Navel Breast Augmentation Was a Mistake for Me!! -Rogers, AR

I thought having the navel procedure would be a...

I thought having the navel procedure would be a positive experience with it being a trending method for implants, but I have major regrets. It has been 2 yrs. since my surgery and I had concerns about my implant procedure, so I scheduled an appt. to get a second opinion about my concerns (having a lopsided, unnatural feeling breast) because Elkins said I just have no muscle and fat and "well you look fine under clothing, so don't worry". Turns out that both my implants were not inserted under the muscle; hence the lopsided appearance and "having no muscle" (according to Elkins). Please re-consider the navel procedure and do not use Elkins. It is a "blind" procedure according to my second opinion Dr. and is just a guess in terms of the placement. Now I have to pay almost $7000 to fix his mistake. Plus, I have a damaged nipple and have to have my capsule removed and reconstructed. I thought this wasn't going to be a big deal, but I am so unhappy and depressed about it and I feel bad for my hubby who didn't think this would ever happen. :'(

Despite your disappointing results, I am grateful for you taking the time to share your story on RealSelf. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I'm thinking you will be able to get excellent results with a revision...I'm just so sorry you have to save your money again. Ugh! Don't worry about your husband, he'll survive. Just focus on the future when you can make the changes you want. Keep us posted!

I had my aug done TUBA also. Mine was under the muscle, but one slipped out at some point (it was 12 years ago). I agree, it's not a good way to go- too much room for error. The docs never tell you it's a blind procedure, they just sell you on the absence of scars without mentioning that any future surgeries WILL require scars on the breast, so you end up with scars on the belly button AND scars on the breast. I am thinking (hoping!) this method will eventually disappear. Do you also have visible "v-track" scars on your stomach? You seem thin and I know I could see mine for years (and can still feel them). What is the nipple damage you are referring to?
Thank you for your response NervousGirlie. No, I don't have visible scars on my stomach but see my naval scar, it's not bad. Sometimes I can feel itchiness you have after surgeries. I am not concerned about the scars and how they feel, but the appearance of my breasts! The nipple damage, I should clarify, is just the enlarged appearance. If you look at the images, you'll notice the left nipple is like 4 times as large as the right one and doesn't tighten much (when I am cold, ect). You'll even see that in the images. I am hoping that will, with time it will just reduce in size, because I don't like the look of reconstructed nipples. Did you have any trouble with your fallen implant stretching out your tissue? Did you replace them? If so, what with?

Revisited my original PS...

May 23rd, I revisited my original PS because I have been miserable, need something done sooner than I can save for. My husband and I both called to voice our concerns about my results and the nurse asked if I would visit to see if there was anything they could do to make it right.

My husband went with me for support and was ready to let him hear his thoughts about the situation and I was surprised with the professionalism my PS had about this. He told me that obviously that is not how I should look- thinking that with my CC last year, which he popped, we may have bottomed it out. He asked my conclusion on how to I'd like to fix them. And, I explained that I would just like them removed! We considered other options like replacing them, but we decided that if my muscle on the left didn't hold, then I would never get the results I wanted.

I am disappointed that I cannot keep my size D, but am relieved that I may experience some normality again with my original A. Who knows - maybe one day I'll gain some weight and become a B! Or build enough muscle to try new breasts again...:)

My surgery is scheduled for Friday June 7th...and I am getting nervous about losing a part of myself that I've grown to love.

Updates and pictures to follow!

P.S. Did I mention he is removing the FREE of charge?!
I hope everything turns out well for you this next surgery.  I agree with your advice to avoid this type of entry for breast augs.  I don't think many doctors even go through the belly button anymore, I am surprised there are any at all that do that still!  I have known women that have had so many complications and stomach problems afterwards and even losing the definition of the ab muscles.  Keep us posted on your recovery :) !

Today's surgery day!!

I my goodness I am sooo nervous this morning, I have a 2 hour drive with my aunt before surgery. Wish me luck!!

Back from surgery!

Well all went well - from what I remember. I feel slightly sore but it's nothing unmanageable. It looks really flat right now, but I can't wait see them tomorrow when I rewrap my chest.

Does anyone know exactly how long I have to wrap my compression. Couple days Couple weeks?
Congrats on being on the other side. There are over 500 reviews for explanation under based removal. I'm sure the nice ladies there would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Still saving for my explant!
BA not based*

Numbness!? Is it normal to experience this post operation?

Does anyone here know anything about experiencing numbness in your arm and hand after explant? I really freaked out today when my arm went to sleep- when I raised it above my head, and it doesn't help that I am right handed either!!?! I called my nurse right away and she told me that I had some nerve damage in my right breast. Is this normal?
Thanks for your response and encouragement. Good luck with your explant! I still nervous about how my results will be, but when I unwrap tonight I'll update you with my saggy pics haha....
Thankfully I a haven't had any trouble with my abdominal area. I;ll be posting new pics soon but you can see one I just posted abvoe or below where ever it is lol ;)

I have officially seen the girls!!!

Alright ladies, I have seen my original breast- now saggy & wrinkly- and well, I don't think they look pretty- yet, but I am really felling much better. As a bonus, the hubby says it's sexy!! Points for him :)

The scars are tiny and I didn't have but a couple drops of blood on my bandage. I am going to be smooshed for a few weeks, so hopefully that will do most of the work for me and I'll just have to do a lil maintaining!!

Pics are 36 hours post explant!

Thank you all for your support I am so thankful to have found you all!! :) Have a blessed day!

Here's a better scar pic

About 3/4 inch wide only one got a single stitch.
Hi oceandaze. Our stories are very similar. I had 600 cc implants, which took me size-wise to a 38 C/D. After a few years of severe capsular contraction, I had my implants removed on May 30. I didn't start out with a lot of breast tissue, and I don't have a lot now! But, I have seen steady improvement in the past 12 days. You're lookin' good, and it will only get better.
I'm glad to hear your feeling well, your results look good and from what I've seen on here they only get better each day . I'm waiting mine is for the 26 ohh boy I know I'll be nervous too, hands sweating and underarms dripping lol. I'm glad that you had the courage to do this and it gives other women courage . Thanks for sharing .

Day 3 Post Explant Pics

Today is actually day 4 and I am going to AR to have my PS review my results today.

I am not sure what I am thinking about them. I tried on an A cup last night and hardly even have anything in there. Will I really be a AA or AAA? Is there such a thing?

I am considering my options to to at least fill up a A cup. What would you suggest?

My plan right now is to firstly heal, really go at it trying to build muscle in that area and consider either a smaller set of implants or - if I can accumulate ANY fat- have some injected into them one day.
Oh, you did it! :-) Congratulations! Your nipple looks normal again! lol. Definitely heal first. It will take a while to get used to the new size, but you look so much better already! If you do get implants again, you should get them in the 200s range. You are so thin that anything else will look overwhelming. Plus, the smaller implants are more likely to stay under the muscle, and more of the implants will stay covered by your pecs. Good luck with whatever you eventually decide!
Thank you!! :) I was able to sleep on my tummy last night, so nice and comfy! lol! But yes, my plan right now is to definitely heal first, try to gain 20-30 pounds and maybe lipo to add natural fat into my breasts. I appreciate all your support nervousgirlie! :)
So will I get fuller. I feel like a AAA cup!! And that is really scary to me...when I used to be a full A! What size do you think you are now?

1 Week Implant Free has been one week. I feel almost like normal as far as my incisions and much lighter!

And my diet is going good. It's been 3 days to gaining weight to be healthier. Let's hope it distributes evenly and fills up these girlies!! I plan to start my chest exercises in another week or two more consistently. And hardcore in 3 -4 wks, with the help of my husband.

Have I mentioned that I have hardly worked out a day in my life! It is going to be tough to break old habits and was wondering if any of you have any tips to stay motivated with exercising.

I've taken a full body shot to monitor my progress to using natural fat to fill up my breasts. But I was reading some reviews on it last night and they say with time the become normal and most of the fat is just dead cells, which I would think doesn't do too much good.

Has anyone ever used fat transfer for breasts through lipo? How do you fell your experience was?
You asked about fat transfer. I had capsular contract and my doc did a full capsulectomy as well as fat transfer around both implant. This might prevent from the cc again. He did a lipo on my legs and hips and mainly inner thigh. But he only could take about 70 cc total and its really not noticeable to me. The plan is if the cc comes back again he will remove the implant and try to get more fat, mainly from my stomach to fill up a bit. But let me say lipo is hurtful , after 4 weeks I'm still sore. Good luck !

2 Weeks Post Explant

It has been 2 long weeks- waiting to see some real results for my poorly deflated boobs. :) I think they aren't as droopy as last week and certainly not as wrinkly, since I haven't worn my compression all week. I am not sure they are proportional yet, the nipple and the left one still seems lower, but I am hoping to help that out with this exercise routine:

100 pushups daily
50 butterflies 3 days week
Lifting a 20lb dumbbell 10 times (increase each week)

I am including a pic in my A bra my week 2 progress.

You have been through a lot lately. Hoping you can relax while you continue to heal. You have such a cute tiny figure (and sexy like your husband said,) that you look great without all the extra boob. It really was a lot for your petite body frame. Thank you again for sharing. Keep us posted on your progress as we all are very happy for you!

I just stopped by and read your story. I wondered how your numbness in your arm/hand is doing. I had/have this and am still dealing with it from my BA 10 weeks ago. I'm hoping that an explant will help get rid of it. I didn't think there were nerves in the breast area that went down the arm. Anyway, I would love to hear how that is going and what your PS said about it. Thanks
Hey there! It had gone away that weekend. I was told by the PS that I had some nerve damage on that side; and I had even wondered if the numbness was a side effect of anesthesia too? I hope yours does subside with an explant, it would make sense if the implant is pushing on some nerves to cause numbness. I hope you see some positive results soon!

Wk 3 "Getting Muscles"

Here's my week 3 post explant update with pics.

Everything is going well. My left incision is still a little sore, otherwise I they are feeling fine and can take some rough lovin'. ;)

But, I, however, am lovin the fact I can walk around without a bra in a Tee or tank. My tanks w a built in bra are getting some good use these days. Still feeling much lighter and can comfortably workout!

And I am getting some muscles! Yay
My wife and I are looking at a BA, she was a B when we met, went to less than AA after kids Implants (her idea). I fully understand the emotional attachment you have to your breast. Just let me say from a guys perspective, you look great, the "girls" look great. Real and small is better than any implant. My wife has been motivated by your BA story and your progress.
You look much better post-explant!
I agree with everything Beth said, you do look a hundred times better. They look more full than before, the change in left is great considering you had problems there, but even if they don't get more volume they are happy, healthy and YOU! You can always buy a nice bra and make them look great in clothes, and your husband is the only one who sees you naked and he loves them. Win win for you!
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