Juvederm NIGHTMARE from Midwest Weight Control in St. Cloud, MN

Had juvederm in hollows of the eyes from MWWC. I...

Had juvederm in hollows of the eyes from MWWC. I have pillows for hollows now and look 10 years older than I did before it was placed. They never told me the risks of this, now I am looking at spending 3400 dollars for lower eyelid surgery from the result of a 500 dollar procedure. This is the worst thing ever. I wish there was a way to get this treated without having to pay for hyaluronidaise. The horror stories have freaked me out. I cannot get a modeling gig now to save my life. Thank God for my degree! Never get this done, you will most likely regret it. A good PS will always tell you NOT to do this!

Oh boy....i was injected with Teosyal, not Juvederm to correct my dark circles, but got the same problems. After reading your reviews I am scared it will get worse than it is now.The doctor was so confident and injected more in a place where I did not need any! Just cannot believe it and don't know what to do.
Funny...I was just going to jump on and give an update and there you were Iza HK :) At 5:45 I went to see my most loved Dermatologist (not the one that did this to my face) I've been seeing her for more than 4 years now. She injected my tear trough with dissolvent FOR FREE. I do trust her, and she told me that if it doesn't work the first time to come back and she will get the rest of it out. I'm excited to see the results! Her name is Robin with Belladerm Medspa! Every time I get a treatment with her it turns out amazing. I will keep you updated, I would go back to that doctor and tell him that you do not like the results. Ask him to please dissolve the area that you don't like. Good luck, I know the feeling! It will be a long time that I had this horror story happen. Let me know how it goes!

Wow, how very nice of her to do it complimentary!! Looking forward to hearing how things turn out!


I'M FREE! Yesterday Belladerm Medspa in Maple...

I'M FREE! Yesterday Belladerm Medspa in Maple Grove, MN dissolved my unfortunate disaster!!! I wish I would have used the hyaluronidase long ago! Over night the puffy pillows are gone! I can't say how excited I am. She stuck it once under each eye very quickly. There was some swelling and tingling last night, but what can you expect when a needle hits your face! It is gone this morning. I am the happiest person right now. Go Belladerm Medspa!!!!
I am wondering if by now the Juvederm on some has dissolved? I am living in my Juvederm Voluma nightmare right now......
Mine has gone down but there are still traces of the "bump". Been over a year....actually soon 2 years.
I think I will stay puffy for about 2 years that is how much the doctor put in me! But I will not have any one take it out after talking to 3 doctors now! But if this goes down? LOL I would have a GOOD doctor do a little... I may away been like this? But I am NOT doing hylurindase! The PS is a jerk to use one Juvederm Ultra Plus under each eye? Crazy Good Luck all! Sunflower :-)
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