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Had my first BA in 2005 after breast feeding two...

Had my first BA in 2005 after breast feeding two kids, was a 34C prior to kids and like many, my breasts totally changed after breast feeding. Goal of first BA was simply to get back what I had. Went for the natural look and did mentor moderate profile saline implants filled to 390cc. I'm 5'9, weigh 115, athletic small frame. I should wear a 32D, but hate tight bands so I'm more comfortable in a 34D bra.

Absolutely loved my boobs, over time with a few complications, find myself with rippling, bottoming out and need of a revision. I'm very active and love that high, full, round look so will go bigger this time to find that perfect balance. Not bothered by "fake look", it's my body ;) I am traveling to San Diego to have Dr. Pousti perform my revision with Alloderm. All the research and comments out there about Dr. Pousti and his staff are so true. Absolutely loved him and the staff, very patient, informative, and truly listen!! I drove out for the consult and they called me enroute to make sure I was okay, offer directional help, offered to alter my appointment time based upon my drive out - WOW, such a feeling of caring. Still finalizing size, thinking 650/700cc silicone and getting excited but nervous for the recovery and staying still....


Good luck
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Thanks so much. You look awesome. What size where you before your revision?

Any advice on size?

I'm wondering about the size of the implant and the gym and cross fit and carrying the weight of a larger implant (650-800). I already wear two sports bras at the gym. I am also getting Alloderm to keep them secure but worried that they'll be heavy for really physical activity. I don't want these girls moving! Below are some of my wish pics...Am I being greedy and unrealistic by wanting everything ...freedom to run and jet ski like a maniac with this size and the high round fullness of larger implants?


I love your picture in white bra. My surgery is tomorrow. Hope to look like you. I would go ecstatic.
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Awh, thank you! Good luck tomorrow, try to get some sleep tonight! Sending you good thoughts :) Can't wait to hear how it went and see your results. Has your PS advised what type of waterproof tape to use over your Steri Strips? I'm starting to get a little anxious now, my surgery is in three weeks on 9/16...just trying to think of things I should get ahead of time for the recovery process. Any advice?

3 weeks and counting.....anyone have Alloderm or internal bra procedure?

I feel like I'm pregnant and in that nesting phase....can't seem to shut my mind off at night thinking about the recovery process and what I will need. Since I am having the internal Alloderm to provide support to my breast pocket, I will need to keep my arms at my sides for four weeks. Anyone out there go through this or internal bra procedure with any words of advice?
Been with my hubby for 20 years but the thought of him washing and drying my hair is hilarious, let alone shaving my legs....


Congrats on your decision to use a dermal matrix!! I had Strattice for my revision (same as alloderm) and although initially it was quite painful (it hurt to breathe, like a truck hit me) unlike the first BA, after day 3 and the drains were out I healed fast. I teach and practice yoga and I was back in class at 2 weeks legs only and did leg cardio. I tried running at 4 or 5 weeks, but the incision still hurt where the bra(s) rubbed, so I stuck with ellipticals and biking. At 6 weeks I could finally downward dog without discomfort and now at 12 weeks I'm back to handstands and all with no discomfort. You will know when you can move your arms. I could wash my hair for sure by day 3, just couldn't fully extend my arms above my head. Buy a triangular shaped wedge pillow to sleep -- I used mine for 5 weeks!!! It works!! And go big! I can barely notice the 125 cc difference that I have now!! Check out my reviews.
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Sounds awesome!! 700cc will be great...I would love that size too xoxo its interesting that you can't move for 2 weeks after internal bra. Is that docs orders...does it help with the pocket formation? Tell me more as dr revis is doing internal bra both sides if I go to him. X
Alloderm is actually a tissue matrix that is used to reconstruct the breast pocket or can be used to minimize the appearance of rippling. I understand that the internal bra procedure uses sutures/stitches to tighten up the skin, while Alloderm or Strattice is an actual tissue product that will work with your own tissue to create larger area support. It is pricey!!! Need no arm movement/reaching/lifting to allow it to adhere to your own tissue...this is my understanding.

3 days to new boobs!!

Leaving tomorrow to drive over to San Diego for my revision with Dr. Pousti on 9/16. Getting nervous and excited, still going back in forth about size 600 - 700. Want the upper round fullness but nervous that will look too huge on my body......


Hi Rainyanne, Your posts are the reason I went to see Dr. Pousti today! Seems like we want very similar results. He suggested today internal sutures rather than a lift for me also so I am extremely interested in how it goes for you. He also suggested saline to achieve the upper round fullness which was different than what the other 2 doctors I saw recommended. Did you go with saline? Are you going through the nipple? Looking forward to seeing your results! Wishing you a speedy pain free recovery!!!
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Thank you for the well wishes! How funny, I was there today too doing my pre-op, what a small world! I am going HP silicone. My first BA was saline and I have experienced a lot of rippling on the side, so I wanted to minimize that from happening this time. I have thin skin, so if I choose to go saline it would have occurred again. Hope you had a positive experience! I just love the staff in the office.
hi rainyanne. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I am so excited for you!!! you will be fine.
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'Twas the Night before New Boobs

Arrived in San Diego and had my pre-op appointment today. Once again, Dr. Pousti and his staff were wonderfully friendly, helpful, and thoroughly answered my questions. Thanks to all you wonderful ladies out there in the Realself community - for the warm recovery wishes and post op advice! Going with HP silicone and confident Dr. Pousti will help me achieve wonderful results. I've included a few before pics from tonight. Can really see the bottoming out on my right side, hard to see the rippling in the picture but it's bad! I'll have my hubby post pics for me post op.

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Day 1 post op

Surgery was yesterday, besides feeling tight, all is good. Keeping my elbows tucked to my sides and my hubby has been an extraordinary nurse ???? Pain meds really knock me out, so not sure what my ending size is but I can see some nice upper round cleavage. Have four drains due to the Alloderm, so apologize that my pic is rather raw. Will post more after my follow up on Friday.


Congratulations rainyanne! Can't wait to see and hear about the internal bra results!! Glad you're following doctor's orders and taking it easy!
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Yeah! Glad to see you smiling and all went well. Can't wait for more pics and see what size you went with. I actually booked today for next week! Great idea with the neck pillow! Also how is the hotel? Im debating whether to stay in SD or drive 1 1/2 home. Keep us posted. Rest and enjoy the meds! lol!
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Since I live in AZ, hotel was best option for us. We come to SD all the time, so I'm very cozy in this full service Marriott. If the drive isn't that long for you, to me being cozy at home is always best! When are you scheduled next week? The neck pillow has been super helpful to me. One word of advice, pain meds always make me sick, so I've only taken two, BIG mistake!! Toughing out the pain is not good - take the pain meds!!

Day 4 Post Op

Had my initial follow up with Dr. Pousti late yesterday. Still have considerable drainage, so my four drains are still in...We decided to travel home so I could rest better. We'll drive back to San Diego on Thursday to hopefully remove the drains. Saw pictures from my surgery and final result. I am super exited to see them as I was so happy with the pictures. I ended up with 545cc both sides and let me tell you, although I'm swollen, they are quite large on my frame. I'm glad I left it to Dr. Pousti to choose final size, as I think my original thoughts of 600/700 would have been way too much for my body. I'm am still super bloated and puffy from the anesthetia, can't wait for that to subside. Stopped taking the pain meds cause they made me sick even with the anti nausea medicine. I am taking a muscle relaxer at night which helps. How long does it take for this bloating and puffiness to go away?


Can't wait to see your results too! I'm hoping to get the internal bra technique as well...I'm so happy for you. Looks like you have great cleavage even though most is hidden lol! Hugs Shelly xoxo
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Hi rainyanne. I had my daughter washing my hair and blow drying it (couldn't do that either) for weeks. At least 2 months. I tried my best to let that alloderm heal and not screw anything up. Body wash in shower with hand held. And washcloth for everywhere around boobs. The first full shower felt heavenly....oh and button up shirts forever (those are kinda hard to find) good luck and happy healing!!:))

Day 6 post op....love them!!!

Pain meds and me don't seem to mix well even with taking the anti nausea medicine. What seems to hurt most is the sides where the drains are. Been trying to meditate and use visualization to avoid the pain meds and use the muscle relaxer at night to try to sleep. This bloating and no BM is the worst, been taking those Colace pills and nothing! What have others tried? My skin on my tummy is so bloated and tight it hurts more than my boobs - crazy!!! Asked my hubby to clean off my sharpie marks and this is the first time I took the surgical bra off - seeing my breasts for the first time.... I am in love, so happy. I will definitely give Dr. Pousti a kiss on the cheek when I go back to get my drains out. He is truly an awesome PS but a wonderful and kind man.


Wow their looking good girl! Yes those drains hurt like a b!tch don't they?! It'll feel so good when they come out tho :) can't wait to see yer final results, I know Pousti won't disappoint you. Hope you have relief with the bloating too that's so irritating, I did prunes infused with orange and dried apricots. That and high fiber cereal and tons of fruit like apples and pears. Another thing is sea salt in warm water, drink first thing in the am and you will go within an hour. Has to be no iodine...XXXXXX
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Looking good; lots of cleavage!
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by the way...prune juice or prune help with BM...ha ha
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Two weeks PO

Saw Dr. Pousti yesterday for my 2 week post op. Was so happy to get my four drains finally removed. He doubled up the Alloderm on both sides, so I guess I just had a lot fluid that needed the extra time to drain. I feel 1000 times better now that they are out. Will still have bolster on for three more weeks and continued elbows to ribs. I love how they look now, so I am so excited to see how they continue to settle. As always, Dr. Pousti was awesome - answered all my questions, spent time with my husband and his questions as well. The removal of the drains was done with such care, hardly felt anything except for some pulling with one drain. I can't completely convey how wonderful I have been treated and cared for by Dr. Pousti and his staff. I did kiss him on the cheek yesterday because I was so happy. For those of you thinking about revision surgery especially with use of Alloderm - I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti! I've attached a couple of pics that Dr. Pousti's staff took yesterday in the office.

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Two week PO pics


Thanks Tressa and Shelly. Feeling so much better without those drains!!
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Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!
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A little humor....

Saw this on Rotten eCards, a little augmentation humor - happy Friday!


I'm getting my surgery done Nov 7 with Doctor Pousti:) I've ALWAYS wanted to get a BA:) But now that its getting closer I'm starting to get anxiety and getting really nervous:/ I really just want it to be over... haha Any words of encouragement? How was it going under? That's what scares me the most:/ And how has recovery been so far? Is the pain manageable?
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Hi Blonde Baum, I just went to your profile, looks like you have been planning for this for quite awhile. The staff at the surgical center are wonderful and will take good care of you. The process of going under is so quick; you truly are awake one minute and asleep the next, don't be nervous - you are in capable and caring hands. I have a good threshold for pain, so with my first BA, I had a pain med pump for three days and that was all I needed. With this revision, once again, it was more of a sore, tight feeling. Pain meds really don't agree with my stomach, so I personally try to get by with the least possible. With this being your first BA, stay on top of the pain you feel, be sure to eat and take the meds as Dr. Pousti directs. Drinks lots of water!! Your 3 weeks will fly by.... Be sure to do your board with lots of pictures of wish as well as what you don't want - Dr. Pousti will refer to it during your surgery. He is awesome - can't wait to see your results!
Hoping you get that thing off soon!!:) hang in there!!
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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

As you can see from my posts to date, I have had such a wonderful experience in the care I have received from Dr. Pousti and his staff. Being an out of state patient has been so easy, and they are so accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti. I am still pretty fresh PO, but love what I see so far! His bedside manner and ability to clearly articulate his understanding of his patient's desired outcome is awesome. I originally was thinking about a size much larger than what matched my lifestyle. He could have easily put a much larger beautiful set of breasts on me but knew after conversations with me and my husband that he could achieve my desired outcome with less cc's. We talked about it multiple times, and I totally trusted Dr. Pousti and left it in his hands along with all my "wish" pics. I am so happy with my results, he truly knew what was best. Would highly recommend him

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