Great Experience in Beverly Hills!

I loved my doctors and experience! Facility is...

I loved my doctors and experience! Facility is beautiful, staff is amazing, treated like a celebrity...and Im far from..:). . and of course, my nose and eyes came out beautiful! I had rhinoplasty and fat graft under my eyes. Luckily the nose was covered by insurance...:)

Pre-op they gave me a private room, WARM towel to change into and thick socks I got to that thougtfullness! Surgery went well, doctors checked on me that eve and the next day. I healed up pretty quickly, swelling went down nicely. Only a week of down time, really. The doc's continue to monitor my healing as Im only 3 months out, but I look great already!..only gets better too. :)

Before and after post soon!


What doctors? Toby Mayer?
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I didn't have a great result with them. Paid $7500 actually and now will have to pay upwards of $10,000 to fix their mistakes. I didn't get a private room there either. Basically you change in the bathroom, stick your stuff in a locker and come out and go into the OR. There really is no room other than the OR. Do your homework everybody!
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No before/after pictures. No specific doctor information. No clear answers to questions. Interesting!!!
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