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Well, let me start with saying I just got...

Well, let me start with saying I just got revisionary surgery on February 6, 2014. My previous surgery was done exactly a year ago (click here to read my review). After being small my entire life, I finally decided to lose the weight I had gained over the years and feel better about myself I decided to get my original surgery last year. My breast were not even, needed a breast lift after 2 kids, and wanted a natural look so I decided to go with silicone 523 right breast and 492 left. I also had a lollipop breast lift too. After 1 year of having them, and losing additional 20 lbs and working out with personal trainer and gym my body changed and I wasn't happy with my look so I decided that I wanted to go bigger,rounder, and bigger on top. this time I decided to go with saline with moderate plus to achieve my look. It has been 2 days and I feel good. Up and about already. A lot easier than last time. I don't know what they look like but I can't wait. I am extremely bloated. Up 6lbs since surgery but I know it is just water.. I will post all my photos before 1st augmentation and my second soon. I love my doctor and his work and would highly recommend him. I trusted his judgment on size and I am sure I will love the outcome. Will be going for follow-up this Monday. Haven't taken any pain meds yet today and I feel good at the moment.

I'm so happy to hear your recovery for your revision is going well so far. Congratulations on the additional weight loss and your new look. Do you think your original BA inspired you to lost the extra 20 lbs? You're right, don't worry about the weight gain...it will subside soon. Can't wait for your photos...I bet you look awesome!

1st Follow-up After Surgery

I just got back from Doctor. Healing nicely. Didn't get to see them conpletely out because he wants me to leave them in bra a few more days for healing. Saw my after pictures after surgery and I absolutely love them. Just what I wanted. Nice and full and round with alot of cleavage. Had pics being sent by doctor so I can post them. Can at least wear a sportsbra by Friday for my dinner date and concert for Valentines Day and can 't wait. Pain not bad and felt good to get out and get fresh air.
Congratulations on your surgery. I am planning on having a breast lift with augmentation this summer. I am really having a hard time trying to decide between saline and silicon. I saw that you originally had silicon and then went with saline. Would you mind sharing the reason for your choice in a bit more detail? Thank you and I hope that you have a speedy recovery! Congratulations on the weight loss as well!!!
Hi. Thank you. When I originally decided to get it done I choose silicone because I wanted a natural look and to me they looked more real and felt softer. My left breast was an a very small b cup and right was an a cup. I felt like they were both A's though. Since I had very little breast tissue I decided I wanted more natural so I went with silicone but after losing and working out with trainer my body changed and of course implants moved and I lost the top fullness and side fullness I wanted. After a year I decided I wanted bigger, more round, fuller on top, more deep cleavage so to get the look I wanted I went to saline. It is personal preference really. It is the look you are trying to achieve. At this stage of my life I just wanted a different look then I originally thought. I am trying to load before and after pics. Unfortunately, I have one pic of before augs and just 1 with silicone. Computer lost them all. After. 1 st surgery i had 492 n left n 523 n right n now I have 950 cc n left n 1000 cc n right. Big difference n I am excited about results. They came si nice and at first i thought they would b too big but so far I love them. The silicone attach to your muscle wall n saline don 't so the silicone look more natural. I would worry about the shape and where they are placed then if you want saline or silcone. Find pics of the shape you want and the look you are achieving then decide if u want the more natural look. I wil try to post some pics today. If you have any questions I can answer don 't hesitate.
You must have a whole new level of confidence ! I am happy for you, hope your recovery goes well. Looking forward to your photos too.

12 days out

Had some pain on Friday so Doctor called and gave me more pain meds. Just the right boob and shooting pain down the cleavage area. Didn't stop me from enjoying my Valentines concert. Got a cute dress but had to wear a tight sportsbra and hide the straps with my hair but boobs hurt without it. Went back to work on Saturday, I am a dog groomer, so physically draining Husband bathed and carried all of them but totally exhausted by end of day. As long as I keep them tightly wrapped up, they feel fine but when I take them out they hurt and husband gets so excited. Hopefully at two week post-op appointment on Thursday I will finally get the steri strips off Have to put waterproof bandaids over strips. Totally a pain but I know it is going to be worth it.
No pretty bra. Sport bra covered straps with my hair Ridiculous I know. I'm so vain. Waiting for my husband to help me post my pics. I'm not very good at posting the pics I will bug him again when he comes home tonight.

Pics (finally)

Just checking in to see how you're doing and to let you know that you look amazing! Still having any shooting pain?
Hey girl, doing ok. Still have some pain but I was so constipated from meds it wasn't even funny. Finally went after almost crying on the toliet for a hour. It was so painful. I see you overdid it. I did the same thing and learned my lesson. Slow down, body isn't ready yet and you don't want to mess you beautiful boobies. I am not posting any more pics until I lose the bloating I am still getting. I look like a stuffed pig at a luau. It is hard to feel sexy when ypu can't workout, go to the bathroom, and look like your 9 mos pregnant. I totally understand how you feel when people comment. They are so stupid. You have a rockin bod! I'm sure your husband loves the new additions.
Thanks for the pictures and update, glad things seem to be going well. Happy husband is always nice too ! I think I preferred having on some type of support (bra) on all the time right after surgery too. Sounds like your husband is very helpful too.

19 Days Out

Just wanted to give a quick update. Started to massage and my right one is the worst. So sore and I hate doing it. Still having shooting pain on right down cleavage area and side but overall they are shaping up quite well. Happy with the results but still trying to get back to routine and exercise schedule. Back to work but exhausted by the end of day. I know this won't last forever but such a pain. I've gone to working out at least 6 hrs a week and exhausted from doing everyday tasks. Once again, the price of beauty.
How have things been going??? I did my first workout today....stuck to legs only, just in case. Man oh man.....I could feel the difference. Wall sit record for me is 5 min....I did 1 min 30 seconds and I was about to fall, haha. I can do tight crunches too without it hurting too much, I'm just tired soooo easily. I start a new job actually March 19 and I'm just hoping I'll have gotten over this "I'm tired after doing something for 2 hours" deal...haha. Has the pain subsided for you? Mine thankfully has....but my pectoral muscles will still start twitching randomly, and that's my cue to stop doing what I am and relax. Haha. Hope everything is going well!!!!
Don't worry you will get back to your work outs , just takes some time . Glad your happy with the results and thanks for the update . Hopefully the shooting pains will stop soon.
Thank you. You are getting closer , are you getting excited?

Yeah! Finally shooting pain is gone

After 1 month, the shooting pain is gone finally. Yeah ! Going back to work as a dog groomer is a challenge. Exhausted by 2 in the afternoon. Doing lifting of dogs is difficult but I have to get back to work. Kids, housework , 3 dogs , it is exhausting but getting better. Boobies are dropping and looking better. Cleavage us awesome and even bought some new bathing suits. Can't wear bandeaus , even in extra large. My boobies are squished. Took pics before my bought them and sent to husband for his input and he got totally excited. Going to have put him on a leash. Lol. I don 't get it. He is so excited everytime he sees me. He said he didn't care about size but she sure is enjoying them. Lol.
LOl I am guessing your husband will be telling you to do more shopping and send him more pictures. That's great the shooting pains have stopped and they are dropping for you ! Thanks for the update and happy healing !
Thank you. I guess I won't be able to take him shopping , he can't behave. I thought I would I would be bigger than I am but happy. Seem to b a D or DD. He put so much saline in that I thought I would be huge. I had silicone before. They are nice and I have good cleavage. I have a deep chest wall I guess. I'm so glad I told him I wanted bigger then he wanted. It took me two times to figure it out but well worth it.
Well at least your happy !!! Too bad you can't get your husband can't behave :-)

Finally Free

Finally free from post op appointments for at least 2 months. Went to ps yesterday and said everything healing great. However, my right breast is alittle harder than left yet so he prescribed me singular and told me to massage, massage , massage. I massage quite a bit and more for the right one. I guess I will massage it more. Got ok to do a lite upper body workout with only 5 lb weights and work up to my regular workout. Thats ok because I am afraid that I won't be able to move or put my shirt on. Lol. I have been doing lower body for last two weeks and it has been so hard to get back on schedule. So sore. Summer is coming and I just ordered a cute bikini so I need to get body working hard. Getting older and it is harder to keep it off. I am so happy with results and I know that it will only get better in the coming months. On way home from ps it was so beautiful watching the hot air balloons flying over the ocean. Picture perfect. Will be doing that for my birthday in 2 months and can't wait. I will try to post some new pics. Been so busy!

Upper Body Workout! I'm Scared!

Getting prepared for trainer and upper body workout today. Ps said ok to do with lite weight limit of 5 lbs. I haven't had a full workout since February 3 before my surgery. What I am scared of is the pain from working out. I started lower body n abs and I have been sore. Cardio too. Last week first week that I worked with trainer 3 times and cardio 2 times and was exhausted. I just need to remember to start litely. I was just getting into the shape of my life and then got surgery. I know I can do it but I hate to start from scratch. Right boobie still hives me alittle trouble. Still have a small bruise on right one but they are dropping and I am starting singular tonight. Ps recommended cuz right one is still alittle hard. Hopefully this will help otherwise I will be concerned. Massage, massage, and more. I will see what happens.
Never been to Hawaii myself , but it looks beautiful. Sure hope there aren't any more fires out your way. This year has just been extremes in weather from coast to coast , kinda scarey ! Good to see your getting back into your working out if that makes you happy , I know it makes a person feel better.
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Love my doctor. Very patient and understanding. Asked me what I wanted and made sure we were on the same page. He did exactly what I wanted the first time but I changed my mind after having them for a year and body changes. Explained all risks and complications that could occur and I completely trusted his judgment and expertise when I decided to go through a revisionary surgery. Office always calling in and checking on me everyday to see how I was feeling. If you want a caring and understanding, compassionate doctor look no further.

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