my surgery, my work is so strict and demanding that i had to email dr pousti's office to change my surgery date sooo many times. It was very emberessing to me but Margie and Helen from Dr Pousti's office were very understanding and helpful, they were always attentative and gladly accepted to change my surgery date no matter how many times i asked them to, I appreciated that very much thank you Margie and Helen!!

So eventually on 15th of Sep decided that my surgery date is gonna be on 1st of Nov. i flew to San Diego from The Middle East on 27th Oct 25 hours flight 15000 Miles!! It was my first time to come to San Diego and i came by myself. I Intended to come few days earlier to adjust my sleeping time to US timing and do some shopping to prepare for my surgery. I had my pre op consultation on 31st of October, It was Halloween and all staff were dressed very nice costumes!! (Coming from outside the states i never seen people wearing costimes like this and never got to celebrate Halloween :( Moving on, Jen, the receptionist lady have recognized me immediately! She has given me some papers to sign and afterwards i got to meet Vanessa, a consultant. She was very nice and i felt very comfortable talking to her. She was asking me few questions and showing me some of dr pousti's breast work and she was asking me if i have a wish pic, i thought i did but my phone let me down and i couldnt find the pic i liked but i have given her few case numbers for the results that i liked from dr pousti's website and she gladly printed them and included them to the file. Then i met Dr Pousti!!! i swear i loved him from the moment he came in he's litteraly the coolest person and the best doctor ever!!! I am having tears in my eyes right now remembering this moment i am very happy that i came to him.

Dr Pousti is not just good at what he does, he is funny, very sweet and very understanding. He makes his patients feel comfortable and let them express their concerns freely. He made sure to know how i wanted my breasts to look. He has explained to me what he is planning to do, i told him that i have faith that he will be able to help me. I have an open mind and i know that i cannot expect a miracle from a revision surgery specialy that fixing a bottom out implants is a complicated surgery and very difficult to fix. Dr Pousti was confident and made me feel safe. He told me that he is very commited doctor and that he sleeps early and not to worry and that he will take care of me and give me 110% of his effort :')

On surgery day while Dr. Pousti was drawing on my chest before surgery he was chatting with me and was being funny and that helped me feeling less nervous :) I cant forget it when i was about to sleep i was very nervous he asked me if i am and i told him yes, he held my hand and looked into my eyes and told me "Inshalla". And i was finally at peace

My story was published shorter!!

I have wrote more details but it was published shorter by realself :( why?

I've wrote a long post earlier too bad it wasn't submitted

will try to continue where i stopped....
So I wokeup from surgery and i was feeling pain all over my breasts and rib. Nurse Kelso At Alvarado Hospital was such an angel and was very nice and tryed to comfort me with everything she could do. Surgery took 3 hours and after waking up i got pain meds and felt better and left with my Personal nurse (Gloria; She's the best!!) to my hotel. I was prescribed to take Percocet every 4 hours and Valium every 8 hours. I spent most of the day sleeping because my meds made me feel drowsy.

Next day morning I received a call from Dr Pousti's office through my Nurses phone (since i dont have a US Phone number) to see how I am doing (how caring!!) during my stay in the states (12 days) dr pousti kept in touch with me through emails after my nurse left (she stayed with me for 3 days) and even though i was by myself i felt safe knowing that I can reach dr pousti anytime if anything.

1st post op visit - 5 days post

I've seen dr pousti after 5 days and he has explained to me what he did during the surgery. He has used 545cc HP smooth round silicone gel :) Yeeyy Bigger boobs!! but the bigger surprise is when he told me that he could fix my bottomed out implants problem without the need of Alloderm!!!! Omg dr pousti you are soo good I cant thank you enoguh!!! :')

It was a happy day!!!

i've recieved flowers and complimentary tank tops from dr pousti's office i was so happy bought alot of food and drinks and celebrated alone in my hotel xD

Last visit before traveling back home - 11 days post op

I went on my last visit having mixed feelings, i was happy to see dr pousti and sad knowing that it's my last day in san diego. I've taken few pics with Dr Pousti with my phone camera :'D I wanted to remember this wonderful surgeon who gave me back my body and my confidence

message is cut again :L

I've prepared a list of questions and dr pousti took the time to answer them all. I was advised by the office to use a scar cream costs 50 usd and i wanted to buy two containers and i ask dr pousti if i can use them on my old scars (9 months old scars from previous surgery on crease line) and he said no! 9 months old are considered matured scars and cannot be corrected by creams! I appreciated him being honest with me cause other surgeons can easily say yes and sell more products. Dr Pousti is very skilled he was able to fix my complicated problem without needing to use Alloderm that i paid for in advance and have refunded me 4000 usd!! I feel very happy and blessed to have came across his website and found about this amazing wonderful and honest doctor!!

3 months post : )

7 months post :)

7 months post :)

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pousti is the best!! I Love Him He is a great person and a fantastic plastic surgeon. He under promised and over delivered! I'm so happy to fly 15000 miles away from home to come to him and I'm so proud to be his patient!! his staff are wonderful and i just love everything about my experience with them and so happy with my results!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow your results are amazing!! So glad for you. I hope my revision turns out at good as yours. Congrats!!
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hey guys. im 7 months post and my boobies look and feel great!! dr pousti's office email me regularly to ask how im doing which is very caring and generous of them :')
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You look great!!!
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Loooooovveeee it!!!
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Looking great
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thanks!! will be posting new pics soon : )
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your results look awesome! I am having the internal sutures and implant replacement too. What was the recovery like?
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Hii!! my recovery was pretty easy and painless that it was too difficult to not use my arms :) the only disturbing part is thati cannot shower or bath for weeks i mean i can sponge bath but its nothing comparing to feeling the water running over your face and body but that was it!! :)
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Hi your story is remarkable . Did you also get a lift? & how much was the final cost 10,500 or 14,000 ? Thank you !
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Hi!! I didnt get a lift. i got a bottom-out repair with Internal sutures and a bigger HP Implant size. Final cost was 10,500 USD.
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What was the price you ended up paying for procedure ? 12,000 or 10,500 ? Thank you
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10,500 USD
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Oh sorry I forgot to ask.....what does Inshallah mean? Is that your name?
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Inshalla is an Arabic word means: "with god's will everything we want will happen":)
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If God Wills It
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Hi, I'm sooooo happy you posted this review and your journey. It's an incredible story. You look great. Please keep posting your progress. I was scheduled to go in Oct. with Dr. Pousti for surgery. He was going to fix my problems too. I developed Lymes Disease one week before I was leaving for surgery with him. I was very very disappointed as you can imagine. Come by my site read my story please. I'm recovering and I hope to go in April. Fingers crossed. I'm am very excited too. It's posts like yours that keep me in good spirits knowing he will fix me too! I already love him and I never meet him. He quoted me a very attractive price which allowed me to use him as my surgeon! Before him I almost gave up hope! So glad you got to enjoy San Diego it's a great place. Also that you got to experience Halloween!
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Hii Jane!! thank you for your kind words. I am soo sorry to know that ur plan didnt work this time. praying for your recovery and remember there is a good reason in any delay so october might not have been the time for you. Im confident that doctor pousti can help you and your issues will be fixed. He is amazingly very experienced and skilled surgeon and he is a very nice person too, you'll be very happy with him. Im glad to know that my post have helped youand others. i'm gonna see your story in a bit. I love san diego will definately visit again in the soonest possible time.
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He sounds amazing. I would love him to do a revision for me too if I decide to go bigger. I just keep getting so many negatives from my doctor. It doesn't give me confidence in him that he will listen to what I want. Might even email dr.pousti too in the new year for some info :)
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By the way. ..I forgot to tell you that you look amazing xoxo
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Send dr pousti an email and take a look at his work, there are soo many photos on his website. There is no reason to go with a doctor that you are not feeling 100% comfortable with him. I went with a doctor that i didnt like very much and that was the mistake of my life, my reason was we only have 2 plastic surgeons in my country and he was considered the better one. I glad i had the oppurtunity to go to America and have my revision with Dr Pousti.
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thank you ^_^
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Glad your revision went great
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thanks =D
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i am happy for you. Your revision results look great1
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Thank u
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