Rhinoplasty Swelling.

I had a decent nose to begin with, only didn't...

I had a decent nose to begin with, only didn't like my profile (bump) and had a deviated septum. I had an open rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I was so excited to be able to have this procedure done, but since having the bandages & cast removed yesterday (one week post op) I am extremely surprised on how large my nose is. Especially the tip and the area directly between my eyes. Also-

I had a septo- rhinoplasty a week ago and am horrified with the results. After having the bandages removed yesterday I was shocked to see how huge my nose looks. Is this just swelling?

I used the pills, i think it's called Ecchenic or something like it and it really helps! I had lipo and otoplasty and have minor swelling and no bruises a week after.
you can get that at any whole food store or at your doctors office
I am unfamiliar with arnica montana. What is this and where can I find it? I searched it online and found both gels and pills. Which did you use?
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