I Really Want It Done but Don't Know if I Should

I have a bigger nose with a huge bump on it and it...

I have a bigger nose with a huge bump on it and it drives me insane. It all started when I boy in 7th grade painly said wow you have a big nose. I of course stood up for myself and said I love it. I told my dad and brothers and all they did was pick on me and tease me. My brothers would use it against me when I made them mad and my dad would just tease. But ever since then I've been obsessed with it, taking pictures of my profile, looking in the mirror. I didn't think it was that big so I let it go keeping it in the back of my mind of course. High school came and people still never dropped it. I to became anti social and started wearing my hair in my face. I was really self conscious.

Guys still found me attractive so I started not thinking it was a big deal. Every now and then someone would say something or refer to me as the girl with the big nose and I would get down again. I ended being home schooled and begged my mom to get a nose job...I was about 15 and she seemed okay with it and i was excited but it never happened. I pushed it aside again and met my husband. When I started dating him I was really nervous about it but he never said anything or made it a big deal. I never asked him either afriad that if I said it out loud it would suddenly notice it lol. But long story short it has always bothered me but I've always tried to push it aside.

Recently I got glasses and was excited cause I think it makes it look smaller but lately it seems as if my nose has grown. Like the bump has gotten sharper and more noticable. I see it more in my vision then what I remember...I don't know if I'm just obsessing way to much or if it's really huge. I'm terrorified to ask my husband about it cause he thinks I'm beautiful already and any hint of changing myself makes him mad. I have asked him before if he thought it was noticable and he said no but I really want to do it for me. I want to look in the mirror and at pictures and not be embarassed. I don't how to tell him or ask if I could even do it. We're not made of money and there are more important things but I really think it would help me feel so much better.

I'm 22 and happy with everything else but that...it's like it's difinded me. I just want to have confidence and not be afriad of taking pictures. I think I'm a pretty girl, like I only weight 115 to 120 and have pretty features except for my nose. I'm the only one in my family to...my sisters have a small virsion of it but it looks good on them. I'm just at the end of my rope right now and want to do but I'm afriad to. I feel embarassed to even admit I want one and feel like I would be betraying my family or something. Thanks to all the reviews and comments on this site it really helps me not feel alone. Every girl on here is pretty and has the same problem. thanks

We all have something that we'd like to change but make sure your doing it for the right reasons and that is for yourself. If your happy with how you look it doesnt matter what people think otherwise if it really has stripped your confidence i know rhino really helped me with mine. But as you can tell there are many people on here that are disappointed after surgery too so do your research and weigh the pros and cons. Also make sure you find a very experienced surgeon. Good luck.
heyyy girl , you just write down my story, l just turn 24 and l got my nose fixed finally!!! l was so unhappy with my nose l had big bump and large nose, l never wanted to take picture or smile! my highschool was the worst years of my life l never got a date or friend cause of it l didnt want to anything with boys l was not confident at all.l am small 115 lb pretty girl like you, 5 years ago l found my better half my husband

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! It sounds like you need to sit down with your husband and have a heart-to-heart talk.

When you start looking for the right surgeon, here's a list of questions to ask.

I did it when I was 27 and wish I had sooner. If you can, take lots of time choosing a good surgeon and then just do it. It's so liberating not to have to think about your nose.

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