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Had a terrible black out due to the b/p meds back...

had a terrible black out due to the b/p meds back in April 2012, had head and neck injuries and fractured nose,got a bump on nose and went to 1side ..when I went to Lopez' office I know he comprehended and he saw the CT scan and the severity of my nose fracture and I told him how my nose was before.....

My Federal BCBS insurance approved the surgery and in June 2012 at a creapy building that he and the other doctors have together , that is where I went in, paid my co-pay and this most terrible Anesthesiologist told me off, got after me due to not going to the cardiologist before surgery , yet it still was done, but I was left trembling after that but masked it w/laughter...

Dr Lopez asked me again what I wanted and i found it strange that he still after seeing the CT scan, and the pictures could not tell as to what to do for my entire nose, so I was laying on the gurney w/my IV and I just did the sign on my nose to straighten it out, He knew what I meant and all this was already discussed at his office....

When I got better and went back to his office for the post op visit he took the cast off and all he did was straightened from the top of my nose to 1/2 way down, never fixed all the fracture which pushed all my nose to one side, he just fixed half, forgot to fix the bottom portion, kowing by the pictures that it was crooked and cardilage out and he did not fix it and he though he did a WONderFul job and I said "You did not fix the rest of my nose" and he said no and would not answer why.....ofcourse he got paid 11,000.00 already and he saw how cardilage was sticking out of my nose on the tips.....NOW when I smile my nose goes into an L shape and looks very crooked when I smile and Now I can not smile due to how ugly it looks............

The nurse that attended to me at the operation place did not care that I was throwing up and very very very dizzy she just wanted me off the bed and gone..........He was awful, outcome was Awful and Now I have to find someone to fix the wrong that Dr Manny Lopez did on me, someone needs to right the wrong and the ladies at the office were nice but his nurse at the office was in denial about my nose.....I am so so upset because it is not easy getting off to take sick leave for a surgery working for the government and I am almost done paying back the hours that I used and then i must find someone to straighten the bottom part that got shifted in the black out.......

Dr lopez should feel bad and fix things right....and he shoiuld not allow a rude anesthesiologist to work for him...and he ought to give me back my money or 1/2 of it..he does not need it, but I do........

You might also want to check with you're Federal BCBS Insurance about filing either an Appeal or Grievance regarding the charges paid to Dr. Lopez, the Anesthesiologist and Hospital Facility Charges to see if they can assist you in getting Dr. Lopez, the Anesthesiologist and the Hospital Facility to give them a refund so they can pay another Surgeon to make the corrections and finish the surgery that Dr. Lopez started, but seems to have not finished completely. If they are successful in getting a refund for their portion than Dr. Lopez will have to refund your co-pay also.
I understand and feel your pain. I wrote the Upper Bleph & Lower Face & Neck Lift Review of Dr. Manuel A. Lopez. You are absolutely correct, in that he does not listen to his patients request before surgery. He seems to think that he is an artist and his work is meticulous and prefect and his opinion is the only important one. He also, refuses to listen to his patients concerns after surgery and come to any kind of compromise. He'll probably just tell you to find another Doctor if your not happy. He and his Nurse are very uncaring, rude, arrogant and unprofessional. I just wish that other dissatisfied patients would post more reviews on Real Self and other similar web-sites so that the word will get out to other unsuspecting patients before they too become victims. I think you should seriously consider filing a complaint with the Texas Medical Board. You might also like to google Dr. Dean Toriumi. On Dr. Lopez's web-site his states that he did his fellow ship with renowned surgeon Dr. Dean Toriumi. Dr. Toriumi has quite the number of bad reviews regarding his Nose Surgeries.

Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! I hope you're able to find some good support here in the rhinoplasty community.

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