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Hi All! After having read all your reviews and...

Hi All! After having read all your reviews and chosen Dr. Ciardullo thanks to some of you, I am here to return the favour and enlighten others. I have always wanted to get rid of my horrible sicilian nose. Big, potato tip, large, name a defect: it had everything.

Finally I decided to use my money for an investment on my own face and what a result! Not only Dr. Ciardullo knows exactly what you want, he knows even more... what is the best for your face harmony overall. During the consultation I didn`t really have aything in my mind, the desire to change my nose bigger than actually perusing a magazine and chosing Angelina Jolie`s or whoever else tiny noses. I just told him what I wanted to get rid of, and the result would have had to suit my face.

Even before telling him my list of "don`t"s he already took a look at my face and told me what would have been best for me. And I agreed at everything! He showed me some pictures of people with similar noses to mine and the probable result, the goal. He explained me that not every nose you see can be obtained because you have to start with what you have. It was enlightening and in that moment I understood I could completely rely on him. I just told him to do what he thought was possible to reach the goal and relaxed.

How can you trust so much a doctor you have seen for just... 10 minutes? There are many clues of professionalism, and a nice attitude and a smile help so much. Dr. Ciardullo and his staff have it all! For the first time in my life I was actually EXCITED to have a surgery done, and I loved talking to the wonderful Eileen and the Anesthesiologist Doctor (Dr. Spencer?). I couldn`t be in better hands! The anesthesia was perfect. I woke up without any pain and collateral effect. The recovery week with a cast on my nose passed as smooth as possible, with no aches, no pains, nothing at all! This procedure is, at least it has been to me, absolutely painless! I had my cast removed yesterday and I literally cried for the beauty of the results. Dr. Ciardullo has performed a miracle, not a nose surgery. I am available to send pictures of the wonderful result and of the ... sigh.... before... to anyone who wants, but I will do it in private messages at the moment. I will add my pictures later when I organize them better and choose just a few of them.

My profile is now perfect, my face looks so cute and tiny and young and what is best... when I uploaded some pictures in my facebook some of my far friends didn`t even understand what was the difference! They told me I looked so wonderful but couldn`t guess it was the nose! Only my closest friends got it. And last but not least, the price! At almost half the price of New York City, but probably double of result and satisfaction.

My last suggestion is: if you don`t like your nose... take courage and take the procedure! I know our parents, boyfriend, friends... will tell we don`t need and look fine already and all. But they don`t have to face the mirror as one has to. No need to suffer or be sad or feel uncomfortable. If you want to have a more harmonious nose just cut on pizzas & dresses for a couple of years and invest it in this painless and amazing procedure!

P.s. update! I put the pictures and I wanna say it...

p.s. update! I put the pictures and I wanna say it is still one week and something... which means my new nose has begun to swell after those pictures, more and more. But no problem! Doctor already told me to expect it.
Patience and respect of advice and in a couple of weeks it will be reduced again.
I will update you!

Contact me in PVT or here for any question...

Contact me in PVT or here for any question.


Two weeks after the surgery: I put some pictures...

Two weeks after the surgery:
I put some pictures of how my nose looks like now. It has swelled up a good deal and it seems that the right/left sides of the nose are asymmetrical in their swelling. Hope it will subdue and disappear eventually.
I noticed the left side is more round and harder to the touch... has anybody experienced the same? I hope it is just swelling and not scare tissue or remaining cartilage.

Hi all! Almost one year has passed and I am more...

Hi all!
Almost one year has passed and I am more than happy with the nose! With time size has been changing and reducing, so now it is much more balanced than ever, and still there is some change to come in the next year.
I will certainly come back to Dr. Ciardullo if I ever need another surgery, he is one of the best doctors in NY state area!

thank you
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

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What are your concerns about your nose at this point in the recovery? I am considering Dr. Ciardullo and would love to know more about what you are happy and unhappy with in terms of his work. Also, can you please post pictures? I would love to see the before and afters, even if it is just the nose isolated if you are not comfortable posting your face online...Thank you so much for sharing your story!
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It looks like your photos were very helpful to the community. Any chance I could talk you into putting them back up?

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Does he really only perform closed-rhinoplasty? That's a bit disappointing bc I heard open is the best approach to seeing everything though it leaves a scar on the bottom of the columella. Does this mean he doesn't do alar base narrowing?
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Thanks for your post! I have my surgery scheduled for 1 month from today :)
I THINKKK i remember seeing your pictures up months ago - youre the reason why I chose Dr. C! You look great!!! Thanks again!!
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Can I see your photos?
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See that you removed your are you doing?
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Hey! How's the healing going? We'd love some updated pictures! :)
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Hi, Merry Christmas! Thank you for your post and pictures. They are a help to me as I am strongly considering having a rhinoplasty with Dr. Ciardullo. I was wondering if you have any new pics now that it's been a bit longer? Are you still a little swollen? If you can, please send me a new pic at: l**** or post on your post on Thank you!! :) Lina

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Sooooo amazing! Beautiful before and after girl!! Ahhh! I can't wait to have this done. :D hehe.
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thank you! even if... before... yuck >,
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hehe! good luck for your procedure! When are you going to have it done?

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I'm saving up to have it done this time next year. Sooo far away!
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next year is at the doors! and well I waited forever to do it... always wanted. so 1 year is not big deal, good luck with savings !
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great to know it is nothing to worry about! Actually I trust Dr. C. so much! I started to think my misbehavior on something might have caused that. Well I will be more patient :)
thanks, the difference is anyway so much! I am so happy with my new profile ^^!
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Don't worry! The hardness and uneven appearance is ALL due to swelling :) Be patient and your new nose will take it's shape.
My friend experienced the exact same thing with her surgery and her swelling took a lot longer than mine to go down. Every patient reacts differently. You still look great!
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Yes, so much! My nostrils looked so weird and my whole nose was so wide! No worries that WILL go down !!
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Thank you Bianca ;)
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so happy for you!!
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thanks Bianca! ;) I have a question for you! Has your nose swelled up differently between the two side of the nose? My nostrils look so different!
thanks ;)
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Wow. You look beautiful! Do you have any straight on pictures before or after the surgery?
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Hi! Thank you! I put some frontal pictures after the surgery!
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you are gorgeous! i love the shape of your nose!! :)
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thank you so much ;)
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Im actually going to a consulation with a diff. doctor and it's in CT. one last question how long was your recovery time/did you have to take off school/work? thanks!
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The recovery with the cats on was superfast and painless! Just one week, during which i remained at home the whole time. resting a lot. After the cast is removed the nose is going to swell and swell. I decided to spend some more time at home since I am not working or studying at the moment, and taking subways or walking too much doesn`t feel very comfortable on my nose yet. But I suppose that taking precautions and being careful you might resume your school or work after the cast is removed. my doctor told me to take it easy for 2 weeks before doing physical activities and carry heavy loads!
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