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I had my first ba done in 2003. I was never happy...

I had my first ba done in 2003. I was never happy with them because they didn't have the fullness and cleavage I wanted. My original ps said it was because of the wideness of my bone between my breasts. I have been researching doctors for the last two years and read all about the internal bra and I knew that is what I needed. Dr. Pousti's name kept coming up during my research and I knew I had to have a meeting with him. The fist consult was great but I wasn't able to financially do the surgery just yet. I had to wait another year and a half. Met with him again last may and was able to schedule my surgery. I am now 3 days post surgery and so far from what I can see under all the bandages is the cleavage I have been wanting!!!!! I have my post op appointment tomorrow and I can't wait. The only negative experience I have had was his office staff not contacting me with surgery and appointment time changes. Since I have a three hour drive to his office it is important to me to be contacted with time changes.

Post op appointment

Had my first look at the sisters and it was everything I could hope for!!!! I am very happy with my new cleavage. It's really hard keeping my arms pinned to my side but I know worth it it the long run

before and after photo

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! How many cc's did you get in 2003? And how many do you have now? Did your PS mention the condition of your old implants? Was the size and cleavage the main reason you had your revision or were there other issues with your older implants? I have heard a lot of positive feedback regarding the internal bra. Glad you are happy with your results so far. Congratulations and looking forward to your updates!

my first surgery I got 425cc and never had the cleavage I was looking for. My first dr said it was because of my anatomy and having a wide breast bone. This time around I did saline 600cc overfilled to 720 and with the internal bra it gave me the cleavage I desired. Thanks for reply.

one week post op

after one week I feel great. Although it is very frustrating being limited in my daily activities. Keeping arms to my side is becoming increasingly difficult!!!


             i had an internal bra done as well! i love mine!
             girl you look great! very nice result!
You look great. Thanks for sharing about the internal bra. It really makes a huge difference. Sorry to hear about your experience with the office staff. My experience each time has been great and I come from out of state. Again, you look great and congrats!!

2 weeks

I have reached the 2 week mark!!! Still have all my bandages and am limited to what I can do. It's very frustrating not being able to lift and reach for things. I am getting very impatient to get my bandages off, still have 2 weeks for that. Otherwise feeling pretty good. The sleeping situation is a little tough at times. Not too sure if I am supposed to be laying on my side but that's the only way I can sleep. My girls still feel a little sore at times. Mostly I have been experiencing back pain and I am not too sure why????

2 week post op

How many cc's and what profile and type of implants did u have?and then what did u switch to? I have 500cc hp silicone and I have NOOOO cleavage! It's been 14 weeks since my surgery and they seem to be seperating more and more, especially when I hold my arms up :0( I'm so disappointed and idk what my options are to fix them. U look amazing!!!
Both surgeries I have saline. As to they type I really not sure. My recent implants are 600 overfilled to 720. Sounds huge to me but they are starting to settle down and not be so swollen. Did you have the internal sutures done with your implants? Since I wanted the big fake stripper look my dr suggested saline because he said silicone is softer more natural looking. Maybe that's why you feel you don't have cleavage?

3 weeks

one more week down!!! I can't wait until next week when I get all bandages removed and I can finally take a shower!!! I feel great, the girls seemed to have dropped quite a bit. I really wish they wouldn't drop anymore but I know I still have a couple of months until they are settled.

4 weeks

so I had my 4 week post op yesterday. I finally got the bolster dressings off along with the surgical tape off my nipples. One nipple had excess skin removed and let me tell you I felt a little horrified when I saw it. Everyone kept telling me before I looked how good everything looked so when I saw it I wasn't prepared for the jagged lines around my nipple. I didn't show it but I was pretty upset. I realize it takes months for it to heal and I know that but it was still a shock. Other than that I really am happy with the amount of fullness and cleavage I have. I just have to learn to be patient!!!!
             looking good!
thank you. I am feeling a lot better, almost normal!!!!
             ever since i got the internal bra i feel like a new woman! before i had it my breast were big and flat in the front! i hated them! 

Feeling normal finally

Today marks day 30 post op. The past week I was getting worried about breathing issues. I couldn't take a deep breath and I would get heart palpitations. Today has been better. I was stressing thinking it was pulmonary embolus. I have a bad habit of googling stuff and convincing myself I have some crazy disease. I feel better today finally. My girls have dropped so much that I worry I won't have cleavage anymore by the time they fully settle.

6 weeks

Wow so it's been 6 weeks already. Time goes by way too fast. My girls have settled a lot. My right has dropped more than my left. I'm worried its dropped too much. I really wanted them to stay high and full. But for the most part I am happy with them. They are starting to feel more part of my body instead of two hard melons. It has been a difficult recovery but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping to buy a bikini this weekend!!!

7 weeks

Congrats! You look great
hi! i love ur boobs! I'm thinking salines to have a more fakey look, but i'm a little afraid.. I've already silicones. but i want to go bigger!
Thank you!!! They are still settling so I am hoping they still look good when they are done. How big are your silicone implants? Why do you want to switch to saline?
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