Rhinoplasty Horrible!

Thanks to my Doctor, I look like a I have an old...

Thanks to my Doctor, I look like a I have an old witch nose, which makes my face look like I always got a mean look. The tip is too thick, and one side pops out more than the other. There is a huge bump on the right side which makes my nose from the right look even thicker than it is.

He said my nose looks great and NATURAL and that I don’t need a revision, he denied me one although everyone agrees with me that it looks HORRIBLE, worse than it was before.

Also he recommended for me to do lipofilling at the same time I had my nose done. In result now I have a puffy face, it looks like I always have a black eye and puffing on skulls. Now I have to go seek another doctor and pay even more money! he doesn’t care about people all he cares about is his money. My advice is not to go to him, even though he has a lower prices than others, he is careless.

Use injectable fillers. I couldn't be happier with my results from a botch nose job. If you like the restults, Have a permanant filler used next time. It is so much cheaper and softer looking! Go to someone with years of experience who will re build your nose slowly with several injections. Dents, bumps, crookedness can all be fixed and look so much better. I am so happy I went this route. As I say, go to someone with experience!! My lady in Boise Idaho, Connie, has had 30 plus years.
I had a luck to see more than 20 results from Gruber!!

He is the best revisionist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you had revision with Dr. Gruber? I am considering him for a revision for myself. Please let me know if you had the revision and if you are happy with the results. Thanks
Luis A. Cenedese

he doesn't care about his patients, he only cares about the money.

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