So far so good!

Hello everyone! Well I just discovered this...

Hello everyone! Well I just discovered this website a couple weeks ago, before I got my surgery. I've been following it it avidly since then!

I've hated my nose for as long as I can remember, and I got to a point where I finally decided to do something about it. I had my rhinoplasty on the 24th of June, so about 10 days ago, and I just got the cast off today. I already love my new nose, though it is still pretty swollen, I already love it. It still feels pretty sensitive and I still have some bruising, but other than that, everything is great. I'll post some pictures for reviews and comments, questions are welcome too!

***Excuse the random choice of "before" photos, I forgot to take good ones so they're just kind of party pics etc.

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Did you remove your photos?

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Thanks everyone, i'm really happy about it. Will upload some more pics soon for the 2 weeks after photos :)
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You look great for only a short time after. By next year you will be so happy with your
very natural looking and perfect nose.

Who was your doc?
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Hi again and many thanks for contacting me .Actually i,ve got my surgery at Manchester hospital ( Royal hospital) . I got a nose job just to enhance my breathing especially, i got 2 surgeries before,the first operation was in Israel and the second was in Russia but unfortunately , i did not get a good result and suffered from nose congestion. My life was too awful and i strained for air i meant i could not sleep comfortably .In fact, i hated my self and tried to finish my life by drinking a lot or driving carelessly .however , i had some determination so i quit drinking .
Finally , as i mentioned before , my surgery is not bad and my breathing is a little bit better but i still suffer from pain around my nose bridge and new cartilage
To answer to you questing regarding my surgeon, my surgeon was very very approachable , qualified and good to me .
I think the name of my surgeon was Dr R K BHALLA
kind regards
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Glad to hear your uplifting story and I am looking for a surgeon in NYC. look TERRIFIC
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Hi love,,,
let me know more about you
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Hi queen .......
First of all i wish you all the best . Here ,you look marvelous, sexy , and too fit .
To be honest , i got a nose job on June 1st and iam satisfied with mine.however, your nose looks lovely

finally . take care of your nose and try to avoid any accidental hit
kind regards
husee/ Manchester /UK
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You're nose looks great!
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Thanks so much for posting all those photos. You're adorable! My "After" nose reminds me a lot of yours. What a great thing to not have to think about how much you dislike your nose anymore. Hope it just continues to get better and better!

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Very good !! :) Im glad for you, it looks great !! Do you have a before profile pic ?
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Hi! Yeah I just got a hold of one from a friend, uploading now :)
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