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Alright.... I have been stalking people for the...

Alright.... I have been stalking people for the past few months and have done all my research before deciding to go through with rhinoplasty. I decided to create a review so other people would find it helpful. I had two previous consultations before choosing my doctor on my third consult. I'm still deciding on if I want to post pictures but have time to think about it. I found my doctor to be very nice and down to earth. He does many rhinoplasties,I have seen pictures of his work and he strictly focuses on facial plastic surgery. I feel very confident with my surgeon but know there is the small chance of something going wrong, especially after they read you all that information on the paper you are asked to sign. My surgeon will do an open rhinoplasty on me to shave down my bump, make it a little straighter looking, and lift it up a little since it droops. I am getting a little nervous but I am also excited for June 11th- the day my cast will come off to see my much cuter nose.


This is really exciting! I remember those days well. The best thing about rhinoplasty for me was not having to think about (hate) my nose any more. Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. Please keep us posted on your progress!

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I am two full days post-op going on into my third...

I am two full days post-op going on into my third day and am feeling good. I still have some drainage but it is clear. I also bruised around my eyes- it looks like I lost a fight. The day I came home wasn't too bad: I didn't have any nausea, wasn't in any pain, and was able to sleep through most of the night with a few wake ups of changing the gauze under my nose and getting drinks of water to hydrate my throat. Throughout the recovery time, I choose not to take my pain killers and just went with Tylenol. It worked well most of the time expect for yesterday, when I wished I had the prescription pain killers. It is much better today and I will feel it out but have a feeling I will continue to stick with Tylenol. I am also taking Arnica which my surgeon gave to me and will begin taking Bromelain tomorrow, my third full day after surgery. Overall I am taking it easy at home waiting for Monday to arrive so I could have the cast taken off.


Yay, hope you are feeling well today. :)
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Thank you- I thought your nose turned out really cute!

Tomorrow will be the big, also swollen, reveal!...

Tomorrow will be the big, also swollen, reveal! I'm excited to see the new shape of the nose but also nervous to see how swollen it is. I'm still bruised (yellow and a little green) under my eyes and partly along my jaw line where I swelled up. I'm still swollen in my cheek and jaw line area and am hoping it goes away soon. I look like I'm storing nuts in my cheeks like a little chipmunk. My husband and I have had some laughs (tight lip smiles) about my swollen looks which makes me feel more relaxed about this whole situation. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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So... today was the big reveal! To be honest I was...

So... today was the big reveal! To be honest I was shocked to see what my nose looked like once I looked in the mirror. I felt like the bridge was very narrow and I was told that's due to all of my swelling focused on the tip. The tip is very swollen so he thought it would be best to use a kenalog shot on it. I had a huge pimple on my nose, which was hidden under the cast, and they helped me out by using a light chemical peel on it to help with the condition of the skin, mostly the huge zit and pores. I am very happy with my profile, it's not too piggy like and the bump is gone. However, I'm not pleased with the way it looks from the front. My husband went with me to the appointment and he himself was a bit surprised/shocked the way it looked. I of course began crying because I was upset the way it looked and they tried reassuring me that it takes time. I'm thinking though from what I have read, the swelling will only decrease, which would narrow the bridge even more. The doctor told me to trust him and he asked to see me in two weeks for a moral check- to see how I'm doing since I was so upset. I went home crying. My husband tried reassuring me to make me feel better. Later in the evening, I received a phone call from my surgeon and asked me if I could come in on Friday instead to see how I felt about it then to help me with my moral. He was nice to call today after our appointment and I hope my future appointments go better than todays. I would love for Friday to be just here because all I do is look at my nose to see if it looks any better. Once some time passes I will post pictures to show everyone and get everyone's opinion.


Yes, it sounds like we are in the exact same boat. My doctor explained to me that my bones were compressed down but in the last few days it made a huge difference in how much wider it has become- which made me happy because I didn't want it to be stick straight- even though I was glad it was straight. I saw my doctor today because he was worried how things would pan out and he said he is very pleased with the progress. He was pleased to see the bones spread out and are taking a more natural look. He asked to see me next week again to check on me. I'm glad he is taking the time to help me know it is going in the right direction. I'm sure you are heading in the right direction but it takes time, unfortunately it can go by so slowly that it can drive us a bit crazy. I think that's one thing, no matter how much research a person does, people need to be prepared for- the change in the appearance and accepting it as being part of the new and better you.
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So true.. on thing is reading about it and another going threw it!! it took me a few days to accept the new me , every time I look in the mirror I'm hoping to see the swelling go down or anything diffrent lol Everybody react diffrent.. This is a process that takes a lot of time to refine but its worth it!! It really sound like you have a caring doctor ,that makes a big difference !! Can't wait to see your new you when your ready to share;)
It seems we're in the same boat!! I had my surgery on the 5th it took me 3 days after the Cast removal to not cry when I saw myself in the mirror.. I'm ok with my profile just from the front I look diffrent I'm hoping alot of it is swelling it looks bigger/wider lol... I'm hoping you feeling better with your new nose.. Be patient it takes time;)
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It has been a while but wanted to update. I went...

It has been a while but wanted to update. I went to my PS's office on Thursday and he checked to see how my nose is doing. I feel overall, my nose is getting and feeling better every day. I have noticed recently that my nostrils a little asymmetrical and pointed it out to my PS, and he said it is the swelling and it just takes time. So... I'm waiting patiently. He reassured me he has seen the asymmetrical nostrils before and it works itself out. He said to trust him and he will be there for me throughout this whole experience. I worry about it but do trust him, so I'll just keep on waiting.
While checking my nose, he cleaned it out which helped me with my breathing. Also, my PS was very nice to offer me a complimentary chemical peel again on my nose after my meeting with him since my pores are still clogged and gross looking. It works out really well that he has those resources available and I felt much better leaving his office after they cleaned my nose. I still have some serious looking pores but it is getting better with time.
My next appointment with him is in three weeks where he will check the progress of my healing and he said he might do a kenalog shot if my swelling is stubborn. Overall, I'm happy with my nose so far and am looking forward to seeing how it heals. I still have it check it as undecided until some more time passes to see how my nose heals and get a better idea of what my final nose will look like. I will post pics of my progress soon.


thats great that your happy with your nose:) in regards to the nostrils it also happened to me! i looked into it and they all said it was do to swelling so i just had to relax and wait im happy to say that its pretty much gone, my nostrils both look the same i was really worried though so, im sure you just have some more swelling that has to go down..cant wait to see how great you look:)

Here are some pictures, finally. However, I don't...

Here are some pictures, finally. However, I don't feel comfortable showing my whole face so my nose will have to do. I still notice the asymmetrical nostrils from the front and it worries me since it has been more than 3 weeks since cast removal. July 3rd will be a whole month after my procedure and I will see my PS the week after. I'm looking forward to getting a kenalog shot so hopefully it will even out the swelling of the nostrils. My PS told me that it is uneven swelling but I worry it is not so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


Looks great and I'm sure it will just keep getting better.
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Thank you! I'm sure your surgery will go well and I don't think you need to worry about being second in line for your surgery- the doctors are used to this and I would think as long as it's performed in the morning, he shouldn't be tired. Sometimes I look at my nose and am happy with it, and other times I feel like the asymmetrical nostrils are so obvious. I guess it just takes time to get used to it. I notice the asymmetrical differences mostly in the tip but have been told to just wait it out. Hopefully it will get better with time and I guess that's the most frustrating about this procedure, waiting so long for the results. Thank you for the feedback and support. :)
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your nose looks so good! your front is probably the best front I've seen! its perfect! I've seen people whose front looks like a sausage and I'm SO scared thats what mine will end up like. I have a very thin/narrow front nose and I don't want it to be wide. So I think yours is so natural and perfect looking. Funny thing is I first looked at your pictures and then read your reviews so I'm surprised you're not happy...but just looking at your nose, it looks really good (since we can't see your whole face)
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It has been a while but wanted to let everyone...

It has been a while but wanted to let everyone know how it's going. Yesterday I visited my PS and he said everything looks great and gave me a steroid shot to help with my swelling in the nose. I seem to have a small bump from where there is a collection of swelling which makes it look like there is a horizontal line right across the top 1/3 of the nose. However, I'm not too worried about it since it feels like swelling and it doesn't feel like a bone. He asked to see me in a month to see how the shot did. Afterwards, I received my complimentary facial which did wonders. The esthetician did a wonderful job!

My nostrils still seem to be uneven- more so the tip. It seems the tip is kind of funny looking which makes it look asymmetrical. I was told at my previous visit not to worry about it and that it would take time, up to a year. It still bugs me but I guess all I can do is wait, which sucks. I'll mention it again at my next appointment.

I'm still stuffy which makes it difficult for me to breathe but its more of a nuisance than anything. I'm looking forward to feeling like I can breathe 100% through my nose. My PS said the stuffiness comes from the stitches I still have in my nose and dirt and icky things like to collect around it, which leads to the feeling of stuffiness or difficulty breathing through the nose. He said it should be better around the 2-3 month time frame, which will be sometime in August-September.

Well... that's about it for me but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)


Thank you for the great review. I have been considering consulting with your surgeon. I have read reviews about his great work and bedside manner. I love your new, cute little nose :)
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I think your nose looks amazing. I can understand your impatience with slight asymmetry and I hope it improves although most people do not have perfectly symmetric noses to begin with and unless you point it out people do not generally notice unless it is severe. I have a naturally asymmetric nose and the only person that said they noticed was my PS..even family and husband had no idea until I told them! You really do look great though, it has a beautiful shape.
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Thanks for the support! You made some good points and thanks for the compliments. I guess I'll keep waiting and see what happens.

So it has been three months since my surgery and...

So it has been three months since my surgery and the swelling has gotten much better with time. I can now breathe much easier since the swelling has gone down inside my nostrils. I visited Dr. Nayak two weeks ago and he said he couldn't be happier with the progress. I on the other hand am still weary about it due to my uneven nostrils. My nostrils still look uneven and he acknowledged it as well. He said something he could do once the one year has passed is to inject a permanent filler. He pointed out in my before pictures that I had the uneven nostrils, but I wish when he operated on me he made a professional judgement to camouflage the uneven nostrils better, but can't turn back time. I still have a bump from swelling which the doctor told me to put tape on the swelling to help reduce it. I wear the tape over night and so far have not noticed a difference. I still haven't checked if it's worth it or not worth it since I feel like I'm still getting the little kinks worked out. I know the uneven nostrils and the bump from swelling has affected the final nose look but it has also affected me emotionally. Going through this surgery made me think should I have done it, should I have been happy with what I had to start with, and other days I think well it looks better than it did and other days I think I should have left it alone and never had the surgery. I think I'm still trying to figure out how it looks on my face since I recently took a picture and didn't think it looked natural, of course being used to seeing my old nose. So my thinking is all up in the air. Also, I have noticed recently, my review is not posted under my PS's reviews under realself. Even when I click recent reviews under my PS's profile, my review is not visible and it makes me wonder what's wrong??? Updated pictures will come soon.


I think your nose looks PERFECT!! Front and profile. You are very lucky Enjoy!!
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I am 4 months post op now. Recently, I went to my...

I am 4 months post op now. Recently, I went to my PS to get a steroid shot for the swelling in the middle of the nose- there was a bump of swelling in the middle which prevented my nose from looking smooth from a profile point of view. It helped with the swelling and hopefully it will stay like that. I really like my profile and am very happy with it. However, I'm not too crazy about my front. My nostrils are still uneven and I have noticed how the definition on my sides is not the same. On my left side, the defined line seems to be straight and it ends with a prominent rounder edge. My right side is more relaxed and doesn't have a definite line like the other side. I have noticed when I take pictures and I smile, my nose looks like it leans towards my left side which seems to be more defined. Also, a few days ago, I had a red bump come up by the incision mark inside the right nostril. I called my PS's office (on a Saturday) and the nurse told me my PS wasn't in the office but she'll pass the note along to him. He called me in less than five minutes and prescribed me an antibiotic. I also sent him a picture of my nose to make sure everything else was ok since the red and inflammed bump was by the incision mark. He thought it was an ingrown hair which might have gotten infected. It seems to be getting better but I think I'll try to go in the office to make sure everything is ok since the bump is still there but the tenderness is almost gone. I think it is great that my doctor takes the time to be proactive when things like this arise but I am disappointed with the outcome of the front so far- I'm praying and hoping it gets better with time but I feel time has only brought out more concerns.


if you put a picture of your noserills we can see the unevenness better cause from the photos your put it looks amazing
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Hello, I saw your comment on my review so thought I would drop you a line as well! I've read that some swelling can take up to three years to subside. I know at four months my nose definitely looked different than it does now at eight months. Give it some time, it is coming along.
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I think your nose is very, very nice!
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Hi everyone. I have received several...

Hi everyone. I have received several messages/questions regarding my PS's work so I figured it would be easier to update. He seems to be a popular doctor in St. Louis.
It has been 8 months since my rhinoplasty and I'm still unhappy with the results. My nose has a pointy side/end at the tip on one side which makes it look slanted/crooked/just not right. I'll try to post updated pics of it so everyone can see. My nostrils are still uneven and he said that was there to begin with so he can't change anything. Too bad it wasn't brought up/pointed out before my initial surgery. I guess this is one of the those situations where I have to choose my battles.
It was at the six month mark after my surgery, Dr. Nayak agreed that he needed to revise my nose since it didn't heal as well as he'd liked. I have my revision scheduled on March 19th. He is not charging me anything for the 10 minute procedure on my tip, however, I'll have to be under for about an hour or so. In addition, I'll have to take off a few days from work which will be an inconvenience. Dr. Nayak said the revision shouldn't be as hard of a recovery compared to the original surgery and I won't need to wear a cast, only tape for a week. I'll have to get opened up so I'll have to get stitches removed again. He said he would only work on the tip. I will have a pre-consult with him/his staff two weeks before the surgery over the phone. Since I have already gone through this procedure, there's no need to have me come in.
I'm glad he is revising the nose because I feel really self-conscious about it, especially when taking pictures because it reminds me of what it looks like. Recently, I have been positioning my face side ways so they see more of the profile view, not head on as the curvature is more apparent. However, the point that really made me upset was when I was washing my hands in a public restroom and the walls were encased in mirrors. I caught myself in the mirror at the 3/4 view and it became apparent to me how much the nose shifts towards one side due to the tip.
This whole experience has put a damper on for the last six months and I'll be glad to have this fixed and put it behind me. Due to the revision, I had to put my life on hold with some life choices. My husband wasn't too happy to hear we had to wait to have a baby in order for me to have a revision. However, he has been a good sport about it. He agrees that a revision is necessary and is glad as well that we do not need to pay anything out of pocket to fix this mistake.
I'm looking forward to putting this in the past. I think Dr. Nayak can fix my nose since he has fixed far worse. I do feel he is an expert and am glad he is trying to make this situation better. I am a bit scared to go through the surgery again because of my initial experience of removing the cast and being displeased with the look of the nose. I'm hoping I don't have to experience that again. Part of my feels like I might not experience it though because the point on the tip didn't become as apparent until the three week mark after surgery due to the swelling. Another part of me wants March 19th to come already so I can get it over with and see what my "newer" nose looks like. I want to move on and not think or worry about my nose. Until then, I'll be waiting for the time to pass.
I'll post updated pics later on.


I got charged 400 lol. I had revision too.
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Turned out ok so far. It's getting hard on tip though. Did yours do that.
My tip is currently hard, but i guess it will be different after my revision in two weeks since I'll start the healing process all over again.

I posted some pictures; they are 9.5 months post...

I posted some pictures; they are 9.5 months post op. I was supposed to have the revision on my tip on March 19th but I didn't go through with it. I came into the office expecting everything to go like it did the first time. However, my PS came into the room and asked if we can think about if my revision is really necessary and for us to look at some of my pictures to see where we came from. Before we looked at the pictures, he also mentioned how he is hesitant on doing the revision because he had a scare with another patient he revised a nose on. He thought the skin on the nose for the other revision was turning into dead skin... I guess skin can die. He became worried and worried the same could happen to me. He also worried, if he operated on my tip and removed the prominent part that sticks out, that something else would come out not good. He felt like the risks wouldn't be worth it. I of course became worried, and thoughts came racing through my head: would my revised nose be worse than it currently is, would my skin die, what would the revised nose look like? So he said it would be up to me. I came into the office expecting to get it done, but once he told me all of his worries, I had second thoughts and freaked out. My husband didn't think it would be worth the risk. So we went home without having a revision done.

However, today as I am thinking about my choice I think I made the wrong decision. I feel I should have gone through with it. Another part of me feels like I shouldn't have gone through with it because it could turn out worse. My PS told me if I change my mind, that I can come into his office while he is still in practice and he will revise it free of any charge, no matter how long I wait.

So, as some of you are reading this post, I'd love your feedback on my nose. I strongly feel my left side is pointy and prominent and it doesn't look too good from the front. However, at certain views: 3/4 views, it looks good. It showcases my PS's great job on my profile. Sometimes, I wonder if I shouldn't have ever gone through with this. I guess it's easy to look back and wonder how everything would have turned out had I taken a different path.


Until you pointed them out, my eyes were not drawn to your nostrils...or that pointy thing you're talking about. I didn't notice either.
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Hi, I have had 3 nose jobs... 1st one at 18 super happy but than broke my nose at 24 and fixed it... the tip started to change though but was scared to ask PS to change it... instead he injected something that lasted only a couple of years... same PS all this time.. also after 2 surgery I felt a lump on my right side and my PS removed it right away... I think we was to agressive because year later that side started to sink and tip was uneven and nostrils uneven... I got a revision a year ago and I am happy... looks sooo much better!!! one side is a bum which I believe is were he fixed that sinking side so he said a revision just for that is not worth in and in May he will inject some steroids which help with the swelling to subside... I believe it was good your PS told you he didn't want to operate again... maybe he is not the right one for the job... your revision is more of reconstructive surgery... your nose looks good! trust me I have a friend that has the skinny perfect pointy nose and looks awful way to fake!!! when you see her is the first thing you notice!! I was so scared to look like that after my revision especially since I got boob job too!!! than I would look very fake!!! good luck!
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I am currently struggling with uneven nostrils myself, even after my revision. I know it's hard for us to look at the asymmetry in the mirror, even though "no one else notices" and other people think it "looks fine." The way I see it, if I paid thousands of dollars for my nose, why shouldn't my nostrils at least be even? That's not too much to ask, right? I think your surgeon was probably just telling you all of the risks and his concerns because he probably knows that he won't be able to fix the asymmetry and doesn't want to take the risk of ruining of your nose with a revision. I know some specialists perform "tip-plasty" revisions and can fix just the tip. I'm probably going to have to look for one to just revise mine. I heard in Asia, surgeons will do just the tip for like $500... and they'll do it under local anesthesia too so that you can see how your tip looks and tell them to make adjustments and stuff before they close you up, but I don't want to have to go overseas for a tip-plasty. But as someone going through what you're going through, I think if you're unhappy with the results you should change it. Life is too short for you to have to live with seeing things you don't like in the mirror, or have to "settle" with your face. Plus, as times goes on and the swelling in the tip goes down more (as it can take 2 years for the tip to take its final shape), I think the asymmetry will only get worse and become more apparent. But I do think your nose looks nice! And best of luck with whatever you choose.
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Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

I still need to see the final product after the revision on the tip before giving it a rating. I'm giving it more time before I rate the procedure and if needed revise the rating for the doctor. However, so far Dr. Nayak has been very helpful and willing to see me as needed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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