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I can't believe this is actually happening! I...

I can't believe this is actually happening! I have decided to go with Dr. Peter Fisher for my plastic surgery after massive weight loss. I had Gastric Bypass in August of 2011 and have lost about 110 lbs. I had my first consultation with Fisher in April of this year. In addition to him I consulted with two other surgeons specializing in MWL patients. I have a follow up appointment with Fisher at the end of this month and at that time I will schedule my first of two surgeries. My goal is to have my first surgery in July of this year which will include the LBL, armlift, and full thigh Lipo. I would like to have my second surgery in December of this year which will include a breast lift, and full thigh lift. I am so excited to put the final touches on my weight loss journey. I am so blessed to have found RS. This website has played an instrumental part in my decision making process. I have come into contact with such great people on RS and appreciate everyone's feedback. Trying to build up enough courage to post my before/after pics! I'll keep you guys posted!
HI SML! Did you set your date firm? I do understand about the pics! There was a moment of "rip the bandaid off" dread prior to uploading those befores! ("Hey everyone....look how hideous my body is.....") Geez-Louise!!
No firm date as of yet. I have an appointment with him on th 27th of this month. I will set a surgery date during the appointment. I'll take whatever date he has available in July!
I'm sure I will "rip the bandaid off" at someday. I have a feeling at some point I will just say Screw It!


In one week I will be having my follow up with Dr Fisher and setting my surgery date! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!


Well, I have my follow up appointment with Fisher at 8 am tomorrow. I'm sure I won't get any sleep tonight! Keeping my fingers crossed he has an opening for surgery in early July. Gosh, I am experiencing so many emotions! After my appointment I will post exactly what will be done during my stage 1 surgery.

It's Official

My surgery will be on July 25th 2014! Just a few days before my birthday. Happy birthday to me! Dr. Fisher was great during my follow up appointment today. He took the time to answer all of my follow up questions. I really like his approach and he is very honest about the end result. No sugar coating! He is very caring and is truly passionate about helping MWL patients. I like his philosophy that every patient is not the same. He really takes the time to tailor every procedure to each patients specific needs and body type. I am really glad I chose Dr F. I really believe he will give me the best result possible. And yes, I will post some pics at some point. Still building the courage to "rip off the bandaid" .
So I will be getting a LBL, arm lift (without extended J), HEAVY Lipo to the thighs, Lipo to the stomach, Lipo to the lower back, and some Lipo to upper sides (underneath armpits and to the side of breasts area). He said my results should be very good and I should end up with a nice backside, since I have a large one to begin with. :)
So my goal now is to get my extra protein in, get some blood work done, and I would like to lose about 5 to 10 lbs before surgery.
I am very excited before you!!!!
Yay for you!!!!! Will be here before you know it

Getting Excited

I'm so excited and nervous about my upcoming surgery. This is going to be a very busy few weeks for me. I have my Dr's appointment to get blood work and an EKG on July 16th. Slowly starting to buy everything I need for my at home recovery. I Will post items as I buy them.

1. Odered a lift chair for a month
2. Purchased a couple of night gowns that button all the way down the front
I like everything that I know about Dr. Fisher. I have had some very helpful interactions with him on ObesityHelp over the past year and I am not even his patient. I think that speaks volumes for his character! As for his results, my friend OneDimSim had her stage 1 with him and she looks amazing. She speaks very highly of her interactions with Dr. F. I think you are in very good hands and I look forward to seeing your transformation. Good luck!!!
Thanks! Yeah I did a lot of research and after meeting with him I feel like he is the right surgeon for me. His results are amazing and I really feel like we are on the same page.
That rapport is invaluable.

List of supplies continued. ...

3. Decided it would be a good idea to buy puppy pads. I am going to cover the lift chair with them. I have this fear I will be leaking everywhere and don't want to get it on the rental chair. Sounds like a logical game plan in my head....... we shall see how I works out.

4. Bought a pair of thick, high wasted, to the ankle, firm shapewear bottoms today at Wal-Mart. There is a pretty big difference in price between shapewear and compression garmets, so I asked the good Dr if they serve the same purpose. The answer is YES!

Side Note

It really drives me nuts that I can't edit a particular post, especially when I see spelling errors. Grrrrr
Hi Sweetie! Just wanted to say thinking of YOU as your big day is fast approaching! 11 days!
Aweee thanks! I have my Dr's appointment tomorrow to get an EKG and blood work done. I need to call JoAnn to set up a garmet fitting appointment this week. Just trying to keep busy so I don't allow myself to freak out! Lol
Just checking in, getting close.... Xo

Dr Appointment

Got all my blood work and EKG done this morning. .. Hoping everything turns out ok so I can be cleared for surgery! They should have the results in by Friday.

List continued. .

5. Miralax powder
6. Probiotic and Fiber gummies
Wow it won't be long now!
I know!!!!

List continued. ..

7. Ordered a full body compression garmet and arm compression garmet from EBAY.
8. Ordered silicone tape, and gelzone wrap from Amazon.
9. Ordered toilet seat riser from Wal-Mart.
Nervous, excited, both?
All of the above! ! Lol

Sounding Board

Feeling a lot of emotions today.... Second guessing myself a little bit. Wondering if it's crazy to be spending an obscene amount of money on these procedures. Having friends and family telling me I look fine and should not even consider getting this done. I know they love me and mean well, but I think if you have never been obese, then it is really hard for someone to relate to what I have gone through. Also, I'm so nervous about the outcome. I mean, I dare not dream of looking awesome, just normal.... But what if I end up Not liking the reflection in the mirror? And is my version of normal, really normal? I can only dream of wearing a tank top and a long pair of shorts. When all is said and done, what if I still can't bring myself to wear these things? I would then feel like the surgery was a waste.
My boyfriend is taking care of me and I am so nervous about him seeing me at my worst looking like a freak! I mean it's not like I prance around in front of him naked and now I just have to let it all hang out and give up control! He tells me I'm beautiful and he loves me no matter what, which I appreciate..... but that doesn't take away from the fact that I am freaking out inside!
Ok, I'm done..... just needed to vent and get it out. Lol
Hey sweetie, I have been through everything you are feeling now and more. Just hang in there.

List Continued

10. Gauze
11. 2 Grabbers


So I'm thinking this is going to be a rough week. My nerves are really starting kick in. I didn't fall asleep until 6 am this morning! I was up all night thinking about the surgery. Hoping I can get in some sleep this week.....
Some patients take an RX drug to keep them calm that week or days leading up to surgery. Ask your PCP or PS.
Good idea!


Lab work is in, everything looks good, and I am cleared for surgery! ????

No Food!

So starting tomorrow I will be on a liquid diet until Friday. I'm sure I will be a blast in a glass for the next couple of days... ????
Good luck!
Thank you!
two days girlie! Sorry i have been so out of touch - Job is squeezing me dry to get work out of me prior to my leave....(sigh....)

Can we say headache?!?!?

This liquid diet sucks!!!!! My head hurts so bad!!!! On a brighter note, I am excited for my markup at 2pm tomorrow. I'm sure it will be uncomfortable and emotional.
Uncomfortable I am sure. He takes 2 hours. I would have died if my first surgery markup took that long - back when I was so timid with my body and ashamed of it. I absolutely hated my first markup but at least it was fairly quick. I was much more comfortable with my second markup except that I was freaking out about how he would mark me up for my inner thigh lift. Most surgeons mark everywhere they cut and I just could not bring myself to ask Dr. Capella about the markup. I had butterflies in my stomach after he told me how I would be positioned for surgery - when I was unconscious, so imagine how I would feel when i was conscious for the markup. Well, he hardly marked my thighs at all, just a line from my knees to about halfway up my thigh. He does the rest intraoperatively and I was glad for that! At this point I am so very comfortable with my body that I could dance naked in the rain, LOL. Good luck with the markup tomorrow!
Good luck! I'm very excited for you!

Big Day

So tomorrow is the big day!! Praying I am prepared and have everything I need. I have to be at the hospital at 530 am and go into surgery at 7 am. I had my markup appointment this afternoon and I was in awe of the skin that will be removed. It was very emotional realizing that huge chunks of my body will be removed. I was very impressed with the time Dr Fisher took to mark me up. He really takes pride in giving his patients the best result possible. I can tell he is very passionate about his craft. I'm sure I won't get any rest tonight, but I will have plenty of Time for that tomorrow during my 10 hour surgery. Yes, 10 hours!!! Wish me luck!!!
Good luck can't wait!!!!!


Surgery itself went well. I was in surgery for 10 hours. I believe he said 6 liters of Lipo and he showed me a pic of the huge chunk of stomach he removed. I have been in excruciating pain. More than I could have ever imagined. I got really upset with a couple of the nurses and the way they treated me. In fact I had one nurse tell me I needed to get up and get in bed by myself, so I basically lost it. I stayed an extra day at the hospital due to the pain and I spiked a fever at one point. Dr Fisher has been great and came to see me every day in the hospital and reassured me everything was ok, I was just experiencing more pain than normal. He said he had one other patient like me who had to stay in the hospital an extra day. He even came to see me at like 1 in the morning (I think, I was so high on painkillers) . Oh and the pain killers made me sick as hell and I sweated like a whore in church. Came home yesterday and don't know how I endured the ride home. Was painful and nauseous the whole way. Haven't taken a shower yet, might try it tomorrow. Been getting up as often as possible to walk around the house. I can't seem to get comfortable in my lift chair at all. So I haven't been getting much sleep because of comfort, a lot of pressure on my back incision. This has been very stressful and painful, been crying a lot..... hoping it will all be worth it in the end. My boyfriend has been great and just keeps telling me it takes time. I am becoming more mobile each day. Starting to go through the phase of why the hell did I do this to myself. Starting to experience some gas pain in tummy as I have not yet gone #2 so I am drinking Miralax. Just wanted to give a quick update....
Take Care- happy behind you -1 day at a time- and take it slow-
Thank you so much for updating!!! I've been thinking of you! Glad the surgery is behind you now, it is so worth it. I remember feeling the same way after my surgeries. Keep us posted.
Thanks! Will do!

1 week

1 week out and feeling better. This is a very slow process and it's driving me crazy. I can get in and out of my lift chair by myself. Still in a lot of pain. Lipo areas are swollen and Very sore. All incisions look good and I am draining very little. My first follow up is on Monday and I am hoping I get my Drains pulled!

Follow Up

Today was my first follow up visit since my surgery. The car ride was much better than the one coming home from the hospital! ! The good doc says everything looks great and he removed my drains!!! Yaaay, I feel like a whole new person! I had a little fluid in my left elbow area that he drained. Didn't hurt as I am still numb in that area. Now it's just time for compression and taking it easy.

3 week Update

So it's been 3 weeks and 2 days since my surgery. I am doing a lot better. I noticed the past few days I have been exhausted and sleeping A LOT. Guessing it's just my body going through the healing process. At this point I am pretty self sufficient, just very slow. I am still sleeping in my lift chair, which has been a lifesaver. I highly recommend patients to rent one for a month after surgery. So I have definitely been experiencing some depression, which I know is normal. Still pretty swollen, but I can tell it's going down slowly. My hips are driving me nuts! They are so swollen and when it comes to clothes, can't seem to get anything over them!! I have just been taking it easy and relaxing....
Glad you are doing better. I had my surgery with dr p the same week as you and have the same swelling. The auto aug on the hips just needs time to "settle". Hang in there. I'm sure in two months, we will both be thrilled about how they look :)


So I have started to get some very small openings around my lower body lift incision. I have about 5 VERY tiny openings and one larger one on my left hip where my drains were. The one on my hip is a little more scary, or at least I think it is. Its about an inch in length on the incision line, and a very deep hole about the size of an eraser on a pencil. I was thinking it was infected, but after sending pics and symptoms to the doc, he said it was all normal. Just a little frustrated that I now have to wait until all these little openings have to heal, and not to mention dressing them with gauze several times a day is annoying. I know that these are considered very minor complications, but still annoying. I am getting my energy back slowly but surely and continuing to try and take it easy. Need to make an appointment to see the doc as he wanted me to see him 3 weeks after I got my Drains pulled.
Yes, the openings are minor complications, but frustrating for sure and high maintenance! Hang in there sweetie until the three month mark :-)'ll love what you see!
Starting to like what I see, so I know it will just get better with time!!!
Hips are starting to settle some!! Yaay! !

2 Months

Today marks two months since my surgery! I have had a lot of ups and downs, but I am happy I went through with it. It is amazing watching my body change as the swelling continuously goes down. I still have some openings in my LBL incision and a couple on my arms, so I have not yet started any scar management. I have been taking Iron for the past few days or so since my hemoglobin is low, and I am starting to feel a slight increase in my energy level. About a week ago I started sleeping in my bed again. I know it takes time, but I cant wait to feel 100% normal again.
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