Rhinoplasty in White Plains, NY- Long Drive, but Worth It.

Ever since I was younger, I've always hated...

Ever since I was younger, I've always hated the bump on my nose. It wasn't until recently that I started to take it seriously and want to get it fixed. I saved up some money and scheduled a surgery date with another surgeon. As the weeks went on, I felt it didn't feel right, I cancelled it and moved on. After reading all these reviews on Dr. Ciardullo, I decided to make the drive to go see him. I made my first visit with him my preop as well as my consult and already scheduled a surgery date before meeting him. Immediately, while stepping into the room, I felt it was right. After talking to him, I definitely felt as if he knew what he was doing, and I felt that he will give me a result I am looking for. Before telling him what I saw wrong in my nose, he told me and I agreed. He showed me the operating room, which was very nice knowing where you'll be before hand, it actually made me feel a lot less nervous about the whole procedure. My cost included the cost of the Anastasia. For my case, he will be taking down my hump, shortening the length and raising the tip slightly. He wrote me a prescription of valium to help with my pre surgery anxiety. I'm really excited to come back in a couple weeks for surgery and I'll update then :)

I'm glad you found a doctor you're comfortable with! You're just a few weeks away, now. I hope you'll keep us updated as you get closer and I hope you love your new nose!


One week till my surgery. I'm starting to get a...

One week till my surgery. I'm starting to get a little nervous. I've been taking 500 mg of Vitamin C three times a day and I'll start taking arnica 2 days before surgery. I'm more worried about going under Anesthesia than anything since this is my first surgery. Hopefully I won't start to freak out too much over the next week leading up to my surgery.
good luck :) !! just relax and remember it will be worth it all in the end!!
I wasn't nervous at all, all I thought about was the pain afterward, but in reality it didn't hurt at all. It was like having a stuffy nose. Trust me I know pain, I've had twins and have lupus which was very painful for my bones and joints, so I really thought I would be in worst pain than regular people. The anesthesia isn't bad. You basically close your eyes, fall asleep and its liked you blinked. It will feel like 5 minutes later and it will all be over. Just incase it does make you nauseas start off by eating soups and water so you dont upset your stomach. I didn't feel nauseas. Don't feel nervous just relax and just think about how great your going to feel when you have your new nose.
Hey good luck ;)
Am sure you will do fine!
I have my blood work in the 27th Jan and my surgery on the Feb 3rd
I like u am nervous of the anesthesia ... I know a few Pol Who have gone under (my cousin had Her breast done by my PS, another person had their nose done by him) and they are well. Everything turned out well for them.
If you need to talk am here ,)

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm more nervous than...

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm more nervous than excited at this point. Bobbie, the receptionist, assured me everything would go great. My surgery is going to be at 8am. Wish me luck :)
goodluck tomorrow! =)
i had my surgery just before 10 days, i was afraid just as you are now, but don't worry everything will go beautifully, i was so afraid and worried and now im very glad i had it . good luck to you :)
my surgery is on Friday ! Good luck to you, I am extremely scared...I considered doctor C for rhinoplasty, and have consulted with him before but I am actually going to do my surgery in California where my sister has just done it... Other wise dr.C was the first one !! Good luck, I wish you the best and are you very nervous?

I did it! I just came home from surgery and boy...

I did it! I just came home from surgery and boy was it a breeze. I took a valium in the morning and I think it helped me a lot. I was pretty calm through the entire thing. I met with the nurse and the anesthesiologist who were very nice and made me feel very comfortable. They took me out back, I changed into a hospital gown, and signed a piece of paper. Dr. C met with me and showed me a couple pictures of noses that were similar to mine and went over what he would do again. I then walked myself to the operating room. They put leg compressors on my legs that squeezed them to keep circulation going (kinda like a leg massage lol) He put my IV in, and I kept talking. Next thing you know, I felt really weird, and boom! I was in recovery. I was really confused for a little bit with ice packs over my eyes. I drank a little too much large sip of water which made me feel nauseous, but it was only for a couple of minutes. Before surgery they did give me Dramamine. Surprisingly, I can breathe out of my nose just fine. I've been icing on and off and taking my arnica. I have not taken any pain medication since the surgery at 9 am. I feel no pain, and I feel really great. It really was a breeze! I really like how he raised my tip even though the splint is on top. I can't wait to see it next week. The only thing I'm worried about is bending my nose somehow by icing it the wrong way or letting too many peas touch my splint.

Day 2- I still don't feel any type of pain or...

Day 2- I still don't feel any type of pain or discomfort whatsoever. I did take a pain killer last night before going to bed just in case the pain would set in the middle of the night. I woke up and still feel great. The swelling is not as bad as I thought it would be. I like the way my tip is raised even though it's covered by a cast. My throat was a little sore yesterday but today it's a lot better. I'm able to eat perfectly fine I just can't open my mouth too wide. I've resumed my normal activities and been up and about making sure not to do any heaving lifting of bending over. I honestly could not have asked for a better experience than yesterday. Everyone was so nice and it went so much better than I thought. Only 6 more days until I get my cast off. I'm excited but nervous at the same time.
Hey, did your nose by any chance look raised...like upturned? I just had my nose done today, and it looks so up raised....I'm so worried !!
I noticed mine looks raised right after, but it seems like it's at a good angle. I haven't swelled too badly, but im sure yours is just swollen and it will go down. Everyone heals different don't worry :)

I felt the same exact way for a few days after. Most likely it's because you're not used to it and so it looks super extreme to you. Give it a couple days and I bet money you'll feel better about it.


Day 3- This morning I woke up and my heart was...

Day 3- This morning I woke up and my heart was racing and I was feeling really dizzy. I have not taken any pain meds (just the first night before I went to sleep). I called Dr. C and he told me if it got worse to give him a call and probably need to go to the hospital. I decided to take some Tylenol and thank goodness that helped. I still feel a little off but not nearly as bad as I did this morning. My bruising is pretty much gone, my eyes are still a little dark but barely noticeable. My nose is clearing up also. I've been sleeping with a humidifier and using saline spray to clean my nose. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a little better.
Oh wow .... We're having a panic attack?
I think maybe it was a side effect of the antibiotics I read they may cause dizziness.

Day 4- Still feeling dizzy/light headed. I really...

Day 4- Still feeling dizzy/light headed. I really wish this feeling would go away. It's not as bad as it was yesterday but it's still kind of annoying. I can kind of breathe through my nose. Last night I slept only waking up once which was nice. My throat is still sore, I've been trying to eat soft foods to help the soreness. Other than that, all is going well, no discomfort or pain.
Actually considering Dr. C as well does he charge a consultation fee?
Consultations are free
Yeah I say my PS and asked if antibiotics that ppl take after surgery cause dizziness and light headed he said yes. He said that ppl shouldn't sit all day that they should walk around not excert yourself but walking around house/apartment.
I have my surgery this Friday Feb 3rd :)
Nervous ;(
Hope u feel better.

Day 5- Yesterday I decided despite my dizziness to...

Day 5- Yesterday I decided despite my dizziness to go walk around and do something instead of sit at home all day, and that really did the trick. By the end of the night, I felt great. My throat is still sore, it doesn't seem to be getting any better which sucks because I'm really hungry but eating is quite painful to swallow. The pain in my throat is concentrated on the left side only. I bought some throat comfort tea and am going to try to stick to a liquid diet today to see if it helps by tomorrow. If not I'll call my PS to see if what I'm experiencing is normal. This morning was also the last day I took my antibiotic so hopefully tomorrow I can wake up being dizzy free! Only 3 more days until the big reveal. I keep trying to analyze my nose and imagine what it looks like. I'm having a hard time cleaning my nose since the smell makes me nauseous and really grosses me out. I try to use the saline spray, it's not painful or anything the smell is quite unpleasant. I can breathe out of my nose, but not enough to stop mouth breathing. I've gotten used to breathing through my mouth so it's not as bad anymore. I really do miss sleeping not semi upright.

Day 6- called about my throat ps said it's prob...

Day 6- called about my throat ps said it's prob from the tube down my throat. I've been drinking some yogi throat comfort tea religiously and it's helofed a lot. I'm ready to get this cast off

Tomorrow I get my cast off! Wish me luck! I'm...

Tomorrow I get my cast off! Wish me luck! I'm excited but nervous at the same time. My sore throat is fine today, thank goodness I can resume my normal eating habits. Other than that, all id good and I'm literally itching to get this cast off.
ignore the swelling, it's inevitable and can look scary especially between the yes; focus on the profile which will probably much less affected by the swelling. Either way, I am sure it will look great. Please post pictures
Yayyyy ur cast comes off ;)
Am glad u feel better
Good luck;)
I am
On the op room fri morning soooo excited

Got my cast off today. It was a really bizarre...

Got my cast off today. It was a really bizarre thing. I always thought of myself being really happy once the cast came off, but to me, my nose looked almost alien to me. Even though I liked it, it just didn't seem to be my face. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss my old nose lol, but I guess I was expecting a different reaction. Dr. C assured me that my reaction is normal it's just going to take some getting used to. I guess I was used to seeing myself for so long, now that it's different it's very dramatic to me, but in a good way. Getting the cast off was pretty uncomfortable since I have dry skin it stuck on pretty well. Nothing unbearable though. Dr. C made the process pretty quick. I do have some swelling, which I was expecting, now I just have to be patient.
it looks great! & it will begin to look even better once the months past by!! :)
Beautiful results! You must be really happy!

After a couple days of looking at myself, I LOVE...

After a couple days of looking at myself, I LOVE my nose. Every time I look at the pictures of my old nose, I thank goodness I went through with it! I don't miss it at all. The swelling is getting better day by day. It's still tender to the touch, but that will get better with time. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it at work, and I think that too helped me realize that it really doesn't look weird. It was exactly what I've wanted. Thank you everyone for your comments and support :) I'll keep updating as time goes!
You are beautiful!!!! WOW! What a great job the surgeon did. I'm contemplating going for a consult with your surgeon soon. :)
I'd say go for it :)
That is my dream nose. Lucky lucky you! :)

I am exactly two weeks post op. I can finally...

I am exactly two weeks post op. I can finally breathe pretty well with both nostrils. My tip is still swollen but the swelling between my eyes and bridge has gone down. My nose has gotten really oily but the rest of my face is dry. I've been washing my nose area very gently a couple times a day. I think after one month I will start to use my clarisonic around the nose area. I've been using saline spray and Q tips to help clean out my nose. I love looking at my profile in the mirror now! I feel a lot more confident when I go out. I have no issues smiling and I feel like my facial expressions have gone back to normal.
I noticed you mentioned that it was hard to smile. My smile looked weird for about the first 10 -12 weeks. But it recently started looking normal again. Not sure what causes this but it resembled a monkey's mouth in some pictures someone had taken of me 5 weeks post. Congratulations on a sucessful rhinoplasty.
Thank you so much for blogging your whole experience with Dr. Ciardullo. Not only do you look absolutely amazing, but you have eased my fears tremendously. I am scheduled for my rhino with Dr. C on Feb 21st and I am looking forward to it more than ever!
Yay I'm so happy for you! Keep me updated and if you have any questions, let me know please :)

One month post op: A lot of my swelling has gone...

One month post op:
A lot of my swelling has gone down mostly on the bridge of my nose, but my tip is still tender and swollen. I noticed from the side, my tip looks over projected but I'm assuming that's just from the swelling. The skin on and around my nose have gone back to normal. I am still not 100% clear breathing, I'm still using the saline spray but I am able to sleep and breathe through my nose all day. I blow my nose to remove as much of the build up as possible. I have noticed that I have two flesh colored bumps inside both nostrils attached to the septum. Does anyone else have this? Other than that, everything is going well, I can't wait for the months to come to start to see my final results.
does anyone know what happened to sicily and stellaz23? they posted reviews (both were mostly positive) about dr. c and their rhinoplasty surgeries. yet, stellaz23 no longer exists on this site (totally deleted her entire review, photos, etc) and sicily hasn't updated or posted photos since her last update which was somewhat negative.

Hi America,

Sicily hasn't been active on the site since November, but you could try to send her a PM. Her profile page is here.


Stellaz23's review is still up, too, and you can find her profile page here.

The more reviews I see of Dr. C, the more excited I get!
You're beautiful :)

2 Months- I can finally completely clearly...

2 Months- I can finally completely clearly breathe! It took almost exactly two months for me to not wake up all stuffed up. The bumps inside my nostrils have gone down a lot, I stopped using the saline spray since I don't feel like I need it anymore. I have noticed the swelling is slowly going down, and now my tip has a couple lumpy spots that are hard to notice to others but myself. I'm assuming it's just from swelling/scar tissue breaking down. Still really happy with my results!
Right after the surgery did you have any packing in your nose? If so for how long did you have it?
Wow what a great result, so beautiful!!! It keeps getting better and better. Congratulations !
Thank you! Hope your healing well! Can't wait to see it!

4 months- Can't believe it's been 4 months...

4 months- Can't believe it's been 4 months already, the results are getting more and more defined. My tip is still tender if I bump it and I can still tell that there is swelling in that area. It is slowly but surely going down. The bumps inside my nose one one side are gone, but the other there's still slight bumps. My tip isn't as hard as it used to be, but still a lot harder than "normal" noses. I am no longer fearful of bad photos. I love photos being taken of me now. Getting this done was the best choice of my life. I feel like a whole new confident person.

For how long did your tip had a couple lumpy spots?? I can see some on mine and its been 5 months from my surgery.

I noticed you talked about dizziness and that is my number one concern about the surgery! do you think it was that bad? would you do it again even knowing what it felt like? i'm panicked about feeling lightheaded/dizzy i hate that feeling!! any info would help. thanks :)

It's been 10 months since my surgery and all is...

It's been 10 months since my surgery and all is well. The bumps inside my nose are gone and my tip has gotton a lot softer to the point that I think it's normal softness now. The only thing I have now is a very small lump on the side of my left nostril. I can feel it if I gently touch that side, but you can't really notice so it doesn't bother me. I'm going to start to massage that area and see if it goes down by the 1 year mark. Other than that, I don't have any problems whatsoever. My breathing is fine, everything still looks perfect. I am so happy that I went on and did that.
You and your new nose look fantastic! Did the doctor have to do much with your tip, or was it nice to begin with? What are your concerns about your nose at this point in the recovery? I am considering Dr. Ciardullo and would love to know more about what you are happy and unhappy with in terms of his work. Also, can you please post more recent front and profile pictures? I would love to see the final results after one year. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
When I was originally doing research for my procedure I came across your photos and I swear it was the tipping point for me. You look amazing! Your surgeon did amazing work and I just hope that mine heals to look as great as yours. Absolutely beautiful:)
Thank you and goodluck with surgery!

It's been one year and I'm very satisfied with my...

It's been one year and I'm very satisfied with my results. The only thing that I see that is a slight issue is I have a little bump on the side of my left nostril that I can feel but it's not really noticeable. My breathing, smell and everything is perfectly fine. Having this surgery changed my life. Now that I feel good about myself, it's motivated to do other things. I'm eating healthier, exercising, ect. I don't think I would have ever had the push to do so because I was so self conscious about my nose. It's so nice to not worry about my nose daily. It's the last thing I think about now. I finally feel free and before I felt trapped. I can't think Dr. C enough for his amazing work. I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to do it young. Thanks to everyone that supported me on here, if it wasn't for realself, I wouldn't know who to choose as a surgeon.
Hello, I have a question for you...You and quite a few others reviews on Dr. C's work has made me decide to consult with Dr. C for my Rhinoplasty....if everything goes well, I plan on choosing him to do my surgery...I have a few questions for you though because I was on the phone with the lady at his office and asked her if he does computer imaging and she said no.....I was wondering how that made you feel when there wasn't an image shown to you of what your nose will possibly look like after the surgery...did that give you any red flags or make you feel uneasy as choosing him for your Surgery?? I'm really worried if I chose him to go all in and not really visually see what he is going to do with my nose.....I mean...that's kind of a scary thought....but your nose came out so beautifully as well as others on here by him and I just feel like he might just be the surgeon for me....Please get back to me as soon as possible..:)
It may not necessarily be a red flag but that's pretty odd being that almost every doctor had computer imagery. You should still go to your consultation but keep your options open. I had my rhinoplasty done a month ago and it was pretty pricey but the doctor had computer image and he is a facial surgeon. You have to make sure you trust your doctor :)
Hi Jackie...the reason why I'm asking the girl who did this review is because she got her Rhinoplasty by the same man I'm going to consult with and he doesn't do computer imaging...I'm asking her if she found that odd or felt uneasy because her nose looks absolutely fantastic...He did a great job, and I was wondering how she trusted him without visually seeing what the results could be like. :P It is odd though, I agree. I would just really like to know from his patients how they felt about that. :P

1 1/2 year Update!

As time passes, I am more and more satisfied with my choice to get this surgery done. The little bump on my left nostril is still there, although I can feel it, it's not noticeable to the normal person. Other than that, I've continued to feel confident and have had no regrets. I still feel strange about touching the top of my nose at this point. I still have this idea that if I knock it or touch it too hard that I'll ruin the results. My tip has gotten a lot softer. I believe it feels like how it was prior to surgery.

2 Year Update!!!

I can't believe it's been two years since I had this surgery! By now, a lot of people have already forgot that I had this done in the first place. I can officially say that I love myself and everything about me. I knew there were risks involved in surgery, but for me, those risks were worth taking. I remind everyone who asks about getting something done that not all stories have a happy ending. Time to time I do wonder how I would've been now if my results weren't what I was expecting. Is plastic surgery something I'd do again? Probably not. I learned to look past my flaws. Taking a risk once was enough for me. I wouldn't want to ruin a good thing. I feel a lot more confident. I don't mind when photos are snuck up on me. Thank you everyone at Realself for your help. I couldn't do it without you!
Hey, how far did you drive? I live in Maryland, thank-you.
WOW!! Your nose looks absolutely incredible. Can I ask if this was a closed or open rhinoplasty?
Closed. Thanks!
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor, made me feel very relaxed. Speaks with confidence and knows exactly what you want. Staff is excellent too, made me very comfortable and laugh before surgery. Everything was a breeze.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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