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I had dragged my feet for more than FOUR years in...

I had dragged my feet for more than FOUR years in getting any more filler in my face. I'd had several rounds of Juvey Ultra and botox placed under my eyes and in the N/L folds by my mouth done by a previous surgeon. My last treatment done by that doctor was in 2010, just before I had facial lasering that left me with a staph infection and permanent pigment issues on my face.

However, the march of time continued forward, and I could see that by 58, my marionette lines and outside corners of my lips desperately needed some attention. I recalled that Dr. Kaczynski had done a superb job sculpting my torso (front and back) in 2009, so I gambled on his being just as good at injecting filler.

The challenge with filler is threefold: the injection has to be of the right consistency, it has to be placed artistically, and it has to be done in a safe manner. I'd read that in extremely rare instances, filler placed in the glabella region or in the N/L folds *could* even lead to instant blindness in one eye! That is something I simply can not afford to have happen.

I finally returned to see Dr. K just a few days ago, and he placed Juvey Ultra in the areas that needed attention: N/L folds leading from the mouth to the bottom of my nose, and the VERY deep cracks that extended in a frown on the outside corners of my mouth. Dr. K used ONE syringe - that's all it took to render a transformation that erased about 10-15 years off my face.

As he injected, I held a mirror in my hands. Upon his cue, I'd hold the mirror up and check the result after each injection. That way, we were BOTH on the exact same page in terms of the placement. Less is truly better when it comes to artistic filler injections. A topical numbing cream slathered in the area just a half hour before was all I needed to block any discomfort. I only felt an occasional bee sting as the needle went in. NO pain or discomfort afterwards. Dr. K had me apply pressure on the area, then gave me an ice pack to prevent swelling, as I had a 4-hour ride back home.

Yes, I bruised! I am a terrific bruiser/sweller, so I've been putting Arnica gel on a few times a day. The bruises will hopefully fade in a week or so, and can easily be covered with camouflage makeup in the interim. While I may be a candidate for future lower facelift, I think I can coast on these injections for a few years. No kidding, the fullness has not only erased my N/L folds completely, and filled in the horrid cracks by my lip corners, but it has even diminished the crepey skin texture on my face next to my mouth. I feel like I've bought a LOT of time for a very reasonable price by getting the Juvey Ultra injections by Dr. K.

I will need to update this review with my "after" shots when the bruises are gone, at which time I'll post a shot of me before - sporting those creases, cracks and crepey skin.

I trust Dr. K's artistic eye, and look forward to about 9 mos of longevity from this injection before I return.
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Dr. Kaczynski is always spot-on with his analysis of what procedure would benefit a patient - never opting for the most expensive one, but rather the one that would best address a specific issue in the most effective way.

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Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf.  I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.
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Hey Jill81, I am almost one week post from my Juvey Ultra injections! Still LOVING the look ... but I'll be danged if I don't still have those stubborn bruises on the left side of my face, extending down the N/L fold. Right side area is almost completely healed with bruises faded. It will also be interesting to see over time if the area injected sucks up water like nobody's business! That was my experience with Juvey Ultra placed in the tear trough area. (Which I have not had done since April 2010.) This past week, I've been slathering Arnica gel on 3 times a day over the bruises, then passing a Clarisonic face-cleaning brush over the area VERY gently to work the gel in. Not too much change in my left-side bruising. So last night I recalled another trick that worked very well for me years ago: apply nearly HOT-HOT wet compresses over the bruise for a few minutes about 3 times a day. Right after, I work in the Arnica gel. We'll see if this does the trick. Hopefully, in a couple days the purple bruises will fade to yellow/green, then GONE! Still applying various layers of camouflage makeup on the bruises to great affect - I haven't gotten a single bug-eyed stare! :-)
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Ohhh the hot compresses and the arnica gel sounds like a good plan.  Let us know what happens.  Gotta love makeup for covering up treatments like this!
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Hi Jill81 ... I take Arnica tablets, I also have the Arnica cream and I just finished the roll-on gel. Arnica is applied to the skin for pain and swelling associated with bruises, aches, I massage the areas in a circular motion after I had Smartlipo to my arms (areas of biceps, triceps), on the arm pits, back part above the bra line to help reduce the pain, brushing, and swelling.
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